Hunstanton South Prom Live Webcam

Located at the Waterside Bar, our South Prom live webcam gives you a great view of Hunstanton's main beach and promenade with the Alive Oasis leisure centre, Sea Life Sanctuary and Rainbow Park funfair visible in the distance.

Between May and October, keep a lookout for the Wash Monster!


  • Caz 1 day ago
    My sister’s and niece love Hunstanton, in winter we watch the high tides every day. In the warm, tucked up warm! Although we wish we could be there for real.

  • Ned 5 days ago
    I live about 30 miles as the crow flies from Hunstan on the hills of Lincolnshire and can generally clearly see the buildings plus the lights of the town at night. At 2am this morning (!) the lights seemed very bright. Would that be extra Christmas illuminations? Must nip over and have a closer look!

  • Sara 7 days ago
    Beautiful sunset as always :)

  • Ned 8 days ago
    No snow???

  • Deb 10 days ago
    This is why we have our static in Heacham. The sun always manages to appear to ensure there is a stunning sunset

  • Davy 14 days ago
    Beautiful sunset you can see why people call it sunny hunny

  • Ned 16 days ago
    Planet Venus blazing away again. 16.45 Saturday

  • Rosie 16 days ago
    Yes l think so, its probably best to take them down during , winter it also makes maintenence easier I would think

  • Debbie 16 days ago
    Thanks Rosie, the sea front looks so different. Is it temporary for the winter season?

  • Zara 16 days ago
    Had some lovely holiday memories each year at hunstanton as a child,loved the fair my favourite ride had to be the slippery dip, always stayed on searles,lovely to watch the cameras,still come down each year when I can, very special place :)

  • Debbie 16 days ago
    Thanks Rosie, the sea front looks so different. Is it temporary for the winter season?

  • Rosie 16 days ago
    I think its part of the oasis, its got fun play areas for children,

  • Debbie 17 days ago
    What is the building behind the Oasis and has the Ferris wheel gone from the fairground? Looks so different

  • Rosie 18 days ago
    How lucky are we to be able see sights like this one ,its such a beautiful coastline and what a privilege to have these webcams to see them at will, thank you all

  • Ned 20 days ago
    Beautiful! Thick fog here in Lincolnshire. 08.30 Tuesday

  • pete 21 days ago
    hope to see Christmas markets were the fairground was.

  • Tracy 22 days ago
    Awesome a spider making a web on the web cam! Hilarious 22.25 Sunday Night

  • Rosie 22 days ago
    Such a lovely sunset today

  • Karl 23 days ago
    Nice to see so many people out for a walk on a chilly Saturday afternoon

  • Jane 25 days ago
    Tad misty this morning at Hunny.

  • Jeannie 27 days ago
    Nice wave from two lonely walkers on prom, looks lovely and peaceful.

  • Ned 29 days ago
    If you are quick, you will catch the setting moon in the south west! 16.54 Sunday

  • Jacqueline 29 days ago
    I thought the same about the people in those cars. Utter madness.

  • Carole 29 days ago
    Really enjoying watching the angry waves this morning. Even the birds look a bit scared!!

  • Ned 29 days ago
    Another very high tide this morning. Blakeney Quay “down the road” completely covered!

  • Jane 29 days ago
    Crazy people leaving the car right next to the promenade sea water covering it , do it a world of good !!!!!!

  • Maggie 30 days ago
    Wow, rough sea this morning, amazing waves.

  • Tasha 30 days ago
    Rough seas this morning

  • Ned 1 month ago
    Same again tonight Brian about 6.30. Might see some fireworks too!!

  • Brian 1 month ago
    High tide Friday 6am 7.750

  • Rosemary 1 month ago
    Wow…..flood gates shut but waves shooting over top of car park wall……stay safe everyone

  • Deb 1 month ago
    Wow some serious swell. Stay safe everyone x

  • Ned 1 month ago
    BTW Planet Venus is back. Very bright tonight.

  • Ned 1 month ago
    High tide any minute now 5.47pm Thursday. 7.4 metres! That’s a good one!!!

  • Deb 1 month ago
    Wow some serious swell. Stay safe everyone x

  • Carol 1 month ago
    Wow. Rough sea tonight with the sun setting in the background.

  • Debra Goddard 1 month ago
    Wow , rather a large swell tonight coming over the prom .

  • Skinnie 1 month ago
    Watching the very high tides tonight so beautiful to see hope don’t get so bad

  • Phoebe Watson 1 month ago
    Miss seeing the young council lads clearing the sand and smiling to everyone along the seafront. Beach patrol staff, real credit to the town. Hope we see them next year, such friendly chaps, local too… keep it local hunny. Love this town.

  • Carole 1 month ago
    Hunstanton looks beautiful this evening.

  • Ned 1 month ago
    And now the planet Venus setting in the distance. 5.15 pm November 2nd

  • Paul 1 month ago
    What a wonderful view as the sun goes down ,5 oclock

  • June 1 month ago
    I thought that Ned,,,

  • Ned 1 month ago
    Is that two French fishing boats I see in the distance? ;-)

  • Helen 1 month ago
    just catching on the sea waves and band stand and the fact my amazing mum and dad are so close i miss you both and thank goodness any time in the day i can feel close to you

  • Adie 1 month ago
    Looks like the Helter Skelter and Big Wheel have gone away for the winter

  • Steve 1 month ago
    Somebody has stolen the Helter Skelter.!

  • Maggie. 1 month ago
    Prom looking a little bare without the kiosks.

  • Sue 1 month ago
    8.47am – morning Nigel, hope you didn’t get too wet.

  • Tony A 1 month ago
    Thanks for the wave Nigel, take care, thank you for keeping our promenade looking good.08.47 am.

  • Sue 1 month ago
    8.47am – morning Nigel, hope you didn’t get too wet.

  • Paul 1 month ago
    Good morning litter picker 6.53, doing a good job on Sunday at that time.

  • Steve 1 month ago
    It is so good to see the fair open so late in the year. It really has kept this part of the town alive. So strange to be watching from the mountains in Southern Spain.

  • mr. S Cowell 1 month ago
    Looks like a lovely morning for a little stroll, sadly I am leaving now! had a great time Sunny Hunny and indeed it was very sunny and enjoyable :)

  • Karl 1 month ago
    Nice to see so many people on the south prom on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon

  • Wendy 1 month ago
    Good morning to the waving Council worker, doing a brilliant job there .

  • June 1 month ago
    always friendly sunny hunny people, 4:41pm cleaning man waving :) xx

  • Jill 2 months ago
    Have enjoyed watching very high and rough tide this morning from home thanks to webcams ,look forward to my daily walk on prom bit later on

  • Merv 2 months ago
    How often do waves crash over like this?

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Angree sea this morning (8:40)

  • Lewis 2 months ago
    Has the over-topping of the sea defenses increased in recent years? I see the waves are flooding the walkway a lot this morning.

  • G 2 months ago
    What plonkers go out on a night like this, funny watching them get wet tho LOL

  • Admin 2 months ago
    Hi Rosemary, the flood gates are open as there is currently no flood alert in place. The gates are only closed when a flood alert has been issued by the Environment Agency.

  • Rosemary 2 months ago
    Surprised the flood gates are still open tonight….

  • Ned 2 months ago
    Bet his feet got wet! Sunshine on its way :-)

  • Tim 2 months ago
    And you still have a silly runner,running down the prom earlier no brains whatsoever

  • Ned 2 months ago
    Flood gates to the car park closed too!

  • Gerry 2 months ago
    Rather high tide this morning. Several brave souls having a look.

  • Tim 2 months ago
    Wow some massive waves just now love watching it and I’m there tomorrow

  • Maggie 2 months ago
    Spectacular waves this morning!

  • Jaybee 2 months ago
    Very rough this morning

  • Kay 2 months ago
    Hi Karl. I’m wondering if they have moved the coffee huts as it is supposed to be an extra high tide tomorrow morning around 7am give or take an hour or two either way. Maybe they will bring them back after.

  • June 2 months ago
    19:38 tues, waved to a family and the little one who wiggled there bum… fantastic!

  • Karl 2 months ago
    Has the coffee hut finished and packed up for the winter not forgetting the schools are on half term next week where can we get a nice coffee from along the south prom now

  • Tony and Barbara 2 months ago
    Thanks for your friendly wave this morning around 8.40, your yellow outfit lit up a very dull morning on the prom. Well done and thank you for keeping our town Spick and span.

  • Stephy 2 months ago
    Beautiful morning. I’ll be there next week. Hope the weather keeps fine.

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    What you beautiful morning

  • Steve 2 months ago
    What a sun set. Looks like a painting.

  • Trevor 2 months ago
    Looking like another great sunset this evening!

  • John 2 months ago
    Beautiful sunset this evening

  • Trevor 2 months ago
    Glorious sunset!!

  • The boy dick 2 months ago
    Where are the food kiosks on the prom stored in the winter anybody know?

  • Nigel 2 months ago
    I am that council worker :-)

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    Nice calm, high tide this morning. Really do love this camera.

  • The boy dick 2 months ago
    Calm sea tonight

  • Karl 2 months ago
    Nice to see all the food huts back along the south prom ready for the weekend just hope the weather is good for them

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    It’s so good to see the coffee stall back and that, they can all have a few more good weeks hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder to them all.

  • Lynn 2 months ago
    Lovely to see the council worker cleaning the beach front and car park!!! Nice to see you waving at the camera this morning too!! Thankyou x

  • Karl 2 months ago
    Nice to see so many people about on a nice afternoon after the last few days that we have had

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    The tide for tonight is the same height as this morning hopefully the wind won’t be as strong as yesterday.

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    I watched last night as they took the food kiosks away, the sea was so violent it was throwing stones up onto the prom. The kiosks were gone by about was hard going for the men. But l hope they were all okay, lm not too sure about the coffee hut as it ,looked like the owner was bailing water out of his kiosk.but everyone was safe and thats what matters most

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Back in the 70,s the fair and stalls were closed and gone by the end of September. It has been good to see them making some extra money during this difficult year.

  • Elizabeth 2 months ago
    Lovely sea today.

  • Giggles 2 months ago
    Very angry tide today

  • Wendy 2 months ago
    Was watching last night. This morning the food huts are gone?? Anyone have any Information please.

  • Natasha 2 months ago
    Hope all that had kiosks down there last night moved them! Very rough sea and high tide this morning

  • Debra goddard 2 months ago
    Very wise to remove the refreshments cabinbs as the sea would have damaged them, sure is wild this morning .

  • Tim 2 months ago
    Stormy sea love it

  • Debra Goddard 2 months ago
    Mother nature playing with the sea

  • Tim 2 months ago
    Stormy sea love it

  • Rosie 2 months ago
    What a fantastic sea that is tonight. Spectacular

  • The boy dick 2 months ago
    Looking very bleak today

  • Ivan 2 months ago
    I do feel sorry for the kiosk traders on the prom no one there so quiet.

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Carnival time was a kind of pre runner to it´s a Knock out. It came from a different resort each week and always started with Bob Monkhouse riding a bike through the town waving at people.

  • Steve 2 months ago
    The teams that took part in Carnival time I think were the Bingo Social Club , the Youth Club, United Services and The Young Conservatives.

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Does anybody remember in the 60’s a TV program called carnival time , with Bob Monkhouse and Pete Murray. It was at the Blue Lagoon .

  • Karl 2 months ago
    Nice to see so many people on the south prom and the beach on such a gray day will be there one day next week for a paddle

  • Derek 2 months ago
    Shame about the noise from the jet skis ,it would be perfect .

  • Sue 2 months ago
    8.27am waves crashing against the wall, beautiful morning again. Thanks for the wave Nigel. Wish I was there !

  • Marion 3 months ago
    This gorgeous weather brings back wonderful memories . Late 60’s early 70’s the sun always seemed to be shining. Many happy days walking the dog along the prom and visiting the fair. Wonderful sunsets.

  • Helen 3 months ago
    looks like a nice day get your walking shoes on mum and dad and give me a wave

  • Wendy 3 months ago
    Looks stunning this morning.

  • Helen 3 months ago
    Having just returned from another coastal area of the UK which seemed very neglected and tatty, I want to thank all involved with keeping this part of Norfolk coast so tidy and pleasant. Great job everyone; makes me feel very lucky to live nearby. Glad to be back!

  • Paul 3 months ago
    In response to Marlene. There were successive storms in 2013 that wiped the beach of much of its sand, exposing the bedrock underneath. The council haven’t done much to return the sand.

  • Ros 3 months ago
    Good morning to the dustmen, still doing a grand job. Great to have the new type bins on the green, we’ll see now if it was just the gulls making the rubbish on the ground in front.

  • Nora 3 months ago
    Can’t wait to get to sunny Hunny next week.

  • Marlene 3 months ago
    The beach looks so stoney,I don’t remember that many stones when I lived there.

  • Derek 3 months ago
    It looks so peaceful today

  • Steve 3 months ago
    That end of the season look has a beauty of it´s own.

  • Jean 3 months ago
    Love my daily trips to sunny hunny where we lived for 10 years now in Dorset

  • Jill 3 months ago
    We are staying for few days with our daughter and grandkids in hertfordshire,it’s wonderful to be able to see sunny hunny where we live whilst at theirs,it’s living up to its nickname at the moment !!!

