Hunstanton South Prom Live Webcam

Located at the Waterside Bar, our South Prom live webcam gives you a great view of Hunstanton's main beach and promenade with the Alive Oasis leisure centre, Sea Life Sanctuary and Rainbow Park funfair visible in the distance.

Between May and October, keep a lookout for the Wash Monster!


  • Rosie 1 day ago
    Good to see the waving couple, lovely day for their walk,

  • Lisa 2 days ago
    Pascal, my cousin , loved Hunstanton. He lived in West Germany , yet unfortunately life was taken from him far too soon. His favourite places were the Hunstanton seafront, the joke shop, the sign of Hunstanton on the green just in front of the golden lion. We cherish childhood memories and look forward to being able to enjoy happier times when we can with his Mum and family in Germany. Never forgotten and always in our hearts xxxx

  • austin 2 days ago
    Delighted to see the waves from the blue car couple, just wonderful. Keep smiling and enjoying the webcam. Austin.

  • June 2 days ago
    yyyeeehhh,,, waved to the lovely couple this morning,,, :) xx

  • Eric 3 days ago
    Oh no its not, the environment agency says no biking on the prom at all….

  • Pam 3 days ago
    A byelaw & lots of signs but hardly any cyclist takes notice. It’s not far to walk with a bike & less dangerous.

  • Admin 3 days ago
    Hi Maggie, cycling is not allowed on the prom between the power boat launch ramp and the Green. From the boat ramp heading towards Heacham is absolutely fine.

  • Maggie 3 days ago
    Coming to stay in September will i be allowed to bike along the prom

  • Rosemary 4 days ago
    That sea looks very angry today but love watching from the warmth of my home.

  • Sam B 4 days ago
    Fab tool to have especially as I only get to visit a handful of times a year… Currently looking forward to coming back in 2 weeks! Then July and Sept! Love being able to watch the ocean in real time.

  • Helen 5 days ago
    great to see so many people walking the sea front on a bank holiday looks windy but at least not throwing it down with rain like the midlands.

  • Lisa McDowel 5 days ago
    What a beautiful sight it is at 05.30 in the morning when I’m jogging along the prom very often I’ll see people walking there dogs. Always look forward to meeting up with Frankie with his metal detector for a chin wag. Who wants to go abroad when you’ve got these beautiful sights here. Thanks to you all for the Webcam.

  • Rosie 5 days ago
    Well done to the silent heros who quietly pick up litter and place it in the bin while they are on a day out. Thank you

  • Rosie 5 days ago
    So grateful for the binmen who along with many others help to keep sunny hunny looking pristine,thank you. Maybe visitors could take their rubbish home with them if they find the bins overflowing at the end of a busy day,it takes little effort and makes a huge difference.

  • Ros 5 days ago
    Hi to the dustbin men this morning , thank you for keeping our lovely seafront clean.

  • Rosie 5 days ago
    Sterling work by the litter pickers this morming .well done and thank you.

  • Carla 6 days ago
    Hi to all former Cashino staff who may be looking in ! Booked in for half term week and hope to see you all in your new jobs ASAP Carla Adrian Charlie (the dog)

  • Fritz Christopher 6 days ago
    I ride along the promenade on my mobility scooter daily with my little dog, I love stopping for a chat with Michael Parkin and his family, the beach staff and people selling ice creams and donuts too, what a joy to embrace the best of this town. Thankful of a little gem that is Hunstanton.

  • Miyagi Day 6 days ago
    Just had the best burger and coffee all served by a lovely friendly young lady in a vending outlet near the pier arcade with so much knowledge about the local area; such a pleasure when we’ve not visited this area for 25 years; keep up the good work young Lucy. #sunnyhunnybeatsspainanyday. We will be back!

  • Justjo 7 days ago
    Hello to the people take pictures, bet you got some good ones

  • Franky 7 days ago
    Unpleasant seeing so much broken glass bottles on the promenade this morning whilst walking my dog. Commendations to the Beach Patrol staff who had to clean it up, please can everyone be respectful of our beautiful town.

  • Austin 7 days ago
    Will be looking for the green Jaz .

  • Hans 8 days ago
    Blue car couple have now changed there car it’s now a green Honda Jazz hope to see you all soon.

  • Jo 8 days ago
    Thank you caz,I was going to ask the same question.

