The Green Hunstanton Live Webcam

Enjoy a birds-eye view across The Green in the heart of Hunstanton, home to the statue of Henry le Strange, medieval stone cross remains, bandstand and town sign.

The Green is also the perfect spot to experience one of Hunstanton’s stunning sunsets.


  • Audrey 10 hours ago
    Hope the cameras do stay on. Would miss daily veiwing.

  • Barry moss 3 days ago
    Love checking in every day will the camera’s still be on over the winter

  • Sue 5 days ago
    7.03 – lovely morning. Thanks for the waves whilst you’re working.

  • Karl 12 days ago
    What a grey and miserable day in hunstanton great webcam pictures of the green and the sea can’t see many people about

  • Wendy 12 days ago
    I waved to you all this evening as me and other half sat round the statue this evening eating our wedding anniversary fish and chips after a lovely day in North Norfolk…

  • Ros 14 days ago
    Motorbikes convention, mostly rockers, a great cheery lot.

  • TonyA 14 days ago
    Buskers corner, people singing.

  • Carol 14 days ago
    Does anybody know what’s gong on today near the band stand? There’s load of people!

  • Audrey 18 days ago
    Lovely sunset

  • June beckett 22 days ago
    Military show here for weekend Sept 4/5 2021. “Help the heroes”.

  • Brian 22 days ago
    Weekend of army truck stall`s etc , to get people to give money to Help for Hero`s,

  • Patricia 22 days ago
    Anyone know why there are motor homes etc by the old pier?

  • Yolanda 23 days ago
    I am most impressed because I stood at the Green and the promenade in Hunstanton and waved to my brother in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the other side of the world and 7 hours ahead. Most Amazing!!! Thank you

  • Pippa 1 month ago
    Was there on Saturday and Sunday with Mum and Woody (our dog). Had such a lovely time. I waved at the camera. Watching this makes me want to come again as soon as I can. Thank you

  • Brian 1 month ago
    Happy Birthday Hunstanton 175 years old today 18th aug. looking at Henry watching over his town, he would have been so proud.

  • Helen 1 month ago
    Great to see the brilliant Hunstanton band playing on the green today Hello everyone in the band including my dad Alf just wish we could get abit closer to see the bandstand as i am watching from the Midlands as usual it,s raining here. have a great day everyone.

  • Nigel 1 month ago
    Depending on how bad , Car parks are and outside pubs, will give a few waves between 6.30 to 7.30 am on Green camera if on shift , i am now off 4 days, but litter, picking Green , Making ready for next day, after night before, South prom camera after 9 give a wave, if spot us , say hi, we love making hunstanton look tidy

  • Brian C 1 month ago
    Oh my the land train is out again long time no see

  • Jasmin 1 month ago
    Well done to the people who keep the green and area clean and tidy. Thank you

  • Christine 1 month ago
    Lovely view of the sea. Also a super spot for camper vans. Must be the best spot in west Norfolk and it’s free to all.

  • Helen 2 months ago
    Hello australia i did my wave going home tommorow.

  • Ade 2 months ago
    Just look at the weather now and the beautiful sun set….. what a pity today was such a wash out for you all…. never mind make sure you make up for it when the next heatwave arrives in the next few days

  • Brian 2 months ago
    Open air theatre was where the sailing club is now, yes did watch a show or two.

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    What a shame it’s such a horrible day for the music festival.

  • Jess Barnes 2 months ago
    Wednesday morning. The bins looked really full in passing.. Overflowing and the Gulls were attacking them. Was quite a lot of litter around bins. By the time i returned 30 minutes later the place was spotless the council had obviously done their daily rounds. Only shame about Hunstanton is a lack of a early opening cafe.

  • Helen 2 months ago
    ive been told there will be live music on the green on sunday lets hope for a nice day.

  • Steve 2 months ago
    I do not remember the open air theatre but I won a baby contest there in 1958. It`s been down hill ever since.

  • Ros 2 months ago
    Seen people throw their rubbish down in front of bins , so perhaps both people and gulls, the gulls don’t know any better.

  • The boy dick 2 months ago
    Can anyone remember the open air theatre which was somewhere where the sailing club is now

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    4.51 this morning l watched the seagulls getting food from the bin, there were quite a few of pulling food out from the bin and the others were flying in to steal it

  • Helen 2 months ago
    ive seen seagulls dive into bins and bring a box of un eaten chips out so i would say the gulls.

  • Jeannie 2 months ago
    Is it people or gulls that cause the mess around the litter bin?

  • Ros 2 months ago
    Pity folks can’t put their rubbish in the bin rather than in front on the ground . Spoiling a lovely view across bay. I expect the wonderful bin men will put it to rights . Thanks for all the cameras .