  • Mark 3 months ago
    The sea is so calm this morning hardly a ripple

  • Jeannie 3 months ago
    It looks so peaceful and uncrowded now schools are back. Not so good for trade, but better for older regulars. Lovely sunny day too.

  • Mark 3 months ago
    The sea is so calm this morning hardly a ripple

  • Denise 3 months ago
    We were here at the weekend gorgeous weather walked from Heacham along the promenade lovely walk past the beach houses . And we waved

  • Tim 3 months ago
    Sue, that was possibly me,wife and sister

  • Sue 3 months ago
    9.25 – 3 lovely waves, thank you

  • Kathryn 3 months ago
    Hello to the man litter picking, have just seen you wave

  • Ned 3 months ago
    Was here yesterday and had a good walk along by the sea. Only complaint is that the car park ticket machines do not accept contactless payments! Will be back in any event!!

  • Helen 3 months ago
    Hi to the family of 6 that has just been waving

  • Tim 3 months ago
    Good morning blue car couple nice wave I’ll be myself tomorrow morning

  • Tim 3 months ago
    Morning to the blue car couple on another gloomy day

  • sandra 3 months ago
    cant wait to be here only 10 days and there for 2 whole weeks

  • Stevie 3 months ago
    Checking in from Malta , having a lovely time away and still watching the webcam daily. Saw the lovely young lad in red cleaning the front this morning, well done. Sending the sunshine back to hunny from beautiful Malta.

  • Jeannie 3 months ago
    Such a shame for families on holiday, what rotten weather.

  • maur 3 months ago
    Hi Jean, Not so sunny, just now,but still great place to be.

  • Waneater 3 months ago
    What a Beautiful view from Kathmandu Nepal what Wonderfull memories this brings back. Thanks Lisa Mc Dowel

  • Jean 3 months ago
    Good morning Maureen from Jean in Dorset we will be up in sunny

  • Tracey 3 months ago
    Lovely day, just saw the ducks go out to sea from Redlands California!!

  • Julie 3 months ago
    Just love this place

  • Helen 3 months ago
    Thankyou Toni for your kind comment mum still in Hospital but being well looked after. Hi everyone in Hunstanton

  • Jeannie 3 months ago
    Morning blue car couple, lovely wave on a gloomy morning.

  • Toni 3 months ago
    i miss hunstanton very much .helen hope ur mum will be ok.

  • Claude 3 months ago
    J’taime ♥️

  • Helen 3 months ago
    hello lady in orange top just waving wish i was in hunstanton. my mum is in hospital i just want to be with her in hunstanton i live to far away. i love hunstanton my dream to live here one day

  • Carole 3 months ago
    Very angry sea this morning. Great to watch but felt sorry for the binman trying not to get wet feet!

  • jean 3 months ago
    love the big waves this morning

  • Elizabeth 3 months ago
    Great to see the sea so rough. Brings lovely memories of being there.

  • Tim 3 months ago
    Some massive waves this morning love watching these webcams I’ll be there Sunday so I’ll be waving to everybody around the world

  • Debra Goddard 3 months ago
    Wow , a angry sea this morning .

  • Katie 3 months ago
    Love watching this! It brings a little bit of peace to my troubled mind!

  • Gary 3 months ago
    Hello Hunstanton , love the web cam on the front , who doesn’t? Please bring more . Have family here and cannot see them but love the cam to have a Birdseye view of the sea and my family when they wave.Sending love from Texas

  • Peter 4 months ago
    The big wheel has gone from the old Kit-Kat site – thought that would have been there for the Bank Holiday

  • Nigel 4 months ago
    Yes Sue cams are not like cctv, but nice while working acknowledge cams and people watch them, and appreciate Hunstanton, a lot of what goes on like watering plants, gardening, the toilets cleaners dont get on webcam but all on it!

  • Sue 4 months ago
    Morning Nigel keep up the good work, nice to see you wave. Lost track of your yellow pixel by the swimming pool.

  • Toni 4 months ago
    Hi love these webcams look at them often during the day. Nice to see blue car couple today have missed them quite a few times. Weather has not been kind to the seaside trade’s people or holiday makers hope we have it better autumn.

  • Sue 4 months ago
    Brilliant, lovely to see you at last. And a goodbye wave from the blue car couple ! I’m back to work soon so going to miss all the great waves. Keep it up, it really makes my day !

  • Nigel 4 months ago
    Yes that was me :-)

  • AL 4 months ago
    Double wave this morning. Blue car couple and the car park cleaner

  • Sue 4 months ago
    Was that you Nigel with the blue car couple this morning ? Love these webcams.

  • Gloria 4 months ago
    Sadly the nights are drawing in..Still lovely seeing the different view points of lovely hunstanton, thank you once again for giving us the chance to see them, love it specially when it’s the high tides!!

  • pete 4 months ago
    the big Ferris wheel is gone. i enjoyed looking at it lights at night time.

  • Jeannie 4 months ago
    Lovely big cheery wave from blue car gentleman on wet morning.

  • pete 4 months ago
    the seats are gone on the eye wheel

  • Karen 4 months ago
    Makes me happy to look at the beach when I am in the office :) Keep up the good work!

  • pete 4 months ago
    fairground and festival season is nearly over. time is flying in.

  • Jill 4 months ago
    Enjoy looking at webcams when I can’t always get down to beach,our family in Hertfordshire also look at them too as they love coming to sunny hunny

  • Rick 4 months ago
    Well, what a write off this summer has proven to be! Still, count your blessings all

  • Nigel 4 months ago
    Resting my sore feet, to me its a pleasure be out Lorry and Truck cab , doing a public service mixing wih people and I love back in council uniform since 2007

  • Helen 4 months ago
    everyone head for the green hunstanton band are doing there first bandstand music for everyone whilst tucking into your fish and chips

  • Julia 4 months ago
    I’ll look out for you Nigel. Well done, you do a great job.

  • Jaybee 4 months ago
    You and all your colleagues do an excellent job Nigel. It’s great to see Hunstanton looking clean and tidy every morning. Well done to you all and thank you

  • Nigel 4 months ago
    Not at work now till Thursday , intend to get a couple waves in, on green real early when on shifts couple on south prom in mornings, will be on green later in day , play spot the litter pickers but often off cam as lot ground to cover

  • Jaybee 4 months ago
    Yes Nigel. We’ve seen you. Keep up the good work

  • Nigel 4 months ago
    No one seen me waving yet? Litter picking. Always wave to Green Camera and then South prom between 6 and 9.30 . Now on 4 days off

  • Patricia 4 months ago
    Looks like it’s going to be a lovely day in Hunstanton. Love these webcams can’t wait till my holiday in September.

  • Carole 4 months ago
    Lovely to see the blue car couple still making the effort to wave. Great.

  • Sue 4 months ago
    Missed the blue car couple arriving 4 times, but today on their return they waved goodbye – yay so pleased.

  • Ned 4 months ago
    At least the lifebelt was spared ;-) Again, thanks Admin for the wonderful views. Keep ‘em coming!!

  • Austin. 4 months ago
    Blue car couple lovely to see the wave and for you to enjoy the glories of Hunston sunshine.

  • Jeannie 4 months ago
    Great to see blue couple wave, once they’d escaped the pixelation, also lady in pink cardi on mobility scooter gave a wave. Cheers us all up.

  • Zane 4 months ago
    Sad to see the Pixilation is it a Privacy Concern? I don’t think its the Web Hosts fault – Anyway Keep Up THE GOOD WORK.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Just looked at the web cam In great yarmouth, there is no pixallations on the car park there

  • Admin 4 months ago
    Hi everyone, many thanks for all your comments and continued support. We too are not keen on the pixelation either but unfortunately, it is out of our control as we have been requested to do so by the authorities. We are currently looking at a better solution for all.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    I agree melvyn, but its not the people being pixilated its the cars, why are they not doing the pixels on people as well!!!, this is political correctness gone mad, its the seaside lets go back to South prom as it was yesterday

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Oh no please dont put the pixels on here,it has totally ruined it, please take it off please

  • Phil 4 months ago
    I’m with Melvyn on this … not keen at all spoils the effect like the Green camera does.

  • Rick 4 months ago
    I can see no reason for pixelation here whatsoever. Personally I am at work in the mornings but many enjoy seeing the blue car couple waving, thats no longer possible.

  • John 4 months ago
    Would be 5 Stars, but who wants to look at pixels on everything in a parking area. Utter stupidity. I’ve been watching daily before pixelation (BP) with no problems for anybody. Why the change?

  • Melvyn 4 months ago
    More pixellation! If people dont want to be seen in Hunstanton. Dont go to Hunstanton. Simples. Spoilt it now.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Good to see the blue car couple this morning, enjoy your walk,

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    August what has happened to the peak summer

  • Helen 4 months ago
    Waved to all my friends yesterday in the midlands and thankyou to the couple who was having a drink at the waterside pub that was waving back to me you know who you are teal blue hat on.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Feeling so sorry for the visitors to hunstanton who are having to walk through all that water, and being cut off from the car park, can something be done to stop this amount of flooding .

  • Philip 4 months ago
    It’s about time that flooding was put right.

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    I don’t think so it was supposed to be going to be taken away mid August

  • Rick 4 months ago
    I couldn’t agree more John, terrible! Kathryn, I believe the big wheel is there until the end of august.

  • Kathryn 4 months ago
    Coming to Sunny Hunny 2nd week in Sept. Will the big wheel still be there?

  • John 4 months ago
    Woohoo, what a cracking Summer it’s been so far!(bar about 6 days in July!)

  • Nigel 4 months ago
    I will have to look where camera is and wave to you all around 9.15am when I litter pick the car park :-) My next shift is Wednesday 11th

  • pete 4 months ago
    a lot of angry clouds coming in on the sea front now.

  • Maggie 4 months ago
    The blue car couple waved this morning!

  • Mo 4 months ago
    Their car was there this morning at 9.10am.

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    What has happened to the blue car couple not seen recently

  • Helen 4 months ago
    Just done my wave to everyone in Australia crazy weather today wearing shorts flipflops and winter coat getting soaked in the rain but now warm and sunny. had a great ice coffee today at mickeys the red coffee hut by the camara.

  • Diane 4 months ago
    Getting tuned in to see Helen, Sally, Daniel, Elizabeth and Alf. Will be waving to you On the prom Love you all

  • Helen 4 months ago
    great waving to you Jo feel like my arm is going to drop off waving to so many people beautifull weather here summer has started

  • Helen 4 months ago
    Hi everyone i was the mad person in the orange dress waving to everyone and tempting my mate bev with my candy floss. great to wave to you beverley. also waving to my Aunti Diane in Australia and my mates in the midlands Barbara and my great friend Jenny. my dream is to live in sunny Honey one day soon. will do my walk again later and will sit and watch the sea with a bag of chips of course.

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Yes I can remember Birds Coaches. I can see many of the drivers but the only name I can recall is Jimmy Norton.

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember birds coach’s and a driver called tom

  • Beverley 4 months ago
    Lovely seeing my old pal Helen and family. Thank you for the lovely wave. Waving back madly! Keep the candy floss for me :) love you all loads xxxxx

  • Diane 4 months ago
    Hi Hunstanton! I’m waving from Australia! To my sister, niece, great-niece & brother-in-law! Diane G

  • Diane 4 months ago
    Getting tuned in to see Helen, Sally, Daniel, Elizabeth and Alf. Will be waving to you On the prom Love you all

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Hope your mum is okay. There are some wonderful people about arent there, lm so glad she was looked after so well.

  • Jane Mackie 4 months ago
    My mum had a fall today on Hunstanton prom. I would like to thank two unknown ladies who helped me you were two stars especially one of you. Thank you Also the first aid guy and young lady who help us and bandaged my mum up. Thank you

  • Arthur 4 months ago
    Lovely place but it needs a new pier?, and some new shops as well, the beach needs a good clean as well all the years i have been going never seen so much green algae? are you going to do something about it kings lynn council?, you make enough money on the car parks?

  • Marion 4 months ago
    I agree Pete, the fairground is so pretty light up at night. Hunstanton wouldn’t be the same without it.

  • pete 4 months ago
    stunning fairground lights at night.

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Any good buddies in Hunstanton who use c b radio

  • Ingrid 4 months ago
    Sorry we couldn’t stay long waving in lynn it started raining heading home for a coffee wave to you all later. The Blue car couple

  • Travis 4 months ago
    I worked at wags bakery in docking back in the 70s for about 3 years baking the bread until I retired. Some people think I got dismissed for being a lazy (loafer)

  • Steve 4 months ago
    In the 60´s there was a man called Lockey who had a few stalls on the fair. He always wore a suit and was in his 60`s. I remember winning a small model of the Queen Mary on his fish the duck and it did’nt float in the bath.

  • Colin 4 months ago
    Just had a lovely walk with my parents who own the blue car

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Does anyone remember groom the Baker which was in neville Road Heacham he had a van and used to go round the caravan fields selling bread

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Does anyone know if storming Norman still does his coach trips

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Yes Boy Dick I remember Waggs Bakers and the Bakery in Docking. There Bread was very good as was Bensteads form Heacham.