  • Caz 8 days ago
    The gates are open on the outer part of the wall. The closest one to this camera is to the right hand side of the walkway from the car park.

  • Marilyn 8 days ago
    Just out of interest where are the flood gates

  • Admin 8 days ago
    Hi Marcus, the flood gates are only shut when a flood alert has been issued by the Environment Agency.

  • Maggie 8 days ago
    Great to watch this webcam.

  • Marcus 9 days ago
    Why are the floodgates not shut tonight on high tide

  • Debra goddard 9 days ago
    Lots of photos being taken last night with the high tide, hoping they might share them

  • Pam 9 days ago
    Helen,there are some easy access points.By the Waterside is a slipway & one a bit further along at North Prom. Towards Rainbow Park it is very easy access & the sand is lovely.There is a car park nearby.

  • Adrian 9 days ago
    Hi Helen The beach is accessible at various points There are ramps at scattered intervals and also steps down to the sand With care,I’m sure you will be fine ! Enjoy !

  • Emma 10 days ago
    Please be sensible. If you get caught out other people have to put their life’s at risk to rescue you!

  • Tasha 10 days ago
    Whoever them 3 are on the prom near sea wall are going to get caught out if they not careful

  • Gloria 10 days ago
    Wow, amazing waves on South prom tonight, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Caroll 10 days ago
    Sea is a bit choppy tonight, Love watching it

  • Naj 10 days ago
    19:57 Wednesday evening and the “tide is high”springs to mind, we need a soundtrack to these amazing views!

  • Helen 10 days ago
    Is the beach accessible for someone that can’t walk very well? I’m looking for a beach my elderly mum and dad can get on easily and go for a paddle.

  • Rosie 10 days ago
    Thank you for keeping sunny Hunny Looking so good, Today l have watched them killing the weeds, checking the life rings, emptying the rubbish, opening the flood barrier and it's still only 9,20am. Wonderful, well done all

  • Melvyn 11 days ago
    Watch this space at 9.00 am, for the blue car couple.

  • Angie 11 days ago
    Who are the blue car couple

  • austin 11 days ago
    The blue car couple.We all send our thanks for the big wave at 9 15 am.We are all happy and smiling as the membership grows at our morning visit.

  • PETE 11 days ago
    I saw the blue car couple today, that was my first sighting, lol.

  • Jean 11 days ago
    Just had the wave, cheers us up, width we were there too.

  • Austin 12 days ago
    Blue car couple,we all missed the 9 15am wave.Perhaps tomorrow. Austin

  • Helen 16 days ago
    wouldn,t it be great if we could have a camara on the green i can,t wait to sit on the grass with a bag of chips and listen to the hunstanton Band you was so missed last year.

  • Helen 16 days ago
    Hi Mum and Dad looking forwards to seeing you do your beach walk won,t reconise you mum hair cut day first since last november.

  • Suzy 16 days ago
    Darn! I KEEP missing the blue car couple! Will try again tomorrow… looks lovely there today.

  • Debbie 17 days ago
    Booked today for a week in August, finally bringing my dog to the seaside for the first time ever (he’s 12!!!!) cannot wait. Love Sunny Hunny so much

  • Admin 17 days ago
    Hi Peter, yes all public toilets are open

  • Peter 17 days ago
    Are public toilets open

  • Donna S 17 days ago
    I am avidly watching this. We have booked to come for a week at the end of May and I cant wait. To actually sit outside at the Waterside, people watching and catching the sun. Love the place.

  • Helena 18 days ago
    Enjoyed cinnamon doughnuts and tea today, sitting on the wall, and admiring all the different dogs out for exercise.

  • Hunny fan 18 days ago
    Well said Mags

  • Mags 19 days ago
    How wonderful to be at Sunny Hunny and all trying to get some normality again But we must still all be very careful and stay safe hope to see more of you soon

  • austin 19 days ago
    today did not see the blue car couple but did see the beach comber.

  • Colin 20 days ago
    My wonderful parents in the blue car . I’m glad you live at Hunstanton as when lockdown is over I will be there walking with you again x

  • Paul 20 days ago
    Looks like another lovely day in sunny hunny

  • Hunny fan 21 days ago
    What a great day out today, it was definately a Sunny Hunny.