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    Yes it is, enjoy

  • Audrey 2 months ago
    Is the Joke shop still there?

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Back in the 60´s I can recall some really good brass bands playing on the green March Railway and Littleport come to mind. Littleport had a leader who was like a red coat and entertained everybody and at night he would go into the bingo social club and play his trumpet with Richard Mann on the organ. He would play swing type Jazz.

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    A beautiful sunset tonight,

  • Annie 2 months ago
    Motor home parking by the Green now for several days? More to follow?

  • David 2 months ago
    Good to see ‘‘Hamon’‘ getting a wash and brush up this morning.!!!!

  • Eric 2 months ago
    very lovely webcam

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    Well done to the litter pickers this morning, that, was a big job, you are worth your weight in, gold .thank you

  • Rick 2 months ago
    Can someone remind me what that odd yellow thing in the sky is? I have vague recollections. Enjoy everyone :)

  • Ade 2 months ago
    Looking absolutely beautiful… need to go abroad with placed like this in the UK

  • Helen 2 months ago

  • Steve 2 months ago
    yes I remember those boats and as a child went on them many times. Also I can remember a small zoo underneath the arcade. It was only there for 2/3 years.

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    Wouldn’t it be great to get a pier back again. It can be done, and lm sure it would very well used, there was a small roundabout with sailing boats and they were in water, l thought it was magical

  • Steve 2 months ago
    I worked on the pier during the summer 1972. Mr Harris was my boss . His son Norman who looked like he was in his 50’s really ran everything. I was on the toll and every morning I would walk along the pier to make sure there was no litter and I would always take a moment at the end of the pier and take in the vista. On a sunny day when the sea was calm it felt very special standing there by myself. If only it was possible now. Should they rebuild it, Yes, but the council should take a look a Southwolds and take in any mistakes they made.

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Sorry I did not make myself clear, by 1972 she no longer had her stall. She most likely retired.

  • Marie 2 months ago
    Thank you for the update, Steve. I didn’t know that she passed away such a long time ago.

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Yes Marie she is long gone. She was older than my Mother and she would be 102 years old. I worked on the toll on the pier in 1972 and I know she had already gone by then.

  • Adie 2 months ago
    Glad to see another web cam in Sunny Hunny is online, love watching the web cams from Mansfield..... it's like you can be there when you can't be there if that makes sense lol

  • Adie 2 months ago
    There goes the Wash Monster on the 30 mins cliff tour……can almost hear it’s engine and it’s horn blowing

  • Marie 3 months ago
    Steve – I expect that lady is long gone. She always seemed to be there and was always cheerful. Rick – I watched that when it was first uploaded to YouTube. It is one of the best videos I have ever seen on YT.

  • Jaybee 3 months ago
    John – just watched the short film. Great. Thanks for the information.

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Its a good little film john ,it rings those memories flooding back .it is good that hunstanto hasn’t been spoilt like many other seaside towns, but it would be lovely to gave a pier again,

  • Rick 3 months ago
    I would recommend watching ‘Ghost Train, Kings Lynn to Hunstanton’ on youtube for anyone interested. It was only added a few months back but absolutely worth a watch.

  • The boy dick 3 months ago
    I think hunstanton needs more indoor attractions for families on holiday when the weather is cold and wet anybody agree

  • Steve 3 months ago
    The lady who took the weight, height and vitality came from Lincolnshire for the summer season. My mother would have a long chat with her every year as I nagged her for a go for 6d.

  • John 3 months ago
    For those that don’t know, the little film “John Betjeman goes by train: Kings Lynn to Hunstanton” is an interesting watch. Filmed in 1962, it ends with views of the old station.

  • Steve 3 months ago
    I can just remember steam trains coming into Hunstanton. Followed by class 31´s and 37´s. But more so I remember the DMU´s as My mother often took me on the train to Lynn and I would try and sit behind the driver. I can still at 63 years old see in my head all the controls and every bend and stations on that line to Lynn.