  • Mag 4 months ago
    Oh Mr Gordon you are missing some lovely Sunny weather here at Sunny Hunny oh it’s lovely to be here but still all stay safe

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember TR wagg bakers shop in the High Street lots of lovely fresh bread and cakes in them days. The bakery was in station road docking

  • Marion 4 months ago
    Hi Marlene, I am so sorry to hear your sad news, I only knew Steve briefly but we were quite close friends.Unfortunately , as I have mentioned when my sister left Hunstanton , I was working the other side of Norfolk and 50 years ago ,with no car and railway line closed sadly we lost touch.It was kind of you to let me know.Take care .xx

  • Marlene 4 months ago
    Hi Marion,yes it was great living in Hunstanton had some great times.With regards to my brother steve I’m sorry to say we lost him four years ago now.

  • David 4 months ago
    The Boy Dick, Living over the border in South Linc’s we used to make the trip on a Sunday night to the Kit-Kat listen to support our local bands, The Graham Walker Showband and Danny Ford & The Offbeats, then race back to Lynn to get a bag of chips to round of the night.!!!!!!

  • Marion 4 months ago
    Hi Marlene, yes it must have been great ! What a small world….it is many years since I last saw Steve.“Life” took over and when my sister left the Wash and Tope ,I couldn’t get back for many years. I love Hunstanton.Say “Hi” to Steve for me ! All the Best..

  • Helen 4 months ago
    just sitting in the midlands watching the waves go by in hunstanton so wish i lived there not for the wont of trying . im in hunstanton august for one week i will wave to everyone morning and night long beach works staying at parents caravan manor park

  • Marlene 4 months ago
    Hi,Marion yes Steve spicer was my brother and it was great having my big brothers working on the fair,I was never short of free rides and pennies for the slot machines.

  • Marion 4 months ago
    Marlene…I knew Steve Spicer who worked on the gallopers in 1969,would that have been one of your brothers?

  • Marion 4 months ago
    Marlene’s post reminded me…I remember the rides very well in the late 60’s and the ghost train used to make me laugh, because the sides of the building weren’t quite pushed together and although it was supposed to be dark and scary the sunlight came in and rather lessened the “scariness”! I loved the gallopers, so your brothers must have been around then Marlene.Loved the music too.

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember the dancers at Heacham public hall in the 1960s with the mods and rockers lots of memories good old days. Also on Sunday night dancing at the kit kat upstairs where the floor moving lot of good times

  • Steve 4 months ago
    I remember Johnny Cook, also his Mum and Dad. She was on the candy floss stall. Does anybody remember an American call Charles he ran a stall selling waffles and hotcakes ( rolled pancakes ) He was about 70 and had a high pitched voice.

  • Colin 4 months ago
    Wendy back when I was a kid my parents always bought me something from the gift shop on every visit to Hunstanton it was around 1969 or 1970 they bought me a identity bracelet and I remember the lady at the gift shop ingraving with my name so more than likely that was your mother I still have it today it has never been polished and it never tarnished either still like new and to think the bracelet is 50 years old fond memories of the gift shop

  • Marlene 4 months ago
    My brothers worked on the fun fair at various times in the mid to late 60s,Richard and Steven on the gallopers and Peter on the ghost train and bumper there as a kid was the best.

  • Wendy 4 months ago
    My parents ran the gift shop on the fair from around 1960. Mr Collisantti was the man with the patch over his eye at the KitKat

  • Jaybee 4 months ago
    Well done to the couple in red sweeping/cleaning the prom and the chap in blue too

  • Marion 4 months ago
    I don’t remember the gift shop Colin, but probably because I was too interested in the rides! I used to love the swings carousel, a bit like the horses merry go round but swings…..that was late 60 early 70 . Why were they removed? does anyone know?

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember alf bines I think he lived at 55 Southend Road and I think he worked on the car park before the ticket machines were installed

  • Melvyn 4 months ago
    I remember the four foot drop from the bottom step to the beach. The beach was washed away by the storm that claimed the pier. The beach was rebuilt by dredging and pumping sand onto the beach.

  • Steve 4 months ago
    I can remember the gift shop and Rogers builders I had many friends who worked for them. Rogers lived in what was the old water tower .

  • Colin 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember the little Gift shop that used to be in the fun fair near the helta skelter back in the late sixties to early 70s

  • Dwayne 4 months ago
    Can anyone recall the steps to the sand being so high up? As in you had to walk maybe 12/15 down to get to the sand itself, whereas now it’s very low level. Childhood memories sitting on those steps high up listening to the music from the open air roller skating rink, the gallopers and the waltzers where Johnny Cook would always spin and make your car go faster and faster… forget Disney, just come to hunny ♥️

  • Phil 4 months ago
    Dick, it was Mr. Colasanti

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember Rogers builders in Hunstanton

  • Melvyn 4 months ago
    I remember my mother calling me in from the sea at Hunstanton, because it started raining. She also said when you fall of that wall and break your leg, dont come running to me!

  • Steve 4 months ago
    The man who worked at the Kit Kat with a patch over one eye I am sure had an Italian name and held a position like manager. But I might be wrong:

  • Donna 4 months ago
    3 peope sitting in an office in Northampton, watching everyone trying to dodge the puddle. You are at the seaside, get you shoes off and get your feet wet.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    So pleased to see the blue car couple today , enjoy your walk together,its good to see you both

  • Caz 4 months ago
    My first ever wave to the blue car couple. Made me smile, as the comments say, they arrive at 9.15am. Cheers both

  • Dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember the gentleman that used to be in the kit kat he wore a patch on his eye

  • Eric 4 months ago
    I use to work on fairground hear 1970 we looked after riders. for Mr Jimmy noughing work from. till 8pm

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Yes Boy Dick there was a Bill Matsell who lived at Old Hunstanton during the early 60,s, he then moved and lived at the bottom of Hill St Hunstanton. I am sure he was a bus driver.

  • The boy dick 4 months ago
    Can anyone remember a Eastern counties bus driver I think his name was Bill matsell

  • Lisa McDowell 4 months ago
    Hi to the blue car couple enjoy your candy floss lots of waves.

  • Chris 4 months ago
    Been on Willies boat trip a few times now and enjoyed it every time fantastic value for money. So I’ve made up a poem for him to show my appreciation. I’m Willie with the wash monster out at sea why not come and have a trip with me Cause we’re not expensive so they say and we’ll guarantee you’ll have a good day You walk down the prom and pay your dough jump on the boat and away we go We go to Searl island and we Ave the crack and then we make sure you get safely back. Thanks Willie to you your crew and your family.

  • Peter 4 months ago
    Hi to the blue car couple nice to see you still waving yippee.

  • Fiona 4 months ago
    I can remember the bus station eastern counties Dick I can see you now cleaning the windows now and then you would go to the wash and tope oh what memories.

  • Carole 4 months ago
    Agree with Jeannie that it’s great to see the blue car couple still waving.

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Yes Dick I remember Eastern Counties Buses, the garage on Southend Rd and the cafe where we would go after school. My parents were friendly with one of the drivers Lesley Williamson . His wife for years had a stall on the prom.

  • Debbie 5 months ago
    Thank you Cas

  • The boy dick 5 months ago
    Can anyone remember Eastern counties buses in Hunstanton and also the bus garage and the bus station cafe

  • Jeannie 5 months ago
    How lovely to see blue car couple are still in hunny and waving. Some people are strange posting false info. about people, saying they were leaving the country .Keep waving.

  • Caz 5 months ago
    Hi Debbie, I took my cavapoo on there and she loved it.

  • Debbie 5 months ago
    Hi, does anyone know if you are allowed to take dogs on The Wash Monster?

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Yes Melvyn I think it did have a glass roof. Also next door to the arcade there was a sweet shop where a very short lady was in charge. In fact no bigger that me at 6 years old. She always had a lot of make up on and a bee hive hair style. It was always interesting as a child watching her climb the ladder and grabbing a sweet jar and almost sliding down the ladder.

  • Melvyn 5 months ago
    Was it behind Stockdales that had a glass roof? I remember somewhere opposite the railway station that had amusements and got really hot!

  • Izmacanna 5 months ago
    Just enjoying the rest of our holiday in Sunny Hunny and the children enjoying the Fairground rides which we thought were reasonable especially the slide where you get 4slides for £2.50 or a parent and child on the same mat for£3.50 I had to find out the owners name as he was so polite and explained to the children what to do thank you so much David the children enjoyed every minute of it we will return next month.

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Behind Stockdales there was a court yard which was part of the arcade. There was a ride the same size as a waltzer and as it went around a cover came down over everybody. I think it was called a caterpillar.

  • Steve 5 months ago
    yes Dick I remember Stockdales. Had a real 60´s look to it. Plus the adjoining arcade with all those old machines was to a child great.

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    And using a paper cup to build the sandcastle because money was short,but they were innocent happy times,when the days were long and sunny.and yes the memories are wonderful to look back on

  • Angelina 5 months ago
    Being a local family on a low budget our entertainment was the music from the fun fair and our own picnic (Cheese sarnies and jam too).. the small things that made our childhood memorable. Playing in rock pools and finding huge crabs! Fish and chips was a treat to us, but we’d share and enjoy… think he was called Mr Popperwell? Original Vegas owner? Queues that extended so far, was a true delight!

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    It was a joy to be able to sit on the sand, and use the beautiful white smooth stones to surround the castle and moat with a narrow ditch leading to the sea,took all day, with short stops for ice creams

  • Helena 5 months ago
    Agree Rosie. My childhood memories was a Sandy beach, rock pools and crabs! Sitting by the funfair after school having a picnic on the steps that have now dissolved! Memories

  • Judy 5 months ago
    I agree with you Rosie. The beach below the cliffs is just huge rocks Perhaps this is why people like Hunstanton for rock jumping which they did years ago!

  • Dick 5 months ago
    Can anyone remember stockdales coffee bar which was where Thomas’s number one now stands

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I dont know if its possible to remove the large amount of stones on the beach opposite the coffee hut, it seems unusable at the moment, I remember it being very sandy at one time, with some stones but not this many.

  • Rick 5 months ago
    Thank you Dick/Melvyn, I will graciously accept defeat on that one!

  • Melvyn 5 months ago
    The current Hunstanton police station was built in 1955. I was 6 so I dont remember before that. I have done some research, and the old police station is now number 11 James Street Hunstanton.

  • dick 5 months ago
    rick it was never on the cliffs

  • Rick 5 months ago
    Can anyone help to settle a friendly debate between my partner and I? Did the police station in Hunstanton used to be along Cliff Parade some few years back? I seem to have a childhood memory of it being in a building which I believe is now flats but my partner thinks I must be thinking of somewhere else.

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    Oh yes Steve l remember the moving floor, , would laugh so much, l couldn’t stop going on it, it was o e of the best things, couldnt do it now of course but ths memories are fresh as a daisy, thank you for reminding us all

  • John 5 months ago
    Ahhh the good old British Summer weather…Has been right on form so far this year!!

  • Marion 5 months ago
    Love to watch the sea , my favourite time to walk along the prom. Everyone has disappeared and just the sounds of the waves, which of course are in my imagination at the moment., many walks with my sister’s dog along here.

  • Steve 5 months ago
    can anybody remember when Vegas was first built for the first couple of years inside the building at the back they had a fun house with moving floors.

  • The boy dick 5 months ago
    Steve yes I remember the helter-skelter from them good old days can you remember the country club it was where Belgrave Court stands now there was a very good barman by the name of Jimmy buzz he also worked in the temporary bar called the harlequin is was where azams stands also can you remember the casino dance /bar it was next to the railway station very busy with lots of Americans from nearby Sculthorpe and often fights and the military police from Sculthorpe would attend

  • Kelvin 5 months ago
    I can Remember the skating rink lots of time on that

  • pete 5 months ago
    its a nice summers today. everyone is in top form.

  • Audrey 5 months ago
    I remember the outdoor skating ringtone holidays in the forties and fifties.Loved watching the skaters but never brave enough to try .

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Yes Dick I remember the skating rink with it´s juke box. Do you remember when the helter skelter was between the skating rink and ghost train.

  • Wendy 5 months ago
    Looks a beautiful sunny Friday morning. Enjoy the weather we are supposed to be getting and stay safe everyone.

  • Ade 5 months ago
    07:45 and another glorious day in Sunny Hunny ahead….. enjoy it everyone if you are lucky enough to be there

  • the boy dick 5 months ago
    can anyone remember the open air skating rink always very busy on weekends

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    Yes, we always called in when we came to hunstanton ,it was where m & co are now. It had so much to look at,

  • Marie 5 months ago
    Woolworths – yes I remember going in there – M&Co now. Does anyone remember the pier bingo caller in the 60s and 70s? He always reminded me of Lance Percival. LOL

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Yes I remember Woolworths. You are right it was a good shop. As a boy I loved the fudge from the sweet counter.

  • keith 5 months ago
    the old woolies is now M & Co.

  • The boy dick 5 months ago
    Does anybody remember woolworths in high Street years ago you could buy meats cheese Etc from the delicatessen counter very good shop in them days

  • John 5 months ago
    Ahhh the good old British Summer weather…Has been right on form so far this year!!