  • Roy 22 days ago
    Just watched the litter bins being emptied and a load was dropped but wasn’t picked up. Shame when so many people do the right thing and put their rubbish in them.

  • Matt 23 days ago
    This is absolutely brilliant! I do miss Hunstanton and can’t wait to get back there with the family! Great job!

  • Darryn 24 days ago
    Had a great idea go on spotify search and type . Sound of waves playlist. Play on the background Really adds to the view beautiful.

  • Debbie 24 days ago
    Wow what a beautiful scene this evening, loving it

  • Rosie 24 days ago
    Good to see you both this morning blue car couple, your cheery wave starts my day so well,

  • John 25 days ago
    Wendy, I reckon that must be the case. I haven’t seen them yet either!!!…..

  • Toby 25 days ago
    Nice to see the sea when stuck in

  • Melvyn 25 days ago
    Heacham North Beach Public Toilets has Disabled, and Baby Changing facilities. It is open all year.

  • Austin 25 days ago
    will be there at 9 15am to see the blue car couple.They bring joy to many and send us all their warm wave.All thanks for the wonderful webcam which is a great asset to these long days. Austin.

  • Rick 26 days ago
    Yes Beverley, there is a disabled toilet at South Beach and North Beach, open 24hrs all year round. The ones at North Beach are the better of the two.

  • Beverley pollard 26 days ago
    Melvyn, are they disabled toilets at heacham?

  • Rick 26 days ago
    Melvyn, the male and female toilets are usually closed earlier in the day during winter but the disabled and unisex toilets are open 24hrs all year round. Located at the Clifftop, The Green and behind Oasis Leisure Centre aswell as both North and South beach in Heacham. Hope this helps

  • Admin 26 days ago
    Hi everyone, we are aware of an issue with comments being cut short when using emjois. We are looking into a fix but for now please hold back from using them. Many thanks, HW admin.

  • Sharon 26 days ago
    I would like to see a webcam up near the boat ramp – if at all possible, please

  • Achmid 26 days ago
    One of the most beautiful places to visit any time of the year and what a fantastic job they’ve made of the fairground well done to all the boys especially John Henry. I wouldn’t mind if the car park was twenty pounds a day it wouldn’t stop me visiting Hunstanton. Keep up the good work.

  • John 26 days ago
    Wendy, I reckon that must be the case. I haven’t seen them yet either!!!…..

  • Sharon 26 days ago
    What a beautiful morning

  • Melvyn 27 days ago
    You can park in a disabled bay with a Blue Badge, but you still have to pay. In the winter they charge for the car parks, but lock the toilets up. Most people dont stay long, they cant!

  • Jen 27 days ago
    I expect they have a badge,as it’s disabled bay, and the gentlemen walks with crutches. Lovely that they give us a wAve.

  • John 27 days ago
    Wendy, I reckon that must be the case. I haven’t seen them yet either!!!…..

  • Wendy 27 days ago
    John perhaps they have a disabled badge or pay for a years parking permit. Haven’t seen them yet as I am usually doing other things at 9.15am each morning.

  • Rosie 27 days ago
    Its good to see people enjoying themselves again, and a friendly wave each day is welcome both from the giver and the receiver lm sure.

  • John 27 days ago
    I reckon this “famed” blue car couple must have a pass for the car park or something similar, for them to be able to afford the high parking costs EVERY day!! :)

  • austin 27 days ago
    Good to see the blue car couple taking in the sea air of Hunny despite it being a bit chilly. Will keep watching. Austin.

  • jean 27 days ago
    Blue car. Missed you when you started your walk. Just caught your return. Thanks for the wave. Enjoy the rest of this lovely day. Jean

  • Debbie 27 days ago
    Nice to see the blue car couple braving the elements this morning

  • Robert 28 days ago
    Hi James, car parking charges can be found at The car park you can see on the webcam is South Prom and is 1 hour £2 - 2 hours £4 - 3 hours £5 - 24 hours £6 (£7 in July & August)

  • James 28 days ago
    What is the car park charges now?

  • Debbie 28 days ago
    Missed the blue car couple this morning

  • Toni 28 days ago
    Nice to see there are lots of people waving at the camera . Makes me wish it was me

  • Austin 28 days ago
    9 15am Blue car couple your audience is growing. Thanks to the wave and webcam.Regards Austin.

