The Green Hunstanton Live Webcam

Enjoy a birds-eye view across The Green in the heart of Hunstanton, home to the statue of Henry le Strange, medieval stone cross remains, bandstand and town sign.

The Green is also the perfect spot to experience one of Hunstanton’s stunning sunsets.


  • boy dick 2 hours ago
    what is the stage on the green for tonight

  • boy dick 7 days ago
    what is happening on the green today

  • Wendy 12 days ago
    Looking forward to this weekend and hoping the weather is kind

  • Graham 26 days ago
    Nice to see everywhere looking so clean and tidy following yesterday’s activities. Congratulations to all involved…….

  • Wild Bill 27 days ago
    Music on the Green eh? Reminds me of the Radio 1 roadshow with Noel Edmonds and Tony Blackburn! And of course, Smiley Miley, not ‘arf mate!

  • Tim 27 days ago
    Bit busy

  • Tee 28 days ago
    Boy dick. its KL radio roadshow and live music.

  • boy dick 28 days ago
    what is the big screen showing on the green

  • Heather 29 days ago
    Just spent 4 days there and the weather has been beautiful, and the flower displays in Esplanade Gardens gorgeous. Hope everything goes well for the carnival this weekend.

  • Admin 1 month ago
    Hi Roger, it’s for the East of England Flower Arranging Show this weekend.

  • Roger 1 month ago
    Whats the big tent on the green whats going on

  • Mr B 1 month ago
    Not so sunny hunny today..

  • Angela 2 months ago
    Wild Bill, it looks to me like an old VW campervan, front on view.

  • Wild Bill 2 months ago
    What in tarnation is that funny looking thing on the flower bed? Zoomed in on it but still a mystery to me ~ can anyone “in the know” enlighten me please?

  • Marlene 2 months ago
    Thought they might have done a D day floral tribute in the planter not a vw camper van.

  • Anne 3 months ago
    Raining again! Typical Hunstanton LOL

  • Arnold 3 months ago
    Just seen the Wash Monster in all its glory! Amazing times

  • Linda 4 months ago
    just goes to show what abit of sunshine ☀ can do lots of people in Hunstanton today

  • paul 4 months ago
    The Golden Lion has been brought out by the Lodge Hotel in Old Hunstanton. so the golden Lion is the same part of family that is the Lodge Hotel and several self catering holiday homes Hunstanton inc the lighthouse.

  • Valerie 5 months ago
    Thanks Glenn. Will have to check it out soon!

  • Glenn 5 months ago
    Hi Valerie. They are refurbishing the Bar/restaurant area. Should be open about March 2nd if all goes to schedule.

  • Valerie 5 months ago
    Does anyone know what all the builders trucks are doing at the Golden Lion.

  • Roger 5 months ago
    Looks like a few bikes here today well done not that warm out

  • Roger 5 months ago
    Great sunset today

  • John 5 months ago
    Moved away 5 years ago from Heacham after 35 years really miss Norfolk

  • John 5 months ago
    Moved away 5 years ago from Heacham after 35 years really miss Norfolk

  • Kath 6 months ago
    Hunstanton looking lovely in the morning sun after a stormy night.

  • Roger 6 months ago
    All the vans are there working on the Golden Lion

  • adi onis 7 months ago
    Ah what a wonderful day was had down sunny hunny today! It is lovely to see so many people enjoying the brisk sunshine and lovely to see all the motorcyclists on their machines, hopefully, the new proposed development won’t affect the use of the upper area used by motorcycles & some motor tricycles as it is lovely to see them on their machines of all shapes & sizes!

  • Adi 7 months ago
    What a brilliant day at hunny this morning,really was spectacular to see so many people having a swim,bless them! Glad the rain held off! Merry Christmas to all & a wonderful new year! Hunny is such a wonderful place to be,even in mid winter ,well worth a drive or ride ,all year round!

  • Boy dick 7 months ago
    Steve yes it would be nice to see the coloured back

  • Steve 7 months ago
    Dick I am sure you will agree this view would look so much better if those lights were still there.

  • Boy dick 7 months ago
    Steve yes I remember the coloured lights on the lamp posts

  • Steve 7 months ago
    Does anybody remember when the street lamps were concrete and from the middle up to near the top they had coloured lights. They were on for the summer and Christmas. 60s and 70s. Looked a lot more festive then.

  • Roger Farrell 8 months ago
    I see thay are planting up the bit on the green should soon look good

  • Angela 8 months ago
    Well done to the people re-vamping the little garden on the green, not the best weather to be working in.

  • Wendy 8 months ago
    I also saw that bright light on the other side of the wash and then it vanished when the camera moved and then went back to its original position. No idea what is was that was causing it.

  • Angela 8 months ago
    Steve, I saw it first thing this morning, it was quite large and very bright

  • Steve 8 months ago
    The bright light is there again tonight directly in line with the pier looking from this webcam.

  • Steve 8 months ago
    Does anybody know what the bright light was across the wash last night? I thought it might be a fishing boat but it looks like it was close to Boston.

  • Wild Bill 8 months ago
    Roger, The barriers will be for the big Christmas lights switch on 5pm this Sunday, outside Princess Theatre. Out of shot, to the left of picture. Think they close a couple of roads, it’s a big thing!

  • Roger 8 months ago
    Whats happin on the green with all the barriers?

  • Brian 8 months ago
    spent many weeks on Holliday hear it was one of our favourite places for the past 50 years

  • Wild Bill 8 months ago
    OK thanks Admin. ‘Tis a pity may try and get up there if the weather ain’t too inclement!