  • Jeannie 5 months ago
    Missed blue car couple arriving today, but caught up with them on sailing club web cam, looks bit blowy. All the best to them.

  • Adie 5 months ago
    07:10 this morning…..the sun is out…..slight ripple on the sea….. absolutely beautiful..wish I was there

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I thought so Steve, l thought it was a burger place of some sort. It would have had level access. Thank you for confirming it, when its so long ago its easy to mistrust your memory.

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Where the rock shop is many years ago was a wimpy bar

  • Corinne 5 months ago
    hi John, thanks for replying but no not the Kitcat, it was a cafe right on the seafront somewhere between the sealife/oasiss i think it was?

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I think there was a restaurant o the corner opposite the buoy many moons ago , if so l think its a rock and sweet shop now.

  • Piers Richards 5 months ago
    Muggy day today in Hunstanton, was introduced to the web cam by a promenade worker , nice chap, near Oasis swimming centre, working for them I believe. Having a good holiday and appreciate covid sanitation and hand wash facilities.Feeling safe on our staycation.

  • John 5 months ago
    Corinne. I guess you mean the KitKat. If so it was destroyed by fire in 1998 and demolished in 2002.

  • Corinne 5 months ago
    is the big cafe on the seafront still there? i dont know what it was called though,but it was easy for wheelchairs to get in etc

  • Corinne 5 months ago
    thankyou to Admin and Bev,for replying to my where are the disabled toliets? thats a big help,hoping to vist next week sometime thankyou again

  • Nel 5 months ago
    Back in the 'Good Old Days' when Searles ruled the waves . . breakfast in Hunstanton, lunch in Skegness and back home to Cromer for a Crab salad for high-tea.

  • Jaybee 5 months ago
    Great to see a couple in red jackets clearing the prom of sand. Not sure if you’re volunteers or council workers, but either way, well done and keep up the good work

  • Dan 5 months ago
    We have a week off from Friday. Will visit ‘Hunny’ a couple of times I imagine. Chips, donuts, coffee, walking the prom and just sitting people watching from one of the many benches available. Might even have a go on the ‘big….ish wheel’. Hope the sea is as calm as it is today and the forecast is good thus far. Nice!

  • Risie 5 months ago
    What time will you be on, the cliff top, gave a lovely visit with your friends,

  • Blue Car Couple 5 months ago
    We hope you will be able to see us on the webcam at the cliff top on Monday as we have some friends from Kuala Lumpur there here until Thursday then going on to Berlin keep waving thanks to you all. The Blue Car couple

  • John Pepper 5 months ago
    I used to commute to Portsmouth from the Isle of Wight daily back in the day. The current hovers have a capacity of 78. It should be remembered that they very much dependant on the weather and dont run when its windy

  • Boy dick 5 months ago
    What about a hellecopter for trips from hunstanton to skegness would this be better than a ferry anybody agree

  • Pecko 5 months ago
    Most people will recall the large hovercraft in the English Channel many years ago but there’s still a regular service between the Isle of Wight and the mainland. The largest craft I have read about holds 25 passengers , I don’t know about the capacity of the IOW hovercraft but, a 25 person capacity craft I would think you would have to start charging at nothing lower than £20 per person return

  • Rick 5 months ago
    I’m with you on that one Pecko ie the water being so shallow, which I could see being the main obstacle. Would a hovercraft be financially viable? Who knows. I have next to no knowledge of the challenges involved in making a crossing happen. Another problem I would forsee would be traffic being heavier than it already is, with people not even spending the day in Hunny but crossing. Hunstanton would run the risk of effectively becoming a carpark for Skegness which is fine if people are coming the other way to balance it out.

  • Pecko 5 months ago
    22 minutes for a cross channel hovercraft Dover to Calais , 1 hour 30 minutes for the Wash Monster. The Wash is quite shallow so I would have thought hovercraft would be a quick method of crossing plus you’d probably get more trips in a day

  • Rick 5 months ago
    Hi all, I have looked into this idea several times before and I believe that there is a plan in its infancy of a water taxi service from Hunstanton to Skegness. Wether or not that plan happens remains to be seen. I read that Skegness council are on board with the idea, (excuse the pun) so I guess time will tell. Good idea on paper though.

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I think a normal ferry boat would be a bit faster though

  • Pecko 5 months ago
    The Wash Monster completed a trip and back to Skegness but it took I believe around 1 1/2 hours to get there. The only way such a service could work is a hovercraft??

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I wonder if there isn’t one because maybe the tides are so far out, or the sandbanks are a problem, l don't know but, if there is nothing stopping it it would great

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I like that idea, it would be an added tourist attraction for both resorts, plus cut down on road congestion,and make a great day out l hope so eons takes this idea up,

  • Dick 5 months ago
    Would be nice to have a ferry to skegness does anyone agree with that

  • Bev 5 months ago
    Hi Corrine also being a wheelchair user just be careful in the disabled toilet in Esplanade gardens, the bar/handle on the right hand side when you sit down is loose and can be dangerous, I have reported it to the council hoping they can fix it soon

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    Good morning to the blue car couple, enjoy your walk,.we are hoping to visit sunny hunny next week to enjoy the sea air too,

  • Admin 5 months ago
    Hi Corinne, there are 6 public toilets in Hunstanton. 1) Cliff Top Car Park 2) Next to Salad Bowl cafe / Bowls Club 3) In-between Esplanade Gardens & Green 4) Next to Oasis / “Hunstanton Eye” 5) Behind the funfair 6) Bus station. All have a separate disabled toilet which require a radar key. Hope that helps.

  • Corinne 5 months ago
    can anyone tell me where any disabled toilets are in this area please and does it use a radar-key? i use a wheelchair now and i havent been here for years,thankyou

  • pete 5 months ago
    when u go to a packed beach its really good to see people out and haven a good time.

  • Alan 5 months ago
    Calm sea @05:20- couldn’t sleep so happy watching the view from afar. See you in September Hunstanton

  • Aidan 5 months ago
    Me and my family were in Hunstanton this afternoon. Such a lovely day even waved at the camera!!

  • Eithne 5 months ago
    Safe, secure and a lovely day. Will be back soon , thanks for a memorable day with family not seen since 2019, love these cameras. Watch at home from Derry, Ireland.

  • Matilda 5 months ago
    Can we have a camera on the top of the slippery dip to view the fairground? Wow what a sight that’d be! Love the cams but the prom is the best one. Happy Days everyone.

  • Martina 5 months ago
    Had a superb day at Hunstanton with my partner and step daughter, was a pleasure to have a paddle and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks to the young man in red shorts and white polo top (Jay) on the prom who gave some grand advice about the area and recommended decent fish and chips. Be back soon and thanks again for a great visit.

  • austin 5 months ago
    Members of the blue car couple were delighted to see your happy wave at 9 15am today.

  • pete 5 months ago
    this place is like my favorite beach back home. full happy people and many things to do on offer.

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Big shout out to the lady who was picking up litter on the prom this morning at 9:35 this morning

  • Claire 5 months ago
    Ah yey!! I look at this webcam multiple times a day and I’ve just spotted the blue car couple for the first time. Hello!! We are visiting on Saturday for a week and we cannot wait. We will certainly be waving at the camera when we are on the beach. Great work on providing such a fab view of our favourite place!

  • Carole 5 months ago
    Lovely to see the blue car couple this morning. They even waved in unison! Great

  • adrian 5 months ago
    it’s so lovely to see my childhood seaside town whenever i want,needs sound though to get the real feel,lol.

  • Adie 5 months ago
    A road cone on the beach….. really. Just makes me want to come over and pick it up before the sea claims it

  • Trudy & Kenny Dalgleesh 5 months ago
    Had an amazing day at the town today, funfair, seaside, paddle in the sea, some even swimming and sunbathing too. Should have brought my bikini! Had a trip on the Hunstanton eye, loved it; needed a plaster as my dog nipped me, saw a lovely handsome young man on the promenade-Jo? (wish my granddaughter was with me,he was so polite and lovely, true Hunstanton man, lovely smile, oh my days , can I take him back to Warrington? Good luck at university, I hope he does well. Praise the Lord… God bless everyone and thank you for a wonderful day in the diamond of the the uk. See ya soon

  • Sacha Rodriguez 5 months ago
    Love the web cam, reminds me of trips to see my grandparents on seagate road, loved the boating lake, the skating rink at the fair, fish n chips of course and sunny,carefree days. Really hope everyone who visits enjoys the town and the people and most importantly…Be Kind ♥️

  • Maggie. 5 months ago
    Wow, what a storm, torrential downpour.

  • pete 5 months ago
    a big thunder storm on its way in

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I saw them last week, but not since, I hooe they are well

  • Austin 5 months ago
    Members are missing the wonderful wave from the blue car couple at 9 15am .We do hope all is well.

  • Jaybee 5 months ago
    Lady in red litter picking at 9am in the rain. Good job done, lass! Well done

  • Michael Vegasty 5 months ago
    Thank you Hunstanton, what a town, visited this past week and never been before. Enjoyed some local cuisine(fish and chips lol) Met some lovely boys on the sea front in white t shirts , resort boys? Twins I think but so friendly and knowledgeable of the area, please send them to Wales, manners and genuine good lads.

  • Pam 5 months ago
    Absolutely Love watching this ,

  • Helen 5 months ago
    just seen my amazing daughter sally and my dad walking the seafront wish i was there.

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    The boat ramp cam is due soon

  • melvyn 5 months ago
    The wheels rotate in the same direction, forwards,but one is facing the opposite way.

  • Dick 5 months ago
    Shame the railway station went, now the bus station. I remember when Eastern Counties had a office at the bus station and also a garage on Southend Road. Where will the service buses park now?

  • Kelvin 5 months ago
    Could do with one on boat ramp

  • Jeannie 5 months ago
    It depends where you are standing ! ,view from camera the wheel is going anti clockwise.

  • paul 5 months ago
    both ferris wheels go around clockwise

  • Boy dick 5 months ago
    Very quiet at 9 30 sunday

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Yes Dick again you are right. The council seems to be losing there way. I cannot understand how they let the bus station go. Now that there is no bus garage on Southend Rd where if required will they be parked up over night.

  • Wendy 5 months ago
    Looks a beautiful Sunday morning

  • Dick 5 months ago
    Would be nice to have something like the kit kat back again to many flats being built anybody agree

  • pete 5 months ago
    its very funny to see two big wheels turning back and forward rotation.

  • Audrey 5 months ago
    Well remember the Boating Lake, the Kit Kat Cubans swimming pool. Also Thomas’ Bingo where we were told it never rains in Hunstanton it is only a bit of sea mist! Outside it was absolutely teeming !

  • Hamid 5 months ago
    Lovely day today, we’re staying at Searles , first holiday since 2018, love the web cams, even have praise for a young man who gave my son a plaster today, talked to him so nicely and was so friendly.. think the name was Jack? Am sorry if wrong but what a credit to the sea front; never had such kindness in Newcastle; Hunstanton is our favourite place.Until next year guys.

  • Audrey 5 months ago
    Love these webcams. They are bringing back so many happy memories of holidays from when I was about 6years old until I was in my transports staying b and which was owned by Mrs Summers whose daughter used to can the pet shop in the town!And after I had my own family we spent ten years holidaying in caravan on park just last funfair. Great times.

  • Helen 5 months ago
    Hi Frankie and Larry

  • Helen 5 months ago
    Hi Frankie and Larry

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    Good morning to the blue car couple, its always a pleasure to see you arrive

  • Helenband 5 months ago
    just this second seeing my amazing daughter sally walkings with my best friend my dad ever i am sure so many people know my dad hunstanton band alf ball. see you all hunstanton band on the green this year

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Many years ago I was a sales Rep and was sent to deal with a customer complaint at a house in Chiswick. As the front door opened I looked up to see a man who I knew had appeared in Barnacle Bill. After I had introduced myself I told him it was a pleasure to speak to a star of Barnacle Bill. He was gobsmacked. His name was Harold Goodwin and he had been on tv many times often playing a drunk on Z Cars . He had stayed at the Golden Lion and was surprised when I told him that my farther worked as a bar man at that time and very likely served him.

  • Melvyn 5 months ago
    The boating lake was superb. There was a miniature steam train running the length of the pier. The full size steam train took passengers to 75 yards from the beach, I remember measuring it as a child. When the pier was destroyed in a storm, in the seventies, next day timbers from it were floating in the boating lake.To see Hunstanton in the fifties, watch the film Barnacle Bill with Alec Guiness from about 1956, amazing.

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Re the boating lake. You could hire rowing boats or small 2 seater motor boats. Back in the 60s when they replaced the old wooden motor boats with new models they took the old boats to play grounds around the area. One was in the playground in Old Hunstanton. I know as I played on it.

  • Admin 5 months ago
    Hi Hunny Fan. The boating lake was where Blackbeard’s Adventure Golf and the Sea Life Centre are now.

  • Hunny fan 5 months ago
    Where was the boating lake?

  • Helen 5 months ago
    Just this second saw my daughter Sally sharing time on the sea front with Grandad and Grandma. So great to see wish I was there, miss you all already.