  • Robert 29 days ago
    Hi Stuart, yes the red and black kiosk is Mikey’s Coffee

  • Stuart 29 days ago
    what is the black and red kiosk selling is it it coffee? I have always liked Norfolk

  • Colin 29 days ago
    A good morning to my parents in the blue car. Enjoy your walk

  • Jen 29 days ago
    How lovely to see the blue car people wave. This sort of thing cheers us all up in these very strange times.

  • Debbie 29 days ago
    I notice the blue car couple everyday too, thank you for this mornings wave.

  • Austin 1 month ago
    9 15 am lovely to see the blue car couple,the wave was there to enjoy. Great thanks to the web cam and view of Hunny.

  • Jay 1 month ago
    Love having a look at the prom and sea

  • Stuart Richardson 1 month ago
    this will only help with tourism in Norfolk it just looks a beautiful place .In lockdown you can still visit these places virtually …Happy memories of Norfolk Holidays

  • Dave 1 month ago
    Great Webcams!

  • Helen 1 month ago
    I cannot wait to be back in Hunny. ❤️

  • June 1 month ago
    I know its cold and windy,,but I just luv watching “the white horses”,,

  • Roeie 1 month ago
    What a picture that is the sun shining on the sea is a sight to behold, whoever decided to give us this gift of looking at sunny hunny should be congratulated ,well done

  • Rosie 1 month ago
    Loving those waves, it looks fabulous but cold, hopefully it will be a warm summer for everyone

  • Jane 1 month ago
    Lovely to watch. Thanks.

  • Dolly 1 month ago
    Hunstanton you have been missed so much, I can’t wait to see you next week .

  • John 1 month ago
    Looks blooming cold but very bracing :) Thanks for this cam, hope its going to be online all Summer.

  • Archie 1 month ago
    Looks like the waves will be coming over shortly

  • Gail 1 month ago
    Looking great. Can’t wait to visit

  • Rosie 1 month ago
    Looking really good there cant wait until we can visit, thank you hunstanton for the chance to watch sunny hunky during lockdown

  • Kath 1 month ago
    Wish i could be there right now. Hoping to visit in Sept

  • Ryan 1 month ago
    It is such a lovely place, will be there in August!!!

  • Archie 1 month ago
    Hunstanton such a lovely place

  • Su 1 month ago
    Waving to my sister and my mum on Easter Sunday – fabulous.

  • austin 1 month ago
    Thanks blue car, jumped out of the bath at 9 15am. Just in time, Austin

  • Jo 1 month ago
    I really miss Hunstanton. I can’t wait to return again with hopefully better weather.

  • Austin.Norfolk Artist. 1 month ago
    Blue car couple. Very many thanks for the big wave. Lovely to see you. Regards Austin.

  • Caz 1 month ago
    Good morning to the couple in the blue car, I waved back at you at 9.15am, Saturday. Can not wait to be back in Hunstanton, watch daily from Hertfordshire.

  • Steve 1 month ago
    Shame about the weather. I can remember some really warm Easters back in the early 70s when I was a teenager. Looking from Spain.

  • coolsilver 1 month ago
    it so cool

  • Glenis 1 month ago
    The promenade is being cleared of sand by two young resorts guys, they are making an excellent job, thank you & well done ! You are greatly appreciated by all as you do a wonderful job keeping resort pristine.

  • Austin. Norfolk Artist. 1 month ago
    Watch every day. Couple with Blue car that parks at nine fifteen , give us a wave.

  • Jen 1 month ago
    Lovely, I do a virtual trip everyday, cromer pier, Sherringham sea front, Sunny Hunny and a few in between

  • Richard walker 1 month ago
    I carnt wait to see sunny Hunny again and the beach and the little train and the WASH MONSTER good views of the sea

  • Mags 1 month ago
    Mags. So sorry we missed you Gordon but hope we will meet soon but we must all stay safe when do as we don’t want any more lockdowns do we

  • Gordon 1 month ago
    We missed you to day .Mag. walking along prom soaking up the sun.

  • Mags 1 month ago
    Just wonderful to spend a few hours at Sunny Hunny but sad not to meet up with friends but that won’t be long now but all enjoy and all stay safe .

  • Rosie 1 month ago
    This has to be the most lovely sea view, wish l was there

  • Paul 1 month ago
    Hope to be there on the 12th april

  • Hunny fan 1 month ago
    Great to see the food and drink stalls operating. Hunny is coming back to life again.