  • Marie 3 months ago
    Rick – we should start a campaign to reinstate the pier! Boy dick – yes Cambridge to Hunstanton straight through. Rosie – the compartments were amazing. What a shame there is nothing like it now. Does anyone recall before the new breakers were put on the beach? The beach was much lower and ladders were there to be able to get down onto the sand. At Heacham the beach was 6ft or more lower than it is now. What about the lady on the seafront near to where the KitKat used to be. She had a wooden turquoise kiosk and would check your height, weight and vitality for 6d. Gosh I am old! LOL

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Yes i do, the train had a corridor and compartments to sit in. The excitement when we pulled into hunstanton was huge and it was just a short walk across to the beach for a day filled with sea , sand sunshine and warm sandwiches, finished with an ice cream, bliss

  • Boy dick 3 months ago
    I remember the railway station it was quite a big station and very busy you could catch a train in Cambridge to hunstanton with out changing trains. Also can anyone remember South lynn railway station in King’s Lynn you could get a train to all most any where in Norfolk from there

  • Rick 3 months ago
    Alas I am too young to remember either Marie but I have always felt thats the one thing missing from Hunstanton, a pier. I am in the area every few weeks (not today for obvious reasons haha) and I think a pier would be the icing on the cake. Have a great day everyone

  • Marie 3 months ago
    Does anyone remember the railway station where Azams is now? What a shame that the pier was never rebuilt. Cherished memories . . .

  • Ros 3 months ago
    Sorry people , lts just what l was told about the hotel. Sometimes people don’t get there facts straight. Good day to you all.

  • Stephen 3 months ago
    Miles away from the sea in Leicester but great to see the bin men happy in their work and waving at the camera early on a Sunday morning!

  • Darren 3 months ago
    Just saw Ros comment about the hotel. It is definitely open as I know the manager and my partner works there

  • Pam 3 months ago
    ……..& you have to pay to park in the hotel’s car park

  • Pam 3 months ago
    The Golden Lion is very much open.

  • Steve 3 months ago
    Many the time during the early 60`s do I remember sitting on those steps with my mother eating a bag of chips while we waited for my dad to come out of the Golden Lion where he worked.

  • Ros 3 months ago
    I think parking is free at the hotel , the hotel is shut, l’m told . Was there this morning gave you all a wave.

  • Corinne 3 months ago
    can someone tell me theres any good disabled toilets with handrails in this area and where, and do you need a radar key please,? as im not been here since being in a chair now,thankyou

  • Pam 3 months ago
    The statue is of Henry Le Strange, not Hamon

  • Brian 3 months ago
    Parking is free and it`s not Hotel parking. Still very hard for people to walk on path to new seat and the lovely Hamon Le Strange statue.

  • Tracy 3 months ago
    Wendy I think the cars you see pixelated are parked in the hotel car park

  • Wendy 3 months ago
    Is parking near the green permit only

  • Kay 3 months ago
    Great to check out Hunstanton and the weather in real time for planning trips..

  • colin 3 months ago
    Been to Hunstanton every year 1971 to 2018 with my caravan to serals I’m now 83 year’s old so my holidays days have come to a end, but its lovely to see the old place on the computer keep the good work up thanks

  • Tracey 3 months ago
    Just saw my mum, Rita, and our friend Maureen on the Green, from Redlands, California !!

  • suzanne 3 months ago
    Love this view wish there was some sound hear seagulls and chattering etc

  • Brian 3 months ago
    Be Nice if there was no parking in front of the path to new seat and hamon le strange.

  • Lyndsey 3 months ago
    Thank you so much for setting this up. It’s brilliant for those who can no longer visit, for whatever reason. More cams please!!

  • burnel 3 months ago
    At last Hunston ahead of the game!! all web cams excellent

  • sid 3 months ago
    nice to see another web cam up and running well done to everyone involved :) keeps me going till im there again

  • Dan 3 months ago
    Hunny is certainly leading the way with it’s webcams. Shame all coastal towns are not keeping up. Southwold, Aldeburgh? Nah, stick with good old Hunstanton. I check in every day, especially before a visit from home near Ely.

  • Wendy 3 months ago
    It’s lovely to see Sunny Hunny while sitting at home waiting for our holiday there in 4 weeks. Sunny Hunny is my piece of heaven. Can’t wait to see the sunsets.

  • Helen 3 months ago
    great to see this webcam. would be good to have a closer view of the bandstand . can not wait to have my holiday there soon.

  • Richard 3 months ago
    Really great webcam! . . . maybe a slightly higher angle to crop out the cars in the foreground a little would be better then also saving the need for the pixels?

  • Sam B 3 months ago
    Love it! Can’t wait to visit in 1.5 weeks!

  • Jayne 3 months ago
    Love it

  • Caroline 3 months ago
    Love it

  • Simon 3 months ago
    Wonderful, thank you. A little more sky (and less parking) would make it absolutely PERFECT for weather watching, but this is going to be so useful.

  • Alison 3 months ago
    New camera is great! Thank you for adding it.

  • Martin 3 months ago
    Brilliant. Be nice to see the sunsets when we are not ther.

  • Pam 3 months ago
    Pleased this latest webcam is now live. Another great view

  • Robert baldwin 3 months ago
    Love it

  • RICHARD 3 months ago
    It would be a much better view if the aircraft hanger (amusement acarde) was not there

  • Gort 3 months ago
    Hardly think Le Strange “built” Hunstanton, but thanks for the cam.