  • pete 5 months ago
    fairground lights gives nice colors at night.

  • keith 5 months ago
    looking forward to being there tomorrow for 4 days love the area and not been for 3 years

  • Sherman 5 months ago
    Love the webcam, found out the council workers called beach patrol clear the sand and do their duties (such as first aid and lost children) daily til October. Lovely guys, very humble and local lads too, pleasure to talk to. Weather been a bit off today but sunny hunny will no doubt resume business in the morning. Sending praise and love to you all,

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Yes Dick you are right that is just what is needed.

  • June 5 months ago
    Tracey, wow thats cool xx

  • Mary Law 5 months ago
    Hunstanton had a boating lake quite a few years ago, it was so lovely

  • Tracey 6 months ago
    Just watched my mum, Rita, and her friend Gladys from Redlands, California!!

  • Dick 6 months ago
    What a great attraction the big wheel is for hunstanton all we need now is a boating lake and a sea water swimming pool on the beach that keeps full when the tide goes out anybody agree

  • Dick 6 months ago
    Very quiet at hunstanton today but OK for a bit of fresh air

  • Jaybee 6 months ago
    Great to see a couple in red jackets clearing the prom of sand. Not sure if you’re volunteers or council workers, but either way, well done and keep up the good work

  • pete 6 months ago
    it looks like its going to be a bit packed today for fathers day.

  • Marlene 6 months ago
    Watching the waterside web cam today Saturday 19th of June 15.30 hrs can’t believe people are actually in the water it must be freezing.

  • Wendy 6 months ago
    What a difference a day makes. Not a day for a stroll down the promenade . Keep dry all you brave souls.

  • The Blue car couple 6 months ago
    We thought we would return the compliment this morning by standing near the camera and wave at you thanks viewers. Ps If anybody has lost a £50 Note with an elastic band round it we found the elastic band.

  • pete 6 months ago
    the car park is always full with people coming and going.

  • pete 6 months ago
    best big wheel lights i have seen so far.

  • Tiffany 6 months ago
    Another busy hot day in sunny hunny

  • Miranda 6 months ago
    Never a 3 star Amazing views awesome sun sets a number one staycation Hunstanton has lovely shops great beach and so Many things to do for all

  • pete 6 months ago
    the big wheel has nice color lights.

  • pete 6 months ago
    its a lovely sunny day everyone is haven a good time on the beach.

  • melvyn 6 months ago
    Shocked to see someone only giving only three stars. It must be because, the secret magic of Hunstanton has been revealed to the world. Now they will all be flying in. Kings Lynn International Airport?

  • pete 6 months ago
    love to see a new webcam down near the old fair to get a closer look. at the fair and traffic coming and going.

  • JANE 6 months ago
    Great to see a young lady cleaning up the visitors’ rubbish this morning, well done x

  • Jason 6 months ago
    What an amazing attribute that our town WOW!!! Everyone embrace it while it lasts,

  • Anna Lisa 6 months ago
    New big wheel is amazing attribute to the town and sorry “Pete” if you disagree but we’re a town that needs to thrive and is doing so with the increased revenues and tourism, there is a place for more than one big wheel! Would you prefer a hotel or new build ? Given the land is for sale , we’ll be landed with more properties not tourist delights. Lovely to see from a view point and very welcome; if only the old Kit Kat could be revived, Sunny hunny would be no1 destination for staycations no doubt.

  • pete 6 months ago
    That’s funny, one big wheel is going forward the other big wheel is going backwards

  • Francis 6 months ago
    As I was walking past the fair I said to my wife look over there we saw the new Wheel. What a fantastic sight can’t wait to get on it. It will sure bring the people to Sunny Hunny well done to the men who worked hard putting it up. Most of all a big thanks to the Web cam.

  • Jac 6 months ago
    For those interested, the new big wheel is a scenic one like the London Eye and not a fairground Ferris wheel. It’s there for three months

  • Mick 6 months ago
    There will be enough for everyone The Great British Seaside Holidays are back (can’t go anywhere else)

  • Rosie 6 months ago
    Yes it is a new big wheel, it has been written about in the Eastern daily press, it says that workers are putting the finishing touches to it,

  • Melissa 6 months ago
    What food vans are they on the side visiting tomorrow

  • Pam 6 months ago
    Yes it is, on the KitKat site.

  • pete 6 months ago
    its pointless have two wheel rides on one beach. lets see how it works out.

  • Roger 6 months ago
    Is that a new big wheel near the swining pool ?

  • Toni 6 months ago
    Nice to see the people from the blue car haven’t seen them lately glad you are keeping well

  • Ros 6 months ago
    Looks lovely in Hunstanton this morning, l could just go for a paddle now, see you tomorrow Hunstanton.

  • Jackie boy 6 months ago
    Rumour is a new Bigger wheel is coming nearer the Oasis, how exciting! On the old Kit Kat site apparently, along with vendors also; great times ahead. Please don’t affect our beloved seafood stall and donuts/ candy and ice creams from the Parkin family. Xx

  • Caz 6 months ago
    Maggie, I know what you mean about the wheel. Sometimes when I tune in, it looks as if the wheel has gone. Think it must be the light!

  • Maggie 6 months ago
    Am I mistaken or has the big wheel disappeared? (Tuesday)

  • Rosie 6 months ago
    I just love these comments between visitors to the web cam. Its such a pleasant repartee amongst like minded people, and can bring insight into the past and present times of sunny hunny, it surely is a much loved place among the local and visitors alike, l well remember catching the train on a Sunday with my parents and arriving at the beach with great excitement, it was also a favourite Sunday school outing, which included a stop,at the Royal gates to Sandringham, the journey seemed to take forever, so many happy memories

  • Admin 6 months ago
    Dave, I had to check what bucolic meant before I approved the comment! “ A pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity: idyllic” apparently.

  • Dave 6 months ago
    The use of the word bucolic was a shock. Word of the week Fiona!

  • Hunny fan 6 months ago
    BBC Springwatch is coming from Heacham just a few miles away from Hunny

  • Hunny fan 6 months ago
    OK OK OK just one more thing, visit the town centre there are some lovely shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bakeries etc. etc.

  • Hunny fan 6 months ago
    Ah! Nearly forgot about the fair, amazing!!!

  • Hunny Fan 6 months ago
    Oh yes nearly forgot, some beautiful ice cream out there :-)

  • Hunny Fan 6 months ago
    Hunny has all you need for a great holiday. Some of the most fabulous golden sand beaches. “The Green with the bandstand with some amazing talented musicians. Great fish and chips if you go to the right places but some are very poor quality. Plenty to do indoors if it rains. If you like walking along the promenade it goes for miles and miles, perfect. Go for Hunny this year rather than abroad you will love it.

  • Fiona 6 months ago
    Fabulous to see lots of people enjoying their holidays in sunny hunny !!!! Why would you want to go abroad when we have bucolic places like this.

  • Mags 6 months ago
    Wonderful to see show at Theatre great show and to see everyone all staying safe and please all stay that way at Sunny Hunny as we have long way to go

  • melvyn 6 months ago
    Google for Hunstanton pictures, lots on the internet. I am 72yrs and Hunstanton was my childhood heaven. We did not have a car, so the steam train from Cambridge was the start of a days adventure. Three hours on Old Hunstanton beach, and we had start for home.

  • Jeanette 6 months ago
    Hi has anyone got any pictures of the old boating lake and the roller skating rink ? Around the 1970’s .I’m a huge fan of hunstanton and we used to camp on searles camp site when the donkey field was at the end and there was a green painted wooden room with one tv in . Lovely memories

  • Lorren 6 months ago
    Hey to the young guy with the blue backpack who turned round and waved

  • Hunny fan 6 months ago
    Great day at Hunny yesterday. Love this camera.

  • Gary 6 months ago
    Helped see my kids from 200 miles away

  • Wendy 6 months ago
    Tuesday morning, looking at the camera and it looks a beautiful day at sunny honey.

  • IRENE 6 months ago
    CAN SEE YOU !!!!!

  • Diane 6 months ago
    Had a fantastic day there yesterday with our daughter and grandson. So glad things are looking up for your buisnesses – at last. First time since a very quick trip July last year.We WILL be back – God willing.

  • Justjo 6 months ago
    Waving back to the girl in yellow coat

  • M. Trench 6 months ago
    Hi there. Coming down to hunstanton today and can’t wait. I haven’t been there in so long. Been watching the cam 24/7.

  • terry 6 months ago
    I be up there tomorrow, first time in 15 months

  • sid 6 months ago
    look out for me guys ill try and wave when i am there this weekend

  • Wendy 6 months ago
    Finally got to see the couple in the blue car and waved back to them.The lady was wearing a lemon coloured cardigan and the gentleman was wearing a striped top and I think he was doing so well using his crutches and making the effort to get out and enjoy some fresh air.Hope you both enjoyed your walk this morning.

  • Fenton 6 months ago
    Seeing the black car man made my day

  • Pamela 6 months ago
    Love watching this , amazing

  • Margaret. 6 months ago
    Wow, like mid winter this morning, like to watch the Web cam pictures. Feel so sorry for visitors.

  • Ros 7 months ago
    Looks rough this morning , more like a February morning, where’s May gone?!! Hi to all the people that make these cameras possible. Thanks .

  • Roz 7 months ago
    Lovely to see Sally and Jan out for a walk xx

  • Kath 7 months ago
    Nice to see the Sea Monsters

  • KeithPearce 7 months ago
    looking forward to coming at the end of June hopefully it will be warmer I love Hunstanton

  • Kath 7 months ago
    so nice to see the people in the blue car waving

  • Karen 7 months ago
    There’s a lot of raindrops on the webcam nice to see hunstanton

  • Rick 7 months ago
    Seriously, are we ever going to see spring/summer??!!

  • Austin. 7 months ago
    Blue car couple, good to see you.Did a big smile. Wonderful. Austin.

  • Debra goddard 7 months ago
    Morning Mr & Mrs Wavers

  • Marlene 7 months ago
    I love looking at the webcams of Hunstanton.It’s now thundering over kings lynn and raining heavily,you can see how dark the skies are over towards lynn on the waterside webcam.

  • Kath 7 months ago
    I love the webcams! Just donated.

  • Denise 7 months ago
    Hi to the blue car looks very blustery today

  • Nigr 7 months ago
    Lady in the blue jacket,hi

  • Terry 7 months ago
    Finally coming to see my mum since the first lockdown, cant wait

  • sid 7 months ago
    dont worry hunstanton im comming the end of the month :) have missed ya

  • Diane 7 months ago
    Have just been waving to my Brother in law Alf. Now I’m all home sick. Diane South West Rocks Australia

  • Helen 7 months ago
    Hi Dad great to see you just first laugh for this morning with you trying to park your car driving lessons needed and nice to get a wave from your neighbours.

  • Tracey 7 months ago
    Hello Mum (Rita) and Gladys. From California!

  • Helen 7 months ago
    Hi Aunti Diane in Australia look out for my Dad waving to you and me tomorrow

  • Rick 7 months ago
    I seem to recall one or two raves at the KitKat in the early 90’s, Hyperbolic it was called if i remember rightly. They used to put on events in Kings Lynn too.

  • diane 7 months ago
    Would love to live in Hunstanton with my sister and her husband I live at South West Rocks Australia. I am homesick for England

  • Diane from South west Rocks Australia 7 months ago
    Elizabeth and Alf happy wedding anniversary sorry it’s late

  • Valerie 7 months ago
    Hello the people that are waving

  • Steve 7 months ago
    Looking in from Spain again. Yes I am aware what had happend to the Kit kat. A sad ending to such an iconic building. This prime site being left so long in this state is dreadful.

  • Mary 7 months ago
    I live locally, for those interested in the Kit Kat, sorry it burnt down in the late 90’s. It is currently a cleared but weed infested derelict site, awaiting building work for shops & flats

  • Philip 7 months ago
    I used to work at the Kit Kat late 60’ early 70’s. With Horry Saunders, Albert Pollis the chefs, Peter the bread and butter man and lovely Maudy in the Salad Bowl.. young carefree days wading in the boating lake !!!! ha ha

  • James 7 months ago
    cameras set up on the green would make Hunstanton webcams complete

  • Stu 7 months ago
    Kit Kat club , I only know of one in Bessemer Str . Berlin . I must visit thus place

  • Helen 7 months ago
    is there going to be any camaras set up on the green such a great spot for one.

  • John 7 months ago
    And beutifull Sunday lunchtimes in the kit katb1960s with the organ playing

  • Dave 7 months ago
    Those were the days Sunday night at the Kit Kat

  • Andrew 7 months ago
    There is a raindrop on the camera :(

  • Steve 7 months ago
    Looking in from Spain again. Looks chilly and wet today. Is that the Blue lagoon and Kit kat I can see. No just me dreaming and rolling back the years.