  • Jaffee Joffa 1 month ago
    Oh thank you this is amazing , I love it and look forward to more views also ; Praise the Lord this is just what we need.

  • Jim 1 month ago
    just seen my brother in law great fun thanks web cam

  • Martin 1 month ago
    Great to see a traditional Helter Skelter again, and a Ferris Wheel. I can remember there being a Ferris Wheel in the same position when I was a kid in the 60s. I think it went around 1970. Lovely to see the sunset…won’t be long before we see it for real again :)

  • Peter 1 month ago
    Soon be having a cold one in the waterside sis x

  • Jim 1 month ago
    just watched my brother in law, fantastic as we are in Middlesex

  • Caz 1 month ago
    I thought I saw a big wheel by the helter skelter…. was there one there earlier?

  • Rosie 1 month ago
    I watch sunny hunny throughout the day, and its been an absolute joy to watch the sea and lovely skies each day,it is almost as good as a visit, which we really hope will be very soon, thank you

  • Sherman 1 month ago
    Thanks a lot webcam just met up with an old friend after twenty years saw her on the webcam right near the waterside the last time we saw each other was at Barclays Bank so good to be Back in touch with T B K keep up the good work webcam thanks.

  • Janet 2 months ago
    Beautiful cant wait to get back thank you.

  • Sec-ual Chocolate 2 months ago
    J’taime la fantastique ambience et majestique. Bravo Hunstanton, magnifique.

  • R Watson 2 months ago
    Really miss Hunstanton Beach and also miss visiting St Edmunds Church. Looking Good

  • L McDowell 2 months ago
    Good morning my neighbours, what a blessing and humbled life we lead being so close to these wonderful views. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity at this present time; stay safe, be calm and believe that we shall all be together again soon. Thank you for bringing these views to us all and we hope many more cameras can be added to the kingdom of Sunny Hunny.

  • Akeem 2 months ago
    High Bob be glad when you can get down to sunny Hunny it’s smashing what they’ve done here. You won’t recognise our place when you get here. We’ve moved to Queens.

  • Bev x 2 months ago
    So lovely to pop in and out to virtually be by the Seaside. My Sister and Brother in Law live in Hunstanton, we used to Holiday at Manor Park with our Dogs to visit them.. Look forward to doing that again xx

  • Chris 2 months ago
    So Nice to see the slip and big wheel up can’t wait to have a go on it it will look brilliant when it’s lights are all on also looking forward to seeing Willie with the Wash Monster. Thanks for everything web cam.

  • Chris 2 months ago
    Perfect day, tide in, sunshine and lucky people walking. Wish I was there, hopefully it won’t be too far away.

  • Mick Welch 2 months ago
    Desperate to get back to my holiday home on manor park missing the coast and oysters at the white horse

  • Sandra 2 months ago
    Spend time in the day dipping in and out watching the sea and the people it is lovely to watch have friends living there nice to see what the weather is like better then Cambridge most days.

  • steve 2 months ago
    Good to see the fair going up and looking traditional, memories of being a teenager in the 70´s. Looking from Spain

  • John 2 months ago
    Great to see the sea again at wonderful Hunstanton. I cannot wait to get back there in person, this year. John. L Leicester

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    Fabulous so incredible Thank you made my day. Will be watching often.

  • Maggie and Gerry 2 months ago
    Wonderful to see Sunny Hunny but wish we could be there and be able to see our friends but hopefully won’t be long now

  • John 2 months ago
    O boy watching this is very therapeutic for the soul and to think the clifftop will also have a camera i watch this more than yarmouth so good and relaxing. Thank you hunny John cambridge

  • Jane 2 months ago
    Sunny Hunny … even when it’s not sunny I still love it ❤. Can’t wait to get back to my caravan.

  • Duncan 2 months ago
    Great to have this up and running – thank you.

  • Julie Roberts 2 months ago
    Love watching web cam from Bolton,can’t wait to get back to our lodge

  • Eric 2 months ago
    Very good thanks just what we need.

  • Joan 2 months ago
    Loved watching the Tide last night .it came right up to the wall

  • Goose 2 months ago
    Looks choppy tonight! For sure going when COVID is over! :)

  • elvis 2 months ago
    ooo`ps flood gates not shut.