  • Admin 8 months ago
    Hi Wild Bill. Unfortunately we’re unable to turn The Green webcam around for the Christmas lights as this is a fixed camera. Admin

  • Wild Bill 8 months ago
    Does anyone know if the Town Hall are turning this cam around, if technically feasible, to see the Xmas lights switch on? 26th next Sunday. 5pm I think outside Princess theatre. (PS it was grand when they did it for bonfire night up cliff top car park)

  • Jean. 8 months ago
    Still hope to be able to move to sunny honey when we sell our place

  • Steve 8 months ago
    Great to see the march this morning. Well over 50 years since I took part as a cub in the Hunstanton 1st.

  • Linda Davies 9 months ago
    Good to see the camera is back up and running

  • Caz 9 months ago
    If I lived up there, I would love to volunteer to garden, litter pick etc. It makes you feel part of the community.

  • Tony 9 months ago
    That little plot gets dressed with wonderful flowers and appropriate scenes throughout the year by wonderful volunteers. If you have time perhaps you could help by volunteering I’m sure they would appreciate your help.

  • Wild Bill 9 months ago
    That little plot next to chair / statue looks like it’s full of green weeds!? Nature abhors a vacuum! Don’t the Town Council do it up for Remembrance Sunday, with the silhouette soldiers? LEST WE FORGET

  • Jane 9 months ago
    Looking a bit sad and lonely on a wet, windy night

  • jules 10 months ago
    happy memories every time i look. 60yrs plus us children grandchildren pets. love it always . xx

  • Adam Fleet 10 months ago
    Most beauteous place on earth, so hyped for my next visit to Sun Sea Sandy Hunny, absolutely dandy!

  • Barrie. Haynes 11 months ago
    Lovely evening .

  • Lee 11 months ago
    Yes it was a good evening great film looking forward to seeing grease next well done Hunstanton

  • Lou 11 months ago
    Agrees with jay

  • jay 11 months ago
    top gun maverick on the big screen happy days :)

  • Lynne 11 months ago
    Only 17 more days to go. I can’t wait!!

  • Jean 11 months ago
    Sunny honey still looking good hope to be move back soon

  • john 11 months ago
    will be down from leeds tommoz the 15th august for a sunny 3 days

  • Heather 12 months ago
    Lovely looking over the green today, we will be down next week for a welcome 4 day break, can’t wait.Our annual trip love this place.

  • Lesley 12 months ago
    Lovely to see such a beautiful day in Hunstanton. Lived there from 74 to 81 on Collingwood Road. Hello Norman Whye on Church Street.

  • Wild Bill 12 months ago
    Yes Tony, the Lady on the Green was out there the other day in a blustery wind and drizzle picking up litter. Bumped into her at 7am walking the mutt, she is a local who has volunteered – hope she finds a fiver or two amongst all the chip wrappers! Well done! The Council should give you a medal!

  • Shirl 12 months ago
    It’s good to see the land train back again.

  • Ian 12 months ago
    Love checking up on Hunstanton with the webcam. We live in Yorkshire and come here as much as we can.

  • Tony 1 year ago
    Well done to the lady on the green this morning at around 7.40 who was going round with a refuse bag picking up bottles and general garbage left by a few inconsiderate visitors who through shear laziness could not keep our lovely green tidy for the rest of our visitors, shame on them.

  • Wild Bill 1 year ago
    Correct, Ned. I am a feather for each wind that blows… What a Tempest out there at 4pm, cor luvaduck!

  • Ned 1 year ago
    Shakespeare Bill? ;-)

  • Wild Bill 1 year ago
    Bit inclement today, wet & gusty wind, I take it the Open Air Theatre at 5pm has been moved to the Town Hall? Maximum 200 people? Roll up, folks! “We are enforced from our most quiet sphere by the rough torrent of occasion”

  • Ned 1 year ago
    We spent a very pleasant few hours here the other day listening to the brass band on the bandstand in all that beautiful sunshine. Thank you Hunston!

  • Monica 1 year ago
    It’s the music festival today. Could have done without the rain.

  • Pam 1 year ago
    No driver, unfortunately

  • Lorne 1 year ago
    I think its still abit early in the summer for the Land Train Wild Bill, once the summer hoildays start im sure it will appear

  • Graham 1 year ago
    Wild Bill…do you mean the Waaly Wagon?

  • Wild Bill 1 year ago
    Haven’t seen the Land Train much this year is it still running? On a different route?

  • Maggie 1 year ago
    Wish I was there

  • Admin 1 year ago
    Hi Peter, it’s the Hunstanton Carnival

  • peter 1 year ago
    What’s happening on the Green today?

  • Jillian 1 year ago
    Finally rain after a month .. much needed !! Hopefully it will get rid of the horrible flying beetles now !!

  • Roger 1 year ago
    Looks like a great day for motorcycles today

  • Carole 1 year ago
    Love The Crown in the flower bed.

  • Jeff & Sheila 1 year ago
    The green looks wonderful, well done . Best wishes from the Isle of Wight

  • jules 1 year ago
    the greens decoration border for our king is great well done team.

  • paul 1 year ago
    what a lovely day

  • Jill 1 year ago
    What an amazing job of clearing up today. Well done

  • Admin 1 year ago
    For everyone asking, sadly the webcam is a fixed camera and cannot be moved

  • Admin 1 year ago
    Karts gather on The Green from 10am, races take place 11:30am – 4pm

  • Anne 1 year ago
    Thanks! I’ll be watching. Do you know what time it is please?

  • Admin 1 year ago
    Hi Anne, they are there ready for the Soap Box Derby this Sunday

  • Anne 1 year ago
    What’s going on with all the straw on the green?

  • Wild Bill 1 year ago
    I take it the Honda Gold Wing parade is at sundown, around. 6.30pm? Shall be tuning in here for that – a colourful affair for a worthy cause. Big up ye bikers!