  • Ros 7 months ago
    Well done the person from the black car who just put their rubbish in the bin, l’ve seen others just dump it. A bit rough out there today but still a great seafront

  • Rosie 7 months ago
    Good to see the waving couple, lovely day for their walk,

  • Lisa 7 months ago
    Pascal, my cousin , loved Hunstanton. He lived in West Germany , yet unfortunately life was taken from him far too soon. His favourite places were the Hunstanton seafront, the joke shop, the sign of Hunstanton on the green just in front of the golden lion. We cherish childhood memories and look forward to being able to enjoy happier times when we can with his Mum and family in Germany. Never forgotten and always in our hearts xxxx

  • austin 7 months ago
    Delighted to see the waves from the blue car couple, just wonderful. Keep smiling and enjoying the webcam. Austin.

  • June 7 months ago
    yyyeeehhh,,, waved to the lovely couple this morning,,, :) xx

  • Eric 7 months ago
    Oh no its not, the environment agency says no biking on the prom at all….

  • Pam 7 months ago
    A byelaw & lots of signs but hardly any cyclist takes notice. It’s not far to walk with a bike & less dangerous.

  • Admin 7 months ago
    Hi Maggie, cycling is not allowed on the prom between the power boat launch ramp and the Green. From the boat ramp heading towards Heacham is absolutely fine.

  • Maggie 7 months ago
    Coming to stay in September will i be allowed to bike along the prom

  • Rosemary 7 months ago
    That sea looks very angry today but love watching from the warmth of my home.

  • Sam B 7 months ago
    Fab tool to have especially as I only get to visit a handful of times a year… Currently looking forward to coming back in 2 weeks! Then July and Sept! Love being able to watch the ocean in real time.

  • Helen 7 months ago
    great to see so many people walking the sea front on a bank holiday looks windy but at least not throwing it down with rain like the midlands.

  • Lisa McDowel 7 months ago
    What a beautiful sight it is at 05.30 in the morning when I’m jogging along the prom very often I’ll see people walking there dogs. Always look forward to meeting up with Frankie with his metal detector for a chin wag. Who wants to go abroad when you’ve got these beautiful sights here. Thanks to you all for the Webcam.

  • Rosie 7 months ago
    Well done to the silent heros who quietly pick up litter and place it in the bin while they are on a day out. Thank you

  • Rosie 7 months ago
    So grateful for the binmen who along with many others help to keep sunny hunny looking pristine,thank you. Maybe visitors could take their rubbish home with them if they find the bins overflowing at the end of a busy day,it takes little effort and makes a huge difference.

  • Ros 7 months ago
    Hi to the dustbin men this morning , thank you for keeping our lovely seafront clean.

  • Rosie 7 months ago
    Sterling work by the litter pickers this morming .well done and thank you.

  • Carla 7 months ago
    Hi to all former Cashino staff who may be looking in ! Booked in for half term week and hope to see you all in your new jobs ASAP Carla Adrian Charlie (the dog)

  • Fritz Christopher 7 months ago
    I ride along the promenade on my mobility scooter daily with my little dog, I love stopping for a chat with Michael Parkin and his family, the beach staff and people selling ice creams and donuts too, what a joy to embrace the best of this town. Thankful of a little gem that is Hunstanton.

  • Miyagi Day 7 months ago
    Just had the best burger and coffee all served by a lovely friendly young lady in a vending outlet near the pier arcade with so much knowledge about the local area; such a pleasure when we’ve not visited this area for 25 years; keep up the good work young Lucy. #sunnyhunnybeatsspainanyday. We will be back!

  • Justjo 7 months ago
    Hello to the people take pictures, bet you got some good ones

  • Franky 7 months ago
    Unpleasant seeing so much broken glass bottles on the promenade this morning whilst walking my dog. Commendations to the Beach Patrol staff who had to clean it up, please can everyone be respectful of our beautiful town.

  • Austin 7 months ago
    Will be looking for the green Jaz .

  • Hans 7 months ago
    Blue car couple have now changed there car it’s now a green Honda Jazz hope to see you all soon.

  • Jo 7 months ago
    Thank you caz,I was going to ask the same question.

  • Caz 7 months ago
    The gates are open on the outer part of the wall. The closest one to this camera is to the right hand side of the walkway from the car park.

  • Marilyn 7 months ago
    Just out of interest where are the flood gates

  • Admin 7 months ago
    Hi Marcus, the flood gates are only shut when a flood alert has been issued by the Environment Agency.

  • Maggie 7 months ago
    Great to watch this webcam.

  • Marcus 7 months ago
    Why are the floodgates not shut tonight on high tide

  • Debra goddard 7 months ago
    Lots of photos being taken last night with the high tide, hoping they might share them

  • Pam 7 months ago
    Helen,there are some easy access points.By the Waterside is a slipway & one a bit further along at North Prom. Towards Rainbow Park it is very easy access & the sand is lovely.There is a car park nearby.

  • Adrian 7 months ago
    Hi Helen The beach is accessible at various points There are ramps at scattered intervals and also steps down to the sand With care,I’m sure you will be fine ! Enjoy !

  • Emma 7 months ago
    Please be sensible. If you get caught out other people have to put their life’s at risk to rescue you!

  • Tasha 7 months ago
    Whoever them 3 are on the prom near sea wall are going to get caught out if they not careful

  • Gloria 7 months ago
    Wow, amazing waves on South prom tonight, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Caroll 7 months ago
    Sea is a bit choppy tonight, Love watching it

  • Naj 7 months ago
    19:57 Wednesday evening and the “tide is high”springs to mind, we need a soundtrack to these amazing views!

  • Helen 7 months ago
    Is the beach accessible for someone that can’t walk very well? I’m looking for a beach my elderly mum and dad can get on easily and go for a paddle.

  • Rosie 7 months ago
    Thank you for keeping sunny Hunny Looking so good, Today l have watched them killing the weeds, checking the life rings, emptying the rubbish, opening the flood barrier and it's still only 9,20am. Wonderful, well done all

  • Melvyn 7 months ago
    Watch this space at 9.00 am, for the blue car couple.

  • Angie 7 months ago
    Who are the blue car couple

  • austin 7 months ago
    The blue car couple.We all send our thanks for the big wave at 9 15 am.We are all happy and smiling as the membership grows at our morning visit.

  • PETE 7 months ago
    I saw the blue car couple today, that was my first sighting, lol.

  • Jean 7 months ago
    Just had the wave, cheers us up, width we were there too.

  • Austin 7 months ago
    Blue car couple,we all missed the 9 15am wave.Perhaps tomorrow. Austin

  • Helen 8 months ago
    wouldn,t it be great if we could have a camara on the green i can,t wait to sit on the grass with a bag of chips and listen to the hunstanton Band you was so missed last year.

  • Helen 8 months ago
    Hi Mum and Dad looking forwards to seeing you do your beach walk won,t reconise you mum hair cut day first since last november.

  • Suzy 8 months ago
    Darn! I KEEP missing the blue car couple! Will try again tomorrow… looks lovely there today.

  • Debbie 8 months ago
    Booked today for a week in August, finally bringing my dog to the seaside for the first time ever (he’s 12!!!!) cannot wait. Love Sunny Hunny so much

  • Admin 8 months ago
    Hi Peter, yes all public toilets are open

  • Peter 8 months ago
    Are public toilets open

  • Donna S 8 months ago
    I am avidly watching this. We have booked to come for a week at the end of May and I cant wait. To actually sit outside at the Waterside, people watching and catching the sun. Love the place.

  • Helena 8 months ago
    Enjoyed cinnamon doughnuts and tea today, sitting on the wall, and admiring all the different dogs out for exercise.

  • Hunny fan 8 months ago
    Well said Mags

  • Mags 8 months ago
    How wonderful to be at Sunny Hunny and all trying to get some normality again But we must still all be very careful and stay safe hope to see more of you soon

  • austin 8 months ago
    today did not see the blue car couple but did see the beach comber.

  • Colin 8 months ago
    My wonderful parents in the blue car . I’m glad you live at Hunstanton as when lockdown is over I will be there walking with you again x

  • Paul 8 months ago
    Looks like another lovely day in sunny hunny

  • Hunny fan 8 months ago
    What a great day out today, it was definately a Sunny Hunny.

  • Roy 8 months ago
    Just watched the litter bins being emptied and a load was dropped but wasn’t picked up. Shame when so many people do the right thing and put their rubbish in them.

  • Matt 8 months ago
    This is absolutely brilliant! I do miss Hunstanton and can’t wait to get back there with the family! Great job!

  • Darryn 8 months ago
    Had a great idea go on spotify search and type . Sound of waves playlist. Play on the background Really adds to the view beautiful.

  • Debbie 8 months ago
    Wow what a beautiful scene this evening, loving it

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Good to see you both this morning blue car couple, your cheery wave starts my day so well,

  • John 8 months ago
    Wendy, I reckon that must be the case. I haven’t seen them yet either!!!…..

  • Toby 8 months ago
    Nice to see the sea when stuck in

  • Melvyn 8 months ago
    Heacham North Beach Public Toilets has Disabled, and Baby Changing facilities. It is open all year.

  • Austin 8 months ago
    will be there at 9 15am to see the blue car couple.They bring joy to many and send us all their warm wave.All thanks for the wonderful webcam which is a great asset to these long days. Austin.

  • Rick 8 months ago
    Yes Beverley, there is a disabled toilet at South Beach and North Beach, open 24hrs all year round. The ones at North Beach are the better of the two.

  • Beverley pollard 8 months ago
    Melvyn, are they disabled toilets at heacham?

  • Rick 8 months ago
    Melvyn, the male and female toilets are usually closed earlier in the day during winter but the disabled and unisex toilets are open 24hrs all year round. Located at the Clifftop, The Green and behind Oasis Leisure Centre aswell as both North and South beach in Heacham. Hope this helps

  • Admin 8 months ago
    Hi everyone, we are aware of an issue with comments being cut short when using emjois. We are looking into a fix but for now please hold back from using them. Many thanks, HW admin.

  • Sharon 8 months ago
    I would like to see a webcam up near the boat ramp – if at all possible, please

  • Achmid 8 months ago
    One of the most beautiful places to visit any time of the year and what a fantastic job they’ve made of the fairground well done to all the boys especially John Henry. I wouldn’t mind if the car park was twenty pounds a day it wouldn’t stop me visiting Hunstanton. Keep up the good work.

  • John 8 months ago
    Wendy, I reckon that must be the case. I haven’t seen them yet either!!!…..

  • Sharon 8 months ago
    What a beautiful morning

  • Melvyn 8 months ago
    You can park in a disabled bay with a Blue Badge, but you still have to pay. In the winter they charge for the car parks, but lock the toilets up. Most people dont stay long, they cant!

  • Jen 8 months ago
    I expect they have a badge,as it’s disabled bay, and the gentlemen walks with crutches. Lovely that they give us a wAve.

  • John 8 months ago
    Wendy, I reckon that must be the case. I haven’t seen them yet either!!!…..

  • Wendy 8 months ago
    John perhaps they have a disabled badge or pay for a years parking permit. Haven’t seen them yet as I am usually doing other things at 9.15am each morning.

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Its good to see people enjoying themselves again, and a friendly wave each day is welcome both from the giver and the receiver lm sure.

  • John 8 months ago
    I reckon this “famed” blue car couple must have a pass for the car park or something similar, for them to be able to afford the high parking costs EVERY day!! :)

  • austin 8 months ago
    Good to see the blue car couple taking in the sea air of Hunny despite it being a bit chilly. Will keep watching. Austin.

  • jean 8 months ago
    Blue car. Missed you when you started your walk. Just caught your return. Thanks for the wave. Enjoy the rest of this lovely day. Jean

  • Debbie 8 months ago
    Nice to see the blue car couple braving the elements this morning

  • Robert 8 months ago
    Hi James, car parking charges can be found at The car park you can see on the webcam is South Prom and is 1 hour £2 - 2 hours £4 - 3 hours £5 - 24 hours £6 (£7 in July & August)

  • James 8 months ago
    What is the car park charges now?

  • Debbie 8 months ago
    Missed the blue car couple this morning

  • Toni 8 months ago
    Nice to see there are lots of people waving at the camera . Makes me wish it was me

  • Austin 8 months ago
    9 15am Blue car couple your audience is growing. Thanks to the wave and webcam.Regards Austin.

  • Robert 8 months ago
    Hi Stuart, yes the red and black kiosk is Mikey’s Coffee

  • Stuart 8 months ago
    what is the black and red kiosk selling is it it coffee? I have always liked Norfolk

  • Colin 8 months ago
    A good morning to my parents in the blue car. Enjoy your walk

  • Jen 8 months ago
    How lovely to see the blue car people wave. This sort of thing cheers us all up in these very strange times.

  • Debbie 8 months ago
    I notice the blue car couple everyday too, thank you for this mornings wave.

  • Austin 8 months ago
    9 15 am lovely to see the blue car couple,the wave was there to enjoy. Great thanks to the web cam and view of Hunny.

  • Jay 8 months ago
    Love having a look at the prom and sea

  • Stuart Richardson 8 months ago
    this will only help with tourism in Norfolk it just looks a beautiful place .In lockdown you can still visit these places virtually …Happy memories of Norfolk Holidays

  • Dave 8 months ago
    Great Webcams!