  • Cheryl 2 months ago
    When I go (hopefully) in june I’m going to stand on the prom and wave at the camera

  • Jill 2 months ago
    Love this, can’t wait to get back on the prom, thanks to everyone…just what we need. Nearly as good as being there.

  • Susan 2 months ago
    Thank you to the guy who is currently clear the debris from the prom.

  • Carol 2 months ago
    Brilliant webcams and all the more special while lockdown is on. Thank you.

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    Looks a beautiful morning. Can’t wait till we can visit here again. Making memories :-)

  • Melvyn 2 months ago
    Superb view, saves me a 70 mile round trip. I just looked at a photo I took two years ago, the groynes are protruding above the sand by the same amount. No missing sand.

  • Darryn 2 months ago
    For those that want the times for the tide

  • Geoff 2 months ago
    The only thing that saddens me is the loss of sand, it seems to have disappeared all the way along the front. The beach looks so much better when covered in sand.

  • Nick 2 months ago

  • Tim 2 months ago
    Some smashing big waves tonight absolutely love it, we wish we were there

  • Andy 2 months ago
    Miss walking along the front!!

  • Sasha 2 months ago
    What time is high tide today

  • Gordon. 2 months ago
    Great to see live sea front can’t wait to walk along with my friends Margret & Gerald.

  • sally 2 months ago
    Hi to the young man waving

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    This is so lovely to watch, while we are unable to visit the coast. Sunny honey is my favourite place.

  • Allen 2 months ago
    Love its in real time there are other webcam around norfolk as well wells next to the sea in real time sheringham real time with sound also cromer has 2 one on the pier and the other is looking over the beach at the pier but with an advert first then 30 sec of real time live then great Yarmouth two cams live real time… Heacham used to have a webcam don’t know if it will go back up in the summer and kings lynn has one one in its pontoons sadly not in real time updated every min

  • Lynn 2 months ago
    What silly people I’m watching!!! They are big waves! Right up to the cars parked opposite the wall! Xxxx

  • Lynn 2 months ago
    Ohhh no it’s buffering!! Beautiful waves tho xxx

  • sharon 2 months ago
    Loving the waves today, can’t wait to come back!

  • Dickie 2 months ago
    Could be interesting at high tide @ 5pm today

  • Simon 2 months ago
    Awesome! Now I can see when the tide is in and how busy it is before setting off…great addition – thanks you!

  • Kay 2 months ago
    Hello to Pam and Rog braving the elements on Pam’s birthday. Looking forward to when we can walk along the prom with you in the not too distant future

  • Helen 2 months ago
    Hi grandma have a great 80th birthday today. looking forwards to spending time at the caravan soon and selling the house so we can move to hunstanton.

  • Richard 2 months ago
    Hello to the couple waving at the camera, Sunday 7/3 at 11:54 :)

  • Veronica 2 months ago
    Marvelous thank you

  • Andrew 2 months ago
    Wow. Just can’t wait to come back.

  • Veronica 2 months ago
    Very soothing lovely

  • Sally 2 months ago
    Morning I leave in Leicester I miss coming to the seaside I look on here every day and think to myself I will be back there one day I love watching the sea I just want to come back

  • Carol R 2 months ago
    Watching the waves crashing onto the walkway, it’s 10pm. Not seen it this bad for a while, amazing

  • Bubbles 2 months ago
    Brilliant. We live in Hunstanton. But because of lockdown we haven’t been to the front as we are vulnerable have not been out. The web cam is ‘Fantastic’ so good to still be able to watch the tides come in and out and sun sets. We have recommended this to others. We are so lucky to live here. Stay safe everyone.

  • Susan 2 months ago
    Ive just booked for June can’t wait just hope it’s ok this time as has been cancelled 3 times masks and jell at the ready

  • Terry 2 months ago
    I watch this every day , cant wait till restrictions are lifted to come see my mum up there and have a wander

  • Carol, Peter & Mollie 2 months ago
    Just discovered this webcam today. We are missing our cosy caravan near the beach at Sunny Hunny. Little things we took for granted, like walking the prom with our little dog Mollie are a distant memory. Please may they return with everyone safe and well.