  • Richard 1 year ago
    If you have been you just know……it just makes you smile :)

  • Jas 1 year ago
    Everyone always looks so genuinely happy here

  • Colin 1 year ago
    Absolutely loving it here really happy we moved here

  • Maggie 1 year ago
    Oh dear, sky looks angry this afternoon!!

  • Carole 1 year ago
    Wow, that’s some sky this evening. Lovely.

  • Paul 1 year ago
    A lovely Sunday sunset

  • Keith 2 years ago
    I moved away from here 50 yrs ago to Plymouth still miss it though

  • Colin 2 years ago
    Saturday 31st December 2022 Loving the views I keep watching it everyday and looking forward to moving there in 3 weeks Happy new year

  • Caz 2 years ago
    Good morning, it’s Sunday 29th December. To the chap and 2 children waving, hope you are enjoying Hunstanton.

  • Jeff 2 years ago
    Wow Christmas Eve at Hunstanton looks great Will have to do that next year

  • Hanna 2 years ago
    Angela, its truly a beautiful place west Norfolk! :)

  • Angela 2 years ago
    Hanna, my son and his family live in Ringstead and love the area.

  • Colin 2 years ago
    Aww thank you I keep looking at the webcams everyday Yes the people are lovely and it’s always clean

  • Hanna 2 years ago
    My family live in Heacham, I am looking to move here also love it

  • Angela 2 years ago
    Oh Colin how wonderful for you, such a beautiful place with lovely friendly people.

  • Colin 2 years ago
    Looking forward to moving there in a couple of weeks absolutely stunning

  • Ros 2 years ago
    Not so green this morning, more white, does look cols, but still lovely.

  • RAY 2 years ago
    great view

  • Steve 2 years ago
    Is there a tree on the Spinney this year or is the one we can see the tree this year.

  • Dorothy 2 years ago
    Shame the weather has ruined the Christmas Festival.

  • Cathy 2 years ago
    Fantastic sunsets, glorious scenery. I can just hear the sounds of the gulls and the waves lapping. I was here a couple of months ago. Relaxing and life- enhancing location.

  • Dennis 2 years ago
    Used to live there a long time ago with my dad……nothing but good memories, wish I could go back.

  • jules 2 years ago
    beautiful sight yet again

  • Matt 2 years ago
    I’ve been visiting Hunstanton since the early 80’s, and now try to get there at least twice a year with my kids with the Searles offers. Love it

  • jules 2 years ago
    generations of happy times thanks to hunny. many more to come god willing. x

  • The boy dick 2 years ago
    Where can I buy lug worms from in Hunstanton?

  • Melanie Dolby 2 years ago
    Haven’t been there yet this year but we spent alot of time at Hunstanton when our children were young ,lovely memories

  • Angela 2 years ago
    Wish we could Paul, am desperate to see my son and his family but illness is keeping us from visiting, think we may just have to move there instead!

  • Paul 2 years ago
    It certainly is get out there and enjoy

  • Angela 2 years ago
    Another beautiful morning

  • Pam 2 years ago
    He certainly was Steve

  • Caz 2 years ago
    Good to see the green looking really healthy again. I was on holiday when it was yellow and parched. Miss Hunstanton already.

  • Steve 2 years ago
    Glad you liked it. I am sure that after reading that book you will agree that Henry was a very good man.

  • Pam 2 years ago
    A Fine Strong Boy was a brilliant read.As a Hunny newbie (3yrs) I’ve been interested in the history & this gave an excellent insight into Henry’s life

  • Steve 2 years ago
    A Fine Strong Boy a book about Henry Le Strange would make a great T V Drama.

  • Steve 2 years ago
    Hope you enjoy reading it.

  • Pam 2 years ago
    Steve.I’ve got a copy of the book.Looking forward to reading about Henry

  • julie 2 years ago
    what a beautiful view whatever the weather or time of the year.

  • Rebecca 2 years ago
    Lovely view of myself

  • Steve 2 years ago
    I grew up knowing the history of Henry Le Strange, my Sunday school teacher was his great Grand Daughter. If anybody wants to learn about Henry they should try and get a paper back called A Fine Strong Boy by Kath Fryer. It is a good read.

  • Jan 2 years ago
    Good to see the Green showing signs of recovering quickly after the much needed rain.

  • Helen 2 years ago
    wow i miss hunstanton and the prom walks and the feel of fresh air and seagulls and the smell of fish and chips

  • Steve 2 years ago
    I wish it would rain here in Spain. Over 40c today and unlikely to rain before mid sept

  • Colin 2 years ago
    Hopefully getting the train up from WGC on Saturday then bus to Sunny Hunny

  • Steve 2 years ago
    Well, it’s raining in Herts and I can see you are getting a soaking too. Looking forward to visiting again next week – see you all then!

  • Helen 2 years ago
    just had a week in hunstanton with my Mum and Dad got back to the midlands today to rain . loved sitting by the Bandstand and seeing Hunstanton Band playing and of course my Dad you all do a fab job.

  • Lewis 2 years ago
    Well I wonder how long “The Brown” will take to return to “The Green” now the much needed rain has arrived? :-) We hope to return soon to enjoy the weather and sea whatever is going on!

  • David 2 years ago
    They shouldnt call it the green should be the Brown

  • Carol 2 years ago
    Going to rain next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

  • PETER 2 years ago
    I think “The Green” needs to be renamed “The Yellow” at the moment – no sign of any rain within the next 10 days !

  • Sophie 2 years ago
    Love these webcams, was just sitting on the green eating dinner and realised we’d be able to see ourselves, very weird but very fun!

  • Spenny 2 years ago
    Hello to the man waving on the green next to the flower bed with a black dog :)

  • Ivan 2 years ago
    Just like the rest of us the green needs some rain .

  • Wild Bill 2 years ago
    Just seen the NEW Land Train! Choo! Choo!