  • Helen 8 months ago
    I cannot wait to be back in Hunny. ❤️

  • June 8 months ago
    I know its cold and windy,,but I just luv watching “the white horses”,,

  • Roeie 8 months ago
    What a picture that is the sun shining on the sea is a sight to behold, whoever decided to give us this gift of looking at sunny hunny should be congratulated ,well done

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Loving those waves, it looks fabulous but cold, hopefully it will be a warm summer for everyone

  • Jane 8 months ago
    Lovely to watch. Thanks.

  • Dolly 8 months ago
    Hunstanton you have been missed so much, I can’t wait to see you next week .

  • John 8 months ago
    Looks blooming cold but very bracing :) Thanks for this cam, hope its going to be online all Summer.

  • Archie 8 months ago
    Looks like the waves will be coming over shortly

  • Gail 8 months ago
    Looking great. Can’t wait to visit

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Looking really good there cant wait until we can visit, thank you hunstanton for the chance to watch sunny hunky during lockdown

  • Kath 8 months ago
    Wish i could be there right now. Hoping to visit in Sept

  • Ryan 8 months ago
    It is such a lovely place, will be there in August!!!

  • Archie 8 months ago
    Hunstanton such a lovely place

  • Su 8 months ago
    Waving to my sister and my mum on Easter Sunday – fabulous.

  • austin 8 months ago
    Thanks blue car, jumped out of the bath at 9 15am. Just in time, Austin

  • Jo 8 months ago
    I really miss Hunstanton. I can’t wait to return again with hopefully better weather.

  • Austin.Norfolk Artist. 8 months ago
    Blue car couple. Very many thanks for the big wave. Lovely to see you. Regards Austin.

  • Caz 8 months ago
    Good morning to the couple in the blue car, I waved back at you at 9.15am, Saturday. Can not wait to be back in Hunstanton, watch daily from Hertfordshire.

  • Steve 8 months ago
    Shame about the weather. I can remember some really warm Easters back in the early 70s when I was a teenager. Looking from Spain.

  • coolsilver 8 months ago
    it so cool

  • Glenis 8 months ago
    The promenade is being cleared of sand by two young resorts guys, they are making an excellent job, thank you & well done ! You are greatly appreciated by all as you do a wonderful job keeping resort pristine.

  • Austin. Norfolk Artist. 8 months ago
    Watch every day. Couple with Blue car that parks at nine fifteen , give us a wave.

  • Jen 8 months ago
    Lovely, I do a virtual trip everyday, cromer pier, Sherringham sea front, Sunny Hunny and a few in between

  • Richard walker 8 months ago
    I carnt wait to see sunny Hunny again and the beach and the little train and the WASH MONSTER good views of the sea

  • Mags 8 months ago
    Mags. So sorry we missed you Gordon but hope we will meet soon but we must all stay safe when do as we don’t want any more lockdowns do we

  • Gordon 8 months ago
    We missed you to day .Mag. walking along prom soaking up the sun.

  • Mags 8 months ago
    Just wonderful to spend a few hours at Sunny Hunny but sad not to meet up with friends but that won’t be long now but all enjoy and all stay safe .

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    This has to be the most lovely sea view, wish l was there

  • Paul 8 months ago
    Hope to be there on the 12th april

  • Hunny fan 8 months ago
    Great to see the food and drink stalls operating. Hunny is coming back to life again.

  • Jaffee Joffa 8 months ago
    Oh thank you this is amazing , I love it and look forward to more views also ; Praise the Lord this is just what we need.

  • Jim 8 months ago
    just seen my brother in law great fun thanks web cam

  • Martin 9 months ago
    Great to see a traditional Helter Skelter again, and a Ferris Wheel. I can remember there being a Ferris Wheel in the same position when I was a kid in the 60s. I think it went around 1970. Lovely to see the sunset…won’t be long before we see it for real again :)

  • Peter 9 months ago
    Soon be having a cold one in the waterside sis x

  • Jim 9 months ago
    just watched my brother in law, fantastic as we are in Middlesex

  • Caz 9 months ago
    I thought I saw a big wheel by the helter skelter…. was there one there earlier?

  • Rosie 9 months ago
    I watch sunny hunny throughout the day, and its been an absolute joy to watch the sea and lovely skies each day,it is almost as good as a visit, which we really hope will be very soon, thank you

  • Sherman 9 months ago
    Thanks a lot webcam just met up with an old friend after twenty years saw her on the webcam right near the waterside the last time we saw each other was at Barclays Bank so good to be Back in touch with T B K keep up the good work webcam thanks.

  • Janet 9 months ago
    Beautiful cant wait to get back thank you.

  • Sec-ual Chocolate 9 months ago
    J’taime la fantastique ambience et majestique. Bravo Hunstanton, magnifique.

  • R Watson 9 months ago
    Really miss Hunstanton Beach and also miss visiting St Edmunds Church. Looking Good

  • L McDowell 9 months ago
    Good morning my neighbours, what a blessing and humbled life we lead being so close to these wonderful views. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity at this present time; stay safe, be calm and believe that we shall all be together again soon. Thank you for bringing these views to us all and we hope many more cameras can be added to the kingdom of Sunny Hunny.

  • Akeem 9 months ago
    High Bob be glad when you can get down to sunny Hunny it’s smashing what they’ve done here. You won’t recognise our place when you get here. We’ve moved to Queens.

  • Bev x 9 months ago
    So lovely to pop in and out to virtually be by the Seaside. My Sister and Brother in Law live in Hunstanton, we used to Holiday at Manor Park with our Dogs to visit them.. Look forward to doing that again xx

  • Chris 9 months ago
    So Nice to see the slip and big wheel up can’t wait to have a go on it it will look brilliant when it’s lights are all on also looking forward to seeing Willie with the Wash Monster. Thanks for everything web cam.

  • Chris 9 months ago
    Perfect day, tide in, sunshine and lucky people walking. Wish I was there, hopefully it won’t be too far away.

  • Mick Welch 9 months ago
    Desperate to get back to my holiday home on manor park missing the coast and oysters at the white horse

  • Sandra 9 months ago
    Spend time in the day dipping in and out watching the sea and the people it is lovely to watch have friends living there nice to see what the weather is like better then Cambridge most days.

  • steve 9 months ago
    Good to see the fair going up and looking traditional, memories of being a teenager in the 70´s. Looking from Spain

  • John 9 months ago
    Great to see the sea again at wonderful Hunstanton. I cannot wait to get back there in person, this year. John. L Leicester

  • Wendy 9 months ago
    Fabulous so incredible Thank you made my day. Will be watching often.

  • Maggie and Gerry 9 months ago
    Wonderful to see Sunny Hunny but wish we could be there and be able to see our friends but hopefully won’t be long now

  • John 9 months ago
    O boy watching this is very therapeutic for the soul and to think the clifftop will also have a camera i watch this more than yarmouth so good and relaxing. Thank you hunny John cambridge

  • Jane 9 months ago
    Sunny Hunny … even when it’s not sunny I still love it ❤. Can’t wait to get back to my caravan.

  • Duncan 9 months ago
    Great to have this up and running – thank you.

  • Julie Roberts 9 months ago
    Love watching web cam from Bolton,can’t wait to get back to our lodge

  • Eric 9 months ago
    Very good thanks just what we need.

  • Joan 9 months ago
    Loved watching the Tide last night .it came right up to the wall

  • Goose 9 months ago
    Looks choppy tonight! For sure going when COVID is over! :)

  • elvis 9 months ago
    ooo`ps flood gates not shut.

  • Cheryl 9 months ago
    When I go (hopefully) in june I’m going to stand on the prom and wave at the camera

  • Jill 9 months ago
    Love this, can’t wait to get back on the prom, thanks to everyone…just what we need. Nearly as good as being there.

  • Susan 9 months ago
    Thank you to the guy who is currently clear the debris from the prom.

  • Carol 9 months ago
    Brilliant webcams and all the more special while lockdown is on. Thank you.

  • Wendy 9 months ago
    Looks a beautiful morning. Can’t wait till we can visit here again. Making memories :-)

  • Melvyn 9 months ago
    Superb view, saves me a 70 mile round trip. I just looked at a photo I took two years ago, the groynes are protruding above the sand by the same amount. No missing sand.

  • Darryn 9 months ago
    For those that want the times for the tide

  • Geoff 9 months ago
    The only thing that saddens me is the loss of sand, it seems to have disappeared all the way along the front. The beach looks so much better when covered in sand.

  • Nick 9 months ago

  • Tim 9 months ago
    Some smashing big waves tonight absolutely love it, we wish we were there

  • Andy 9 months ago
    Miss walking along the front!!

  • Sasha 9 months ago
    What time is high tide today

  • Gordon. 9 months ago
    Great to see live sea front can’t wait to walk along with my friends Margret & Gerald.

  • sally 9 months ago
    Hi to the young man waving

  • Wendy 9 months ago
    This is so lovely to watch, while we are unable to visit the coast. Sunny honey is my favourite place.

  • Allen 9 months ago
    Love its in real time there are other webcam around norfolk as well wells next to the sea in real time sheringham real time with sound also cromer has 2 one on the pier and the other is looking over the beach at the pier but with an advert first then 30 sec of real time live then great Yarmouth two cams live real time… Heacham used to have a webcam don’t know if it will go back up in the summer and kings lynn has one one in its pontoons sadly not in real time updated every min

  • Lynn 9 months ago
    What silly people I’m watching!!! They are big waves! Right up to the cars parked opposite the wall! Xxxx

  • Lynn 9 months ago
    Ohhh no it’s buffering!! Beautiful waves tho xxx

  • sharon 9 months ago
    Loving the waves today, can’t wait to come back!

  • Dickie 9 months ago
    Could be interesting at high tide @ 5pm today

  • Simon 9 months ago
    Awesome! Now I can see when the tide is in and how busy it is before setting off…great addition – thanks you!

  • Kay 9 months ago
    Hello to Pam and Rog braving the elements on Pam’s birthday. Looking forward to when we can walk along the prom with you in the not too distant future

  • Helen 9 months ago
    Hi grandma have a great 80th birthday today. looking forwards to spending time at the caravan soon and selling the house so we can move to hunstanton.

  • Richard 9 months ago
    Hello to the couple waving at the camera, Sunday 7/3 at 11:54 :)

  • Veronica 9 months ago
    Marvelous thank you

  • Andrew 9 months ago
    Wow. Just can’t wait to come back.

  • Veronica 9 months ago
    Very soothing lovely

  • Sally 9 months ago
    Morning I leave in Leicester I miss coming to the seaside I look on here every day and think to myself I will be back there one day I love watching the sea I just want to come back

  • Carol R 9 months ago
    Watching the waves crashing onto the walkway, it’s 10pm. Not seen it this bad for a while, amazing

  • Bubbles 9 months ago
    Brilliant. We live in Hunstanton. But because of lockdown we haven’t been to the front as we are vulnerable have not been out. The web cam is ‘Fantastic’ so good to still be able to watch the tides come in and out and sun sets. We have recommended this to others. We are so lucky to live here. Stay safe everyone.

  • Susan 9 months ago
    Ive just booked for June can’t wait just hope it’s ok this time as has been cancelled 3 times masks and jell at the ready

  • Terry 9 months ago
    I watch this every day , cant wait till restrictions are lifted to come see my mum up there and have a wander

  • Carol, Peter & Mollie 9 months ago
    Just discovered this webcam today. We are missing our cosy caravan near the beach at Sunny Hunny. Little things we took for granted, like walking the prom with our little dog Mollie are a distant memory. Please may they return with everyone safe and well.

  • Katey 9 months ago
    I love watching x I leave Norfolk next week after 2 happy years living here so this will make me feel like I am still part of Norfolk xxx

  • Boo 9 months ago
    Thank you so much for this. I dip in several times every day.

  • Bridget 9 months ago
    I have only just found out about the webcam today. Missing our visits to the seaside so much, so it is lovely to be reminded even though from a distance. This has made me smile today. Thank you.

  • Helen 9 months ago
    Technology is amazing! Lovely to take a ‘walk’ down the prom while sitting in New Zealand. Stay safe.

  • Mick 9 months ago
    Log in every day to remind me of what I’m missing. Love it

  • Susan 9 months ago
    Lovely to watch people walking and the sea can’t wait to return for my hoildays

  • Ann 9 months ago
    Brilliant idea miss going to Hunstanton during lockdown so wonderful to be able to watch the sea can’t wait to visit again and eat proper fish and chips and walk on the beach x

  • Dean 9 months ago
    Absolutely wonderful to see this Web cam in full operation. I Absolutely am in love with hunstanton I holiday here 3 times a year so far. I’m trying to move to this magical place love the cam well done all

  • Karen Wilson 9 months ago
    Love seeing hunny prom. Went there when I was kid and rode the ponies, went to the fair and on rides with my John, got some sweets from there too

  • Phil 9 months ago
    Cant wait to visit again love it

  • Sandra 10 months ago
    Can’t wait for my next visit

  • Laurey 10 months ago
    I’m loving it. Check in every day. Keep an eye on the weather. In fact, use it almost as a screen saver. Thank you so much.

  • Mo 10 months ago
    Come from Ringstead, last 44 years living in Switzerland, now showing grandchildren lovely Hunstanton. Hope to visit again soon.