  • Katey 2 months ago
    I love watching x I leave Norfolk next week after 2 happy years living here so this will make me feel like I am still part of Norfolk xxx

  • Boo 2 months ago
    Thank you so much for this. I dip in several times every day.

  • Bridget 2 months ago
    I have only just found out about the webcam today. Missing our visits to the seaside so much, so it is lovely to be reminded even though from a distance. This has made me smile today. Thank you.

  • Helen 2 months ago
    Technology is amazing! Lovely to take a ‘walk’ down the prom while sitting in New Zealand. Stay safe.

  • Mick 2 months ago
    Log in every day to remind me of what I’m missing. Love it

  • Susan 2 months ago
    Lovely to watch people walking and the sea can’t wait to return for my hoildays

  • Ann 2 months ago
    Brilliant idea miss going to Hunstanton during lockdown so wonderful to be able to watch the sea can’t wait to visit again and eat proper fish and chips and walk on the beach x

  • Dean 2 months ago
    Absolutely wonderful to see this Web cam in full operation. I Absolutely am in love with hunstanton I holiday here 3 times a year so far. I’m trying to move to this magical place love the cam well done all

  • Karen Wilson 2 months ago
    Love seeing hunny prom. Went there when I was kid and rode the ponies, went to the fair and on rides with my John, got some sweets from there too

  • Phil 2 months ago
    Cant wait to visit again love it

  • Sandra 2 months ago
    Can’t wait for my next visit

  • Laurey 3 months ago
    I’m loving it. Check in every day. Keep an eye on the weather. In fact, use it almost as a screen saver. Thank you so much.

  • Mo 3 months ago
    Come from Ringstead, last 44 years living in Switzerland, now showing grandchildren lovely Hunstanton. Hope to visit again soon.

  • Jennifer 3 months ago
    I am so grateful for this web cam. The waves and the wavers, the wheelers and the walkers, the sea birds and the happy dogs. Knowing those far and wide are enjoying it too. A real tonic. Thank you X.

  • Steve 3 months ago
    Born in Old Hunstanton. Last 20 years living in Spain. Look at this site several times a day. Nice to see home.

  • Ben 3 months ago
    Wow thx you

  • Chris 3 months ago
    Keep walking and keep waving

  • Marlene 3 months ago
    I take a look at the webcam every day. I was born in Hunstanton but now living in King's Lynn and need my daily dose of Hunny, sunny or not.

  • Pat 3 months ago
    We were there yesterday and had a wave at the camera

  • Gran!! 3 months ago
    Thanks to all the walking people…. Looks bracing. Keep waving to all us in landlocked lockdown .

  • Mike 3 months ago
    Brilliant service… Would be great to have more like this around our coasts.

  • Missing the sea 3 months ago
    So grateful for this Live camera, thank you. We are missing this place so much, we only live a little way from here, but can’t venture out at the moment due to lockdown. So this helps just a little to see a familiar scene. Amazing to share the sunsets

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Sunset in Hunstanton
Hunstanton Prom and Funfair
Hunstanton Gift Shops
Wash Monster Sea Trips

Hunstanton's South Promenade and Main Beach

Located between The Green and Rainbow Park funfair, Hunstanton's South Prom is the main seafront area of the town where you will find an array of food and drink kiosks, arcades and gift shops. Along with Alive Oasis leisure centre, Blackbeard's Adventure Golf, Sea Life Centre and the beach patrol / first aid hut (April - September).

First built in the 1920s and 1930s on land reclaimed from the sea, the only surviving architecture from this art deco period can be seen in the Waterside Bar where our webcam is located.

In the past, along the south prom, you would have found an outdoor bathing pool called the Blue Lagoon (now the South Prom car park), the Kit Kat club and a large boating lake (now the crazy golf and Sea Life Centre).

Waterside Bar

Our South Prom webcam is located on the Waterside Bar. The perfect place to relax after spending a day on the beach and watch Hunstanton's famous sunset from one of two balconies, while enjoying a cold drink.

The building was initially built in the 1920s as the refreshment hall and waiting room for Hunstanton's train station until the line closed in 1969. In its heyday, trains would run every 10 minutes and thanks to its seafront location, passengers were able to leave the station and directly on to the promenade and pier.

The Waterside Bar overlooking Hunstanton's Main Beach and Promenade
The Waterside Bar overlooking Hunstanton's Main Beach and Promenade