  • Sharron 2 years ago
    I live in the USA and because I was born in that area and return any chance I get, it is great to see the views.

  • Shirl 2 years ago
    Thank you admin, you do a great job

  • Admin 2 years ago
    Hi Shirl, fingers crossed the scaffolding should be down in the next couple of days.

  • Shirl 2 years ago
    Really missing the view of the green. Anyone know when it might be back.

  • Heather 2 years ago
    Lovely to be here in Old Hunstanton for 4 days, and weather is glorious.

  • Maggie. 2 years ago
    Missing the view of the green.

  • Kevin 2 years ago
    Was there last weekend and the Green was packed .Nice to see the sea coming from built up Herts.Now planning next visit.

  • Kevin 2 years ago
    We where here from Herts over weekend and Green was full of Military vehicles .Lovely to see the sea and can’t wait to return.

  • Paul 2 years ago
    Give us a wave scaffolders, looks like your sweating a bit.

  • Jane 2 years ago
    Great to see a ‘Litter Picker’ in action just now – sad that it has to be done when there are so many litter bins around.

  • Karl 2 years ago
    Still very busy on the green for the time and very nice to see on a gorgeous sunny evening

  • Paul branch 2 years ago
    Is tubbies takeaway still open

  • Dick 2 years ago
    Storm clouds at Hunstanton today

  • Dick 2 years ago
    Does anyone know if there will be a new bus station in Hunstanton if so where?

  • Philip 2 years ago
    Oh, a bit wet today, what a pity.

  • Julie 2 years ago
    Fab day for the carnival

  • Diane 2 years ago
    Watching the show in Australia can see the bandstand

  • Graham 2 years ago
    Just love watching the webcams on a daily basis.

  • shirl 2 years ago
    Another beautiful day in Hunstanton

  • Dick 2 years ago
    Why are cars parked on the green Sunday?

  • John and Sharron 2 years ago
    Is there a Scooter meet going on?

  • The boy dick 2 years ago
    Parking spaces opposite the golden lion tonight

  • David 2 years ago
    Why would anybody bother to have a foreign holiday at the moment flights cancelled massive hold ups at the airport i should know just come back from Spain come to sunny Hunny .

  • The boy dick 2 years ago
    Nobody on the green today

  • Helen 2 years ago
    Nice to see Hunstanton band setting up to play on the Green wish i could be there to hear you play Dad you are all amazing and a joy to listen to.

  • Lynn 2 years ago
    Welldone and thank you Hunstanton, for a lovely time at the Music Festival on Thursday, it was a perfect day. Lynn

  • Bill 2 years ago
    I pity the street cleaner and litter picker tomorrow.

  • Marlene 2 years ago
    Hunny looking busy for the jubilee celebration.

  • jules 2 years ago
    perfect place natural and you can see families enjoying the fun and great entertaintment. hunstanton is a great place for all ages.

  • Angela 2 years ago
    Lovely to see the newly planted display being cared for, thank you to all who have taken the time to do this and the litter picker who is there early in the morning.

  • Sheila 2 years ago
    Thank you Audrey, the planting has been done by a team from Hunstanton U3A

  • Audrey 2 years ago
    Well Done to the team of gardeners ,you have worked hard today looking forward to seeing it in bloom!

  • Alan 2 years ago
    Lynn thanks for the reply, I could not remember the feature when we visited last year,and I wonder what it was.

  • Nigel 2 years ago
    I like the Pier, I like campervans and I like motorbikes. Must be in a minority.

  • Lynn 2 years ago
    Alan, it’s a bench sculptured as an open book and very colourfully painted – we have another on The Spinney. Quite a lot of them around west Norfolk. Google “book bench sculptures” to see more about them.

  • alan 2 years ago
    what is the white stone feature to the left of the statue ?

  • Jack 2 years ago
    Looks very nice

  • Steve 2 years ago
    I agree Derek this should not be allowed. They do have sites which they should use.

  • Derek 2 years ago
    Nice view lets pray no camper vans this weekend .

  • Lynn 2 years ago
    I agree, it was a big mistake when they erected that ugly building. It spoils the view.

  • Boy dick 2 years ago
    Better views from the green if the aircraft hangar was not there (pier)

  • Philip 2 years ago
    Lovely views over the green.

  • ALLAN 2 years ago
    A lovely sunset this evening.

  • Richard 2 years ago
    To be honest i like it been going for years and still take my pennies to put in machines, great fun. It just adds to the resort :)

  • Richard 2 years ago
    I agree it would be a much better view if the aircraft hangar (peir) was not there

  • Dave 2 years ago
    Love looking at this camera, the only down side is the pier blocking the view. The green would be flocked with people having picnics if the view wasn’t blocked. Remember when the pier burned down the view was amazing.

  • Heather 2 years ago
    Love looking at sunny Hunstanton today, brings back wonderful memories of childhood holidays.

  • Helen 2 years ago
    hi dad great seeing you today tested positive for covid feel rubish but feel better in seeing you today hope to see you and my mum at the green tomorrow thank goodness for web cameras

  • Debra Goddard 2 years ago
    It’s so lovely to watch so many people on the green to see the Sun setting . beautiful .

  • Richard 2 years ago
    I just love this place and the cameras bring back so many great memories, we have had a place in Snettisham since the 70s when we were kids and still have it as adults and never tire of this wonderful place.

  • Debra Goddard 2 years ago
    Nice to see Hunny buzzing with folks .

  • Richard 2 years ago
    So looking forward to getting to Sunny Hunny week after next…..a couple of days of reconnecting with this glorious place.

  • Lexi 2 years ago
    Watching the sunset before I head to work, looks gorgeous, ill be there at the weekend!