  • Jennifer 10 months ago
    I am so grateful for this web cam. The waves and the wavers, the wheelers and the walkers, the sea birds and the happy dogs. Knowing those far and wide are enjoying it too. A real tonic. Thank you X.

  • Steve 10 months ago
    Born in Old Hunstanton. Last 20 years living in Spain. Look at this site several times a day. Nice to see home.

  • Ben 10 months ago
    Wow thx you

  • Chris 10 months ago
    Keep walking and keep waving

  • Marlene 10 months ago
    I take a look at the webcam every day. I was born in Hunstanton but now living in King's Lynn and need my daily dose of Hunny, sunny or not.

  • Pat 10 months ago
    We were there yesterday and had a wave at the camera

  • Gran!! 10 months ago
    Thanks to all the walking people…. Looks bracing. Keep waving to all us in landlocked lockdown .

  • Mike 10 months ago
    Brilliant service… Would be great to have more like this around our coasts.

  • Missing the sea 10 months ago
    So grateful for this Live camera, thank you. We are missing this place so much, we only live a little way from here, but can’t venture out at the moment due to lockdown. So this helps just a little to see a familiar scene. Amazing to share the sunsets

  • Ned 10 months ago
    I live on the Lincolnshire Wolds and can see Hunstanton on a clear day! Now use this webcam to see what weather is coming our way!! Thanks so much for providing the views.

  • Rick 10 months ago
    My favourite place, so many happy memories! Usually there every few weeks and can’t wait to return. Brilliant webcam. Hi to everyone watching, you are not alone. Keep safe, better days are coming

  • Susan 10 months ago
    This is great. Thank you. I’m missing my visits. Looking forward to the new views

  • Tracey 10 months ago
    Checking on the beach from Redlands California!! Hi Mum!!

  • Dirk 10 months ago
    Just seen a small red car get a parking ticket.

  • Eloise Richards 10 months ago
    Miss my holidays in Hunstanton, looking forward to walking along the sea front

  • Neil 10 months ago
    Fabulous idea Nothing better then watching the sea

  • James Webster 10 months ago
    It’s a lovely camera I have been on the wash monster 82 times altogether

  • Catherine 10 months ago
    It’s so lovely to be able to watch this new camera from my home 70 miles away. Hunstanton is my second home and I’m missing it and my friends there very much at the moment. Thank you for bringing the Norfolk Coast to our living rooms, I’m looking forward to returning one day when it’s safe to do so.

  • Chris 10 months ago
    This is brilliant My sister in Germany loves it as at the moment she can’t get over here and also my good friend Mick from Harpenden who I usually see twice a year here. Thanks for the Webcam.

  • Joy 10 months ago
    Hello waving man with 3 dogs at 4.30pm 11/02/21, watching you from France!

  • Andy Whitfield 10 months ago
    Makes wish I were there right now! Sadly Covid does not permit this! :( But this and other cams more than makes up for this. :) Andy. (Middlesex)

  • Rachael 10 months ago
    Lovely very relaxing, it’s so nice to see the sea and a beautiful sky.

  • June 10 months ago
    Thank you for this cam, it is giving me and so many other people around the world so much pleasure keeping up to date with Sunny Hunny. I am only in York, so near yet so far away. Stay safe and warm to everyone, in these uncertain times xx

  • Laurey 10 months ago
    We’re loving this. Can’t wait to get back. Thank you so much. Stay safe up there.

  • Janet 10 months ago
    Brilliant lovely to watch people walk the beach . Missing Hunny so much this will help till we can come back.

  • Tracy 10 months ago
    Love it when people give us a wave. We have a caravan at Heacham that I cannot wait to get back to x Stay safe everybody x

  • Liza raby 10 months ago
    Can not wait to bring Spencer back to his favourite place and see his nanny and grandad who he keeps calling for, Spencer can’t wait to see you all including aunty lisa and uncle Steve Sealife centre fish and chips

  • Vivian 10 months ago
    Lovely to SEE this here in Germany hope to come soon

  • Lisa 10 months ago
    Wonderful for all to enjoy, local and from afar, including my disabled Nephew Spencer who sadly has been unable visit his favourite place in the whole world due to the pandemic.

  • Mark 10 months ago
    What a wonderful new cam. Due there in August (hopefully). Please keep this as a permanent Cam when lockdown ends

  • Paul 10 months ago
    What a great idea, I can now watch my parents and Fern (their dog) on their daily walks.

  • Janet 10 months ago
    Lovely to be able to see people walking the beach even in the snow.

  • Chris 10 months ago
    Just watched somebody who is walking on the seafront in the snow. Love it!

  • Sarah Ward 10 months ago
    I just love these webcams, as like so many I have been shielding for nearly a year, so it’s great to see. Thank you so much, I’m nr king’s. Lynn.

  • Paul 10 months ago
    After a lovely walk along the Promenade there’s nothing better than having a pint and fish and chips with my two working black Labradors. This is my view

  • sydney 10 months ago
    i miss hunstanton and heacham its my second home :) nice to have this stop gap till i can return i look forward to seeing more

  • Julie 10 months ago
    Thank you for putting this one, love to see the sea, even if we can’t get there now.

  • Gaynor 10 months ago
    Wish I was there. Loving it snowing in the sea. Brilliant

  • SunnyHunny Resident 10 months ago
    Thankyou .. From someone who is shielding and unable to get out I am loving having a look on this Webcam .. Really hope it continues.

  • Fran 10 months ago
    It’s snowing! Would love to be there! Really missing Hunny.

  • Martyn 10 months ago
    Love to see our favourite local Beach, living in Peterborough we get to it when we are allowed. In the meantime we can see it on camera, Thanks.

  • Amanda 10 months ago
    Great view. Is this live all the time.

  • Chris 10 months ago
    Love this, can’t wait to get back to Heacham …..

  • Janice 10 months ago

  • Clive 10 months ago
    Brilliant, hopefully more will be added in the future.

  • Susan 10 months ago
    I live in USA original from Heacham we spent many days on the prom in Hunstanton. I just love this webcam thank you so very much.

  • Irene 10 months ago
    This is fabulous .I love being able to see my favourite place whenever I want to.thank you .

  • Ian 10 months ago
    Thank you very much. Best quality webcam I have seen. I had been thinking I miss the sea the most… and now I can ‘go to’ the sea without getting cold.

  • Barbara 10 months ago
    Thank you so much for this, we will be visiting in July and can’t wait.

  • Mary 10 months ago
    Brilliant, Thank you

  • Mary 10 months ago
    Just love this, thank you.

  • Martin 10 months ago
    Having lived & worked in West Norfolk from 1972 to 2008 [now retired & living in Bodrum Turkey] this new addition of a South Beach webcam is great. I’ve been checking in regularly on the Sailing Club cam for ages.

  • Marie 10 months ago
    Hello people waving on the prom! From Hampshire

  • Alison (Bishops Stortford) 10 months ago
    Fantastic. Thank you. It’s like we’re there!

  • Jennifer 10 months ago
    I just love this webcam. Three years ago I bought a brass tide table clock which is set to the tide times at Hunstanton, I now enjoy watching the tide, and checking the accuracy of my clock. I don’t know who the man was waving at this morning, but I waved back as well. It was also lovely to see the dog this morning, who was determined not to pass the steps down to the beach, and won the argument. The whole experience cheers me up no end. Jennifer Downham Market.

  • Chris 10 months ago
    Thanks for the webcam, looking forward to getting back to our caravan when the lock down ends.

  • simon 10 months ago
    Love the webcam,just a pity with no sound thou!

  • Richard 10 months ago
    Lovely to see the view. I already watch the sailing club camera often. We were last there March 17th 2020 just before lock down. We’re only an a hour and a half away in Cambridge and had many trips there in 2018 and 2019. Miss Hunstanton and the area lots !

  • Diane Butler 10 months ago
    Thank you so much for this webcam, we miss Hunny so much and cannot wait to be free and safe to walk along the front again and visit dear friends again.

  • DANNY 10 months ago
    My friend Tanya sent me this video it brings back memories of the many times I spent walking with my Blue Merle Border Collie Zoe and seeing her herding every dog she could see on the beach. Happy memories.

  • AnnieMac 10 months ago
    Looking forward to being there with my lovely family after Lockdown

  • Jack 10 months ago
    I am originally from east Norfolk and then in 2011/12 I lived between Hunstanton and King Lynn.  Wife and I loved Hunstanton and these excellent webcams bring back happy memories.  I have a huge collection of sunset photos from the area. We now live in north Scotland.

  • Shirley 10 months ago
    Oh I miss this wonderfull place its our families happy place so nice just to watch the water lashing up the beach

  • Emily 10 months ago
    Miss Hunny and walks along the sea. Thanks for sharing. Even seeing the tide lap against the beach in the dark is some consolation

  • Tracey 10 months ago
    I’m watching from California. Grew up in Hunstanton and really miss the beach.

  • Joan & Ronald 10 months ago
    Just loving this view. Thank you waterside bar. We had such wonderful family holiday there in sunny hunny. But remember our Saturday nights in the bar. Even the time my husband played air guitar with the band that was playing. Food was wonderful as well, it was a great family memory. So thank you. So hope to see you soon. Love From Buckingham.

  • Al 10 months ago
    What a brilliant idea. I miss Hunstanton so much after moving away four years ago especially the walks along the sea front It is so nice to see what’s going on there.

  • Susan 10 months ago
    What a great idea , we miss Hunny a lot now still in lockdown. Looking forward to being able to return

  • Carol R 10 months ago
    Missing our breaks to Hunstanton and Heacham. Nice new camera view to watch the sunset now that the evenings are getting longer. Thank you

  • Jean 10 months ago
    Dont live near the coast but cant wait to be able to get some sea air in my COPD lungs after being shut in for nearly a year.

  • Richard 10 months ago
    My favourite place sunny Hunny I go every year but not now and I love the wash monster going to lynn I miss my Hunstanton and those beautiful fish and chips

  • Pippa 10 months ago
    What a wonderful idea! Please keep this going even after lockdown eases, for those who still cannot get out to Hunny, for ALL sorts of reasons!? All I can see from my windows is a pizza shop and a tiny back yard! X

  • Janet 10 months ago
    Brilliant love this place can’t wait to get back to my van and be sat in waterside looking at that view.

  • John 10 months ago
    Lived in Heacham for 30 years now near Newcastle do really miss the area

  • Roger 10 months ago
    Great view, really good to see what is happening.

  • Jill 10 months ago
    Be interesting on parkrun day!!!

  • Martin 10 months ago
    Brilliant. Hope it won’t be too long before we can use our caravan at Heacham again, and watch the sunset from The Waterside again.

  • Carrie 10 months ago
    Brilliant view of a much loved place x Cannot wait to be back there x

  • Gotch family 10 months ago
    Can’t wait to be able to visit Hunstanton again missed these sights so very much. Charlie the dog has packed his thing’s already! Encouraged by his mum no doubt.

  • Reece 10 months ago
    This is amazing feels like im there ….. Ive had this live stream on all day today in the background Just watching whist doing Collage work. Really helps. Cannot wait to return when Lockdown is over. Loved seeing the Sea in this morning and someone waving a Union Jack at the Camera this afternoon. Brilliant Well done and Thankyou

  • Gloria 10 months ago
    Love Hunstanton we are so lucky to be living here, so nice to see people walking along the beach enjoying the sun and sea❤️

  • Robin. 10 months ago
    How I miss the mud flats at Hunstanton.

  • Shelley 10 months ago
    What a lovely view, i miss sunny hunny

  • Sue 10 months ago
    Thank you for popping camera up lovely to watch at all times

  • Carol 10 months ago
    Absolutely brilliant for those of us that can’t be there at the moment.

  • Chris 10 months ago
    Ahh!…I can nearly see my caravan. At least it keeps us close to our favourite getaway. Can’t wait to get back.

  • Susan 10 months ago
    Fabulous. Evening at the moment so not a lot to see but will definitely use again to enjoy all things Hunstanton.
Sunset in Hunstanton
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Hunstanton's South Promenade and Main Beach

Located between The Green and Rainbow Park funfair, Hunstanton's South Prom is the main seafront area of the town where you will find an array of food and drink kiosks, arcades and gift shops. Along with Alive Oasis leisure centre, Blackbeard's Adventure Golf, Sea Life Centre and the beach patrol / first aid hut (April - September).

First built in the 1920s and 1930s on land reclaimed from the sea, the only surviving architecture from this art deco period can be seen in the Waterside Bar where our webcam is located.

In the past, along the south prom, you would have found an outdoor bathing pool called the Blue Lagoon (now the South Prom car park), the Kit Kat club and a large boating lake (now the crazy golf and Sea Life Centre).

Waterside Bar

Our South Prom webcam is located on the Waterside Bar. The perfect place to relax after spending a day on the beach and watch Hunstanton's famous sunset from one of two balconies, while enjoying a cold drink.

The building was initially built in the 1920s as the refreshment hall and waiting room for Hunstanton's train station until the line closed in 1969. In its heyday, trains would run every 10 minutes and thanks to its seafront location, passengers were able to leave the station and directly on to the promenade and pier.

The Waterside Bar overlooking Hunstanton's Main Beach and Promenade
The Waterside Bar overlooking Hunstanton's Main Beach and Promenade