  • Admin 3 months ago
    Hi Micheal, the bottom of the image has been pixelated on purpose to obscure the number plates.

  • Susan Rowell 3 months ago
    This is brilliant news enabling me to see more of my favourite place.

  • michael ball 3 months ago
    Cars infront of golden lion pixelated is reception poor on this web cam all other webcams working brilliantly

  • Carol 3 months ago
    Amazing, thank you so much for this, what a great view of a fab little seaside town

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Thank you for letting me know, can it be repaired at all, l can remember the steps being there a long time ago. I am really loving this new camera, the views are amazing and help to make you feel part of something again. Thank you so much

  • Admin 3 months ago
    Hi Rosie, that’s the remains of a medieval stone cross that Henry le Strange moved from Old Hunstanton when he first built Hunstanton.

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    It isn’t very clear but was there something on top of the steps thats been broken.

  • Admin 3 months ago
    Hi Darren, the camera is located on the Town Hall which is next door to the Golden Lion.

  • Darren 3 months ago
    Is that on the Golden Lion Hotel?

  • Ron 3 months ago
    Well worth the wait welcome to “hunny”

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Thank you rick its good to know these things , you are kind to take the time to let us all know , l am really loving all these webcams and sunny hunny looks so good even on a dull day

  • Lynn 3 months ago
    Wow this one is brilliant!!! Can’t wait for that fabulous sun to peep through bringing all the lovely customers to Hunny… I love people watching !!!

  • Jo 3 months ago
    I love the fourth webcam brilliant idea. Xxx

  • Debra Goddard 3 months ago
    I so love this , thank you

  • Rob 3 months ago
    Brilliant view once again. Thank you!

  • Rick 3 months ago
    Rosie the statue is Henry Styleman Le Strange, investor and primary creator of Hunstanton as a seaside resort. He invested heavily in the area in the mid 1800’s, including the railway line but unfortunately passed away aged 47 before he got to see the thriving success Hunstanton would become.

  • Ann 3 months ago
    Love the Fourth Webcam x

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Who is statue commemorating please,

  • Rob 3 months ago
    Brilliant view once again. Thank you!

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Oh my, that was sure worth waiting for, you have really got it right well done you l will enjoy watching yet another lovely sunny hunny sight thank you

  • Helen 3 months ago
    Agree with you tony let's see the Hunstanton band up and running again very soon. Helen, West Midlands

  • Tony 3 months ago
    Will it be a static camera or perhaps move to different views? It would be great to see the bandstand and not just the newish games arcade (pier?)

  • Janet 3 months ago
    Hope this is up and running soon. The other 3 are brilliant. Thank you.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Please start this camera it will be so good to get another scene from sunny hunny

  • Tim 4 months ago
    Can’t wait for this cam to go live

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    When will this long awaited webcam be ready please

  • Rosie 6 months ago
    I cant wait to get another view of sunny hunny,its a treat to look at when you are housebound, it brings back lots of memories, thank you to all concerned for bringing these sites to us
Hunstanton Town Sign
Hunstanton Bandstand on The Green
Hunstanton Soapbox Derby on The Green
Sunset Over The Green in Hunstanton

Soapbox Derby image supplied by Ian Burt

The Green, Hunstanton

Overlooking the sea, The Green in Hunstanton faces west making it a popular spot with visitors to enjoy fish and chips while watching one of Hunstanton’s famous sunsets.

Its natural theatre auditorium effect means The Green hosts many events throughout the year, including in the past the BBC Radio 1 Roadshows during the 1980s and 1990s.

The lower green is the site of the former pier which was destroyed in 1978 during heavy storms, while the bandstand next door is the stage for many performances by musicians and other key events.

Standing proud on the upper green is the statue of Henry le Strange who is credited to building Hunstanton into the Victorian seaside resort it is today. His original carrstone buildings are still in use including the grade II listed Golden Lion Hotel, built in 1846.

Hunstanton Town Hall

The Town Hall is a magnificent grade II listed building, built by George Skipper in 1896, that sits at the very top of The Green.

Home to Hunstanton Town Council, the Town Hall is available to hire for events such as exhibitions and fairs, meetings, seminars, birthday parties, christenings and funeral wakes. The chamber is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies and the main hall can accommodate up to 200 guests (standing). Facilities include a professional grade kitchen, bar and stage.

Hunstanton’s Town Council consists of 17 elected councillors that are responsible for a number of local issues such as allotments, bus shelters, community centres, help for local organisations as well as consultation on neighbourhood planning.

    Hunstanton Town Hall
    Hunstanton Town Hall