  • Helen 2 years ago
    well done hunstanton band for playing in front of the Queen on saturday your all tv stars now you have been on the news. keep nup the good work and will see you in the bandstand in the summer

  • TonyA 2 years ago
    Alan tell your mum that he was a seasonal picker. Scroll down to further comments, look for Nigel and you will see his farewell message.

  • Alan 3 years ago
    Mum wants to know where her favorite little litter picker is ? No waves

  • Ned 3 years ago
    That’s much better thank you! Good definition and colour ;-)

  • Roger 3 years ago
    So much better now the pixelization has been removed.

  • Sarah 3 years ago
    What a beautiful sunset

  • peter 3 years ago
    As they are always full I assume the car parking at the top of the Green, under the camera, is free all day?

  • Adie 3 years ago
    Happy New Year Sunny Hunny from Mansfield…..looks quite busy today

  • Derek 3 years ago
    Where do all the people come from so good to see hunny so busy this time of year brill

  • Steve 3 years ago
    Does anybody know what the Beachcomber bar is now. It used to be down an alley between the town hall and Golden Lion.

  • Jane 3 years ago
    Not a soul in sight. Hunny looks lonely without the summer visitors.

  • Sarah 3 years ago
    Where abouts in the town do they have the tree?

  • Fred 3 years ago
    Yes there is a tree and lights up

  • Judy 3 years ago
    Is Hunstanton having Christmas lights and a tree this year?

  • Rick 3 years ago
    Yes it does David

  • David 3 years ago
    does the pier arcade stay open all year?

  • Marlene 3 years ago
    Looking a bit rough today,mind you that’s how I like it it certainly blows the old cobwebs away.

  • Maggie 3 years ago
    Looking lovely today. Enjoy everyone.

  • Jane 3 years ago
    Nigel …thank you for keeping Hunny spick and span. Hunny will miss you!!

  • Sue 3 years ago
    Thanks Nigel, I was always pleased to ‘tune’ in in time for a wave, always made my day. I will miss seeing you, I’m sure it was you I saw the other day with the seagulls flapping around you. I love watching these webcams, please keep posting, always nice to read what other people think.

  • WW 3 years ago
    Nigel-Thank you for all the hard work you have done. Good luck in your next challenge.

  • Nigel 3 years ago
    Sadly as from yesterday , no more waving for camera, my seasonal work has ended for council, as litter picker, what i would like to say, is i’v had a amazing time, with tourists with local people, now to my next challenge, i will miss you all

  • Jane 3 years ago
    Susan, I said it looks like Hunny misses the tourists. I’ve no doubt some locals are happy to see the tourists gone.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    When I lived in Old and New Hunstanton the summers were good ,but the winters were special.

  • Susan 3 years ago
    Actually Jane, for many permanent residents of Hunstanton the few winter months are our bit of ‘me’ time and we enjoy the peace and quiet.

  • Jane 3 years ago
    Hunny always looks as though it’s lonely once the season ends. It’s as though it misses all of the happy holiday makers.

  • Richard 3 years ago
    You know what i love this place and always will

  • Lewis 3 years ago
    Just 4 more days and I will be back in Hunnystanton as I call it! Looks like a bit of autumn sunshine is also coming back.

  • Ros 3 years ago
    Good morning to litter picker 7-45, wave back to you, doing a good job

  • Dee 3 years ago
    We often walk from Heacham to Hunstanton such a lovely walk , drink at the ski cafe, then on to the waterside Bar, we love it here, thank you for the webcams

  • Steve 3 years ago
    Thankyou. What a service. When I lived there you had to work it out yourself.

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi Steve, the flashing red light you can see is the electronic display board that shows the next high and low tide times.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    To the right of the bandstand you can see a flag, does anybody know what it is that is flashing next to the flag?

  • Lewis 3 years ago
    @Niloc – the sign on the green is a notice about the history of Hunstanton which of course mentions the Le Strange family.

  • Helen 3 years ago
    sharron and john enjoy your week wish i was in sunny honey

  • Sharron and John 3 years ago
    Can’t wait to get there on Saturday for a week

  • Nigel 3 years ago
    I am that litter picker!

  • Lynn x 3 years ago
    Thank you Hunstanton Webcams, I’ve just watched the Goldwings light parade live and it was brilliant.

  • Caz 3 years ago
    So I logged on to look at the green and saw a wave from the chap litter picking at 7.30am. That’s cheered me up for the day!

  • Angela 3 years ago
    Hello to the lovely litter picker who waved this morning, shame the weather isn’t being kind to these wonderful people who keep Hunstanton clean.

  • Robert 3 years ago
    I check in everyday from Swansboro ,North Carolina. Born and bred in Hunstanton, been gone for 30 years now but I still miss it. Hunstanton is a very special place as so many of you know. Sadly I will never be able to return home so these web cams are such a delight..

  • Niloc 3 years ago
    Can anyone please tell me what is written on the white sign in the foreground? Thank you.

  • Helen 3 years ago
    Great to hear that the green was quite buisy to listen to the Band you all do a great job with great music

  • Helen 3 years ago
    Hunstanton Band playing live in the Bandstand tommorow sunday 2pm till 4pm wish i was there to hear your great music

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Hope the cameras do stay on. Would miss daily veiwing.

  • Barry moss 3 years ago
    Love checking in every day will the camera’s still be on over the winter

  • Sue 3 years ago
    7.03 – lovely morning. Thanks for the waves whilst you’re working.

  • Karl 3 years ago
    What a grey and miserable day in hunstanton great webcam pictures of the green and the sea can’t see many people about

  • Wendy 3 years ago
    I waved to you all this evening as me and other half sat round the statue this evening eating our wedding anniversary fish and chips after a lovely day in North Norfolk…

  • Ros 3 years ago
    Motorbikes convention, mostly rockers, a great cheery lot.

  • TonyA 3 years ago
    Buskers corner, people singing.

  • Carol 3 years ago
    Does anybody know what’s gong on today near the band stand? There’s load of people!

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Lovely sunset

  • June beckett 3 years ago
    Military show here for weekend Sept 4/5 2021. “Help the heroes”.

  • Brian 3 years ago
    Weekend of army truck stall`s etc , to get people to give money to Help for Hero`s,

  • Patricia 3 years ago
    Anyone know why there are motor homes etc by the old pier?

  • Yolanda 3 years ago
    I am most impressed because I stood at the Green and the promenade in Hunstanton and waved to my brother in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the other side of the world and 7 hours ahead. Most Amazing!!! Thank you

  • Pippa 3 years ago
    Was there on Saturday and Sunday with Mum and Woody (our dog). Had such a lovely time. I waved at the camera. Watching this makes me want to come again as soon as I can. Thank you

  • Brian 3 years ago
    Happy Birthday Hunstanton 175 years old today 18th aug. looking at Henry watching over his town, he would have been so proud.

  • Helen 3 years ago
    Great to see the brilliant Hunstanton band playing on the green today Hello everyone in the band including my dad Alf just wish we could get abit closer to see the bandstand as i am watching from the Midlands as usual it,s raining here. have a great day everyone.

  • Nigel 3 years ago
    Depending on how bad , Car parks are and outside pubs, will give a few waves between 6.30 to 7.30 am on Green camera if on shift , i am now off 4 days, but litter, picking Green , Making ready for next day, after night before, South prom camera after 9 give a wave, if spot us , say hi, we love making hunstanton look tidy

  • Brian C 3 years ago
    Oh my the land train is out again long time no see

  • Jasmin 3 years ago
    Well done to the people who keep the green and area clean and tidy. Thank you

  • Christine 3 years ago
    Lovely view of the sea. Also a super spot for camper vans. Must be the best spot in west Norfolk and it’s free to all.

  • Helen 3 years ago
    Hello australia i did my wave going home tommorow.

  • Ade 3 years ago
    Just look at the weather now and the beautiful sun set….. what a pity today was such a wash out for you all…. never mind make sure you make up for it when the next heatwave arrives in the next few days

  • Brian 3 years ago
    Open air theatre was where the sailing club is now, yes did watch a show or two.

  • Wendy 3 years ago
    What a shame it’s such a horrible day for the music festival.

  • Jess Barnes 3 years ago
    Wednesday morning. The bins looked really full in passing.. Overflowing and the Gulls were attacking them. Was quite a lot of litter around bins. By the time i returned 30 minutes later the place was spotless the council had obviously done their daily rounds. Only shame about Hunstanton is a lack of a early opening cafe.

  • Helen 3 years ago
    ive been told there will be live music on the green on sunday lets hope for a nice day.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    I do not remember the open air theatre but I won a baby contest there in 1958. It`s been down hill ever since.

  • Ros 3 years ago
    Seen people throw their rubbish down in front of bins , so perhaps both people and gulls, the gulls don’t know any better.

  • The boy dick 3 years ago
    Can anyone remember the open air theatre which was somewhere where the sailing club is now

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    4.51 this morning l watched the seagulls getting food from the bin, there were quite a few of pulling food out from the bin and the others were flying in to steal it

  • Helen 3 years ago
    ive seen seagulls dive into bins and bring a box of un eaten chips out so i would say the gulls.

  • Jeannie 3 years ago
    Is it people or gulls that cause the mess around the litter bin?

  • Ros 3 years ago
    Pity folks can’t put their rubbish in the bin rather than in front on the ground . Spoiling a lovely view across bay. I expect the wonderful bin men will put it to rights . Thanks for all the cameras .

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Yes it is, enjoy

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Is the Joke shop still there?

  • Steve 3 years ago
    Back in the 60´s I can recall some really good brass bands playing on the green March Railway and Littleport come to mind. Littleport had a leader who was like a red coat and entertained everybody and at night he would go into the bingo social club and play his trumpet with Richard Mann on the organ. He would play swing type Jazz.

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    A beautiful sunset tonight,

  • Annie 3 years ago
    Motor home parking by the Green now for several days? More to follow?

  • David 3 years ago
    Good to see ‘‘Hamon’‘ getting a wash and brush up this morning.!!!!

  • Eric 3 years ago
    very lovely webcam

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Well done to the litter pickers this morning, that, was a big job, you are worth your weight in, gold .thank you

  • Rick 3 years ago
    Can someone remind me what that odd yellow thing in the sky is? I have vague recollections. Enjoy everyone :)

  • Ade 3 years ago
    Looking absolutely beautiful… need to go abroad with placed like this in the UK

  • Helen 3 years ago

  • Steve 3 years ago
    yes I remember those boats and as a child went on them many times. Also I can remember a small zoo underneath the arcade. It was only there for 2/3 years.

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Wouldn’t it be great to get a pier back again. It can be done, and lm sure it would very well used, there was a small roundabout with sailing boats and they were in water, l thought it was magical

  • Steve 3 years ago
    I worked on the pier during the summer 1972. Mr Harris was my boss . His son Norman who looked like he was in his 50’s really ran everything. I was on the toll and every morning I would walk along the pier to make sure there was no litter and I would always take a moment at the end of the pier and take in the vista. On a sunny day when the sea was calm it felt very special standing there by myself. If only it was possible now. Should they rebuild it, Yes, but the council should take a look a Southwolds and take in any mistakes they made.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    Sorry I did not make myself clear, by 1972 she no longer had her stall. She most likely retired.

  • Marie 3 years ago
    Thank you for the update, Steve. I didn’t know that she passed away such a long time ago.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    Yes Marie she is long gone. She was older than my Mother and she would be 102 years old. I worked on the toll on the pier in 1972 and I know she had already gone by then.

  • Adie 3 years ago
    Glad to see another web cam in Sunny Hunny is online, love watching the web cams from Mansfield..... it's like you can be there when you can't be there if that makes sense lol

  • Adie 3 years ago
    There goes the Wash Monster on the 30 mins cliff tour……can almost hear it’s engine and it’s horn blowing

  • Marie 3 years ago
    Steve – I expect that lady is long gone. She always seemed to be there and was always cheerful. Rick – I watched that when it was first uploaded to YouTube. It is one of the best videos I have ever seen on YT.

  • Jaybee 3 years ago
    John – just watched the short film. Great. Thanks for the information.

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Its a good little film john ,it rings those memories flooding back .it is good that hunstanto hasn’t been spoilt like many other seaside towns, but it would be lovely to gave a pier again,

  • Rick 3 years ago
    I would recommend watching ‘Ghost Train, Kings Lynn to Hunstanton’ on youtube for anyone interested. It was only added a few months back but absolutely worth a watch.

  • The boy dick 3 years ago
    I think hunstanton needs more indoor attractions for families on holiday when the weather is cold and wet anybody agree

  • Steve 3 years ago
    The lady who took the weight, height and vitality came from Lincolnshire for the summer season. My mother would have a long chat with her every year as I nagged her for a go for 6d.

  • John 3 years ago
    For those that don’t know, the little film “John Betjeman goes by train: Kings Lynn to Hunstanton” is an interesting watch. Filmed in 1962, it ends with views of the old station.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    I can just remember steam trains coming into Hunstanton. Followed by class 31´s and 37´s. But more so I remember the DMU´s as My mother often took me on the train to Lynn and I would try and sit behind the driver. I can still at 63 years old see in my head all the controls and every bend and stations on that line to Lynn.

  • Marie 3 years ago
    Rick – we should start a campaign to reinstate the pier! Boy dick – yes Cambridge to Hunstanton straight through. Rosie – the compartments were amazing. What a shame there is nothing like it now. Does anyone recall before the new breakers were put on the beach? The beach was much lower and ladders were there to be able to get down onto the sand. At Heacham the beach was 6ft or more lower than it is now. What about the lady on the seafront near to where the KitKat used to be. She had a wooden turquoise kiosk and would check your height, weight and vitality for 6d. Gosh I am old! LOL

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Yes i do, the train had a corridor and compartments to sit in. The excitement when we pulled into hunstanton was huge and it was just a short walk across to the beach for a day filled with sea , sand sunshine and warm sandwiches, finished with an ice cream, bliss

  • Boy dick 3 years ago
    I remember the railway station it was quite a big station and very busy you could catch a train in Cambridge to hunstanton with out changing trains. Also can anyone remember South lynn railway station in King’s Lynn you could get a train to all most any where in Norfolk from there

  • Rick 3 years ago
    Alas I am too young to remember either Marie but I have always felt thats the one thing missing from Hunstanton, a pier. I am in the area every few weeks (not today for obvious reasons haha) and I think a pier would be the icing on the cake. Have a great day everyone

  • Marie 3 years ago
    Does anyone remember the railway station where Azams is now? What a shame that the pier was never rebuilt. Cherished memories . . .

  • Ros 3 years ago
    Sorry people , lts just what l was told about the hotel. Sometimes people don’t get there facts straight. Good day to you all.

  • Stephen 3 years ago
    Miles away from the sea in Leicester but great to see the bin men happy in their work and waving at the camera early on a Sunday morning!

  • Darren 3 years ago
    Just saw Ros comment about the hotel. It is definitely open as I know the manager and my partner works there

  • Pam 3 years ago
    ……..& you have to pay to park in the hotel’s car park

  • Pam 3 years ago
    The Golden Lion is very much open.

  • Steve 3 years ago
    Many the time during the early 60`s do I remember sitting on those steps with my mother eating a bag of chips while we waited for my dad to come out of the Golden Lion where he worked.

  • Ros 3 years ago
    I think parking is free at the hotel , the hotel is shut, l’m told . Was there this morning gave you all a wave.

  • Corinne 3 years ago
    can someone tell me theres any good disabled toilets with handrails in this area and where, and do you need a radar key please,? as im not been here since being in a chair now,thankyou

  • Pam 3 years ago
    The statue is of Henry Le Strange, not Hamon

  • Brian 3 years ago
    Parking is free and it`s not Hotel parking. Still very hard for people to walk on path to new seat and the lovely Hamon Le Strange statue.

  • Tracy 3 years ago
    Wendy I think the cars you see pixelated are parked in the hotel car park

  • Wendy 3 years ago
    Is parking near the green permit only

  • Kay 3 years ago
    Great to check out Hunstanton and the weather in real time for planning trips..

  • colin 3 years ago
    Been to Hunstanton every year 1971 to 2018 with my caravan to serals I’m now 83 year’s old so my holidays days have come to a end, but its lovely to see the old place on the computer keep the good work up thanks

  • Tracey 3 years ago
    Just saw my mum, Rita, and our friend Maureen on the Green, from Redlands, California !!

  • suzanne 3 years ago
    Love this view wish there was some sound hear seagulls and chattering etc

  • Brian 3 years ago
    Be Nice if there was no parking in front of the path to new seat and hamon le strange.

  • Lyndsey 3 years ago
    Thank you so much for setting this up. It’s brilliant for those who can no longer visit, for whatever reason. More cams please!!

  • burnel 3 years ago
    At last Hunston ahead of the game!! all web cams excellent

  • sid 3 years ago
    nice to see another web cam up and running well done to everyone involved :) keeps me going till im there again

  • Dan 3 years ago
    Hunny is certainly leading the way with it’s webcams. Shame all coastal towns are not keeping up. Southwold, Aldeburgh? Nah, stick with good old Hunstanton. I check in every day, especially before a visit from home near Ely.

  • Wendy 3 years ago
    It’s lovely to see Sunny Hunny while sitting at home waiting for our holiday there in 4 weeks. Sunny Hunny is my piece of heaven. Can’t wait to see the sunsets.

  • Helen 3 years ago
    great to see this webcam. would be good to have a closer view of the bandstand . can not wait to have my holiday there soon.

  • Richard 3 years ago
    Really great webcam! . . . maybe a slightly higher angle to crop out the cars in the foreground a little would be better then also saving the need for the pixels?

  • Sam B 3 years ago
    Love it! Can’t wait to visit in 1.5 weeks!

  • Jayne 3 years ago
    Love it

  • Caroline 3 years ago
    Love it

  • Simon 3 years ago
    Wonderful, thank you. A little more sky (and less parking) would make it absolutely PERFECT for weather watching, but this is going to be so useful.

  • Alison 3 years ago
    New camera is great! Thank you for adding it.

  • Martin 3 years ago
    Brilliant. Be nice to see the sunsets when we are not ther.

  • Pam 3 years ago
    Pleased this latest webcam is now live. Another great view

  • Robert baldwin 3 years ago
    Love it

  • RICHARD 3 years ago
    It would be a much better view if the aircraft hanger (amusement acarde) was not there

  • Gort 3 years ago
    Hardly think Le Strange “built” Hunstanton, but thanks for the cam.

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi Micheal, the bottom of the image has been pixelated on purpose to obscure the number plates.

  • Susan Rowell 3 years ago
    This is brilliant news enabling me to see more of my favourite place.

  • michael ball 3 years ago
    Cars infront of golden lion pixelated is reception poor on this web cam all other webcams working brilliantly

  • Carol 3 years ago
    Amazing, thank you so much for this, what a great view of a fab little seaside town

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Thank you for letting me know, can it be repaired at all, l can remember the steps being there a long time ago. I am really loving this new camera, the views are amazing and help to make you feel part of something again. Thank you so much

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi Rosie, that’s the remains of a medieval stone cross that Henry le Strange moved from Old Hunstanton when he first built Hunstanton.

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    It isn’t very clear but was there something on top of the steps thats been broken.

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi Darren, the camera is located on the Town Hall which is next door to the Golden Lion.

  • Darren 3 years ago
    Is that on the Golden Lion Hotel?

  • Ron 3 years ago
    Well worth the wait welcome to “hunny”

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Thank you rick its good to know these things , you are kind to take the time to let us all know , l am really loving all these webcams and sunny hunny looks so good even on a dull day

  • Lynn 3 years ago
    Wow this one is brilliant!!! Can’t wait for that fabulous sun to peep through bringing all the lovely customers to Hunny… I love people watching !!!

  • Jo 3 years ago
    I love the fourth webcam brilliant idea. Xxx

  • Debra Goddard 3 years ago
    I so love this , thank you

  • Rob 3 years ago
    Brilliant view once again. Thank you!

  • Rick 3 years ago
    Rosie the statue is Henry Styleman Le Strange, investor and primary creator of Hunstanton as a seaside resort. He invested heavily in the area in the mid 1800’s, including the railway line but unfortunately passed away aged 47 before he got to see the thriving success Hunstanton would become.

  • Ann 3 years ago
    Love the Fourth Webcam x

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Who is statue commemorating please,

  • Rob 3 years ago
    Brilliant view once again. Thank you!

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Oh my, that was sure worth waiting for, you have really got it right well done you l will enjoy watching yet another lovely sunny hunny sight thank you

  • Helen 3 years ago
    Agree with you tony let's see the Hunstanton band up and running again very soon. Helen, West Midlands

  • Tony 3 years ago
    Will it be a static camera or perhaps move to different views? It would be great to see the bandstand and not just the newish games arcade (pier?)

  • Janet 3 years ago
    Hope this is up and running soon. The other 3 are brilliant. Thank you.

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Please start this camera it will be so good to get another scene from sunny hunny

  • Tim 3 years ago
    Can’t wait for this cam to go live

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    When will this long awaited webcam be ready please

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    I cant wait to get another view of sunny hunny,its a treat to look at when you are housebound, it brings back lots of memories, thank you to all concerned for bringing these sites to us
Hunstanton Town Sign
Hunstanton Bandstand on The Green
Hunstanton Soapbox Derby on The Green
Sunset Over The Green in Hunstanton

Soapbox Derby image supplied by Ian Burt

The Green, Hunstanton

Overlooking the sea, The Green in Hunstanton faces west making it a popular spot with visitors to enjoy fish and chips while watching one of Hunstanton’s famous sunsets.

Its natural theatre auditorium effect means The Green hosts many events throughout the year, including in the past the BBC Radio 1 Roadshows during the 1980s and 1990s.

The lower green is the site of the former pier which was destroyed in 1978 during heavy storms, while the bandstand next door is the stage for many performances by musicians and other key events.

Standing proud on the upper green is the statue of Henry le Strange who is credited to building Hunstanton into the Victorian seaside resort it is today. His original carrstone buildings are still in use including the grade II listed Golden Lion Hotel, built in 1846.

Hunstanton Town Hall

The Town Hall is a magnificent grade II listed building, built by George Skipper in 1896, that sits at the very top of The Green.

Home to Hunstanton Town Council, the Town Hall is available to hire for events such as exhibitions and fairs, meetings, seminars, birthday parties, christenings and funeral wakes. The chamber is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies and the main hall can accommodate up to 200 guests (standing). Facilities include a professional grade kitchen, bar and stage.

Hunstanton’s Town Council consists of 17 elected councillors that are responsible for a number of local issues such as allotments, bus shelters, community centres, help for local organisations as well as consultation on neighbourhood planning.

    Hunstanton Town Hall
    Hunstanton Town Hall