Hunstanton South Beach Live Webcam

Located at the most southerly end of Hunstanton, escape from the hustle and bustle of the main resort and enjoy a relaxing view of South Beach.

Between May and October at low tide, can you spot the Wash Monster on its Seal Safari Tour?


  • Rob 2 months ago
    0627 Friday. Just watched a man walking his two small dogs along the beach one of which had a poo and the man went and cleaned it up and took the bag up to a bin on the prom. Well done that responsible dog owner for doing the right thing..

  • Marlene 10 months ago
    South beach looking lovely this morning.

  • Roy 12 months ago
    My Parents took us there on Holidays in the 1960’s hired a bungalow in south beach road ..great times !

  • Arista 1 year ago
    Happy Coronation Week… I guess? Seeing as all I can see is a Union Flag Rofl! <3

  • paul 1 year ago
    the fishing boats at the mo are after shrimps

  • jess 1 year ago
    what a beautiful sky

  • Baz 1 year ago
    Thankyou WildBill for the info, finally found it

  • Jaybee 2 years ago
    What are the 2 red / orange boats fishing for?

  • Marlene 2 years ago
    Looks like rain across the wash heading your way.

  • Wild Bill 2 years ago
    Baz, from Tesco roundabout head West towards the sea, past VEGAS FISH BAR, then get onto promenade and head South towards Heacham, once past the Powerboat ramp you can unleash any dog you might have onto the sand,sea and surf.

  • Alan 2 years ago
    The south beach is to the left from the amusement park walking away from the main beach at Hunstanton

  • Baz 2 years ago
    I’m not sure how to get to south beach, normally go to lighthouse or north beach, so how do I get here from Tesco roundabout please

  • Steve 2 years ago
    Yes Mark you are correct. I look every day keeps me sane.

  • Marlene 2 years ago
    Loved watching the black Labrador having fun in the waves this morning.

  • Mark 2 years ago
    Just back – lovely Week. Great to be able to relive the memories by tuning in to these cameras every now and then. thanks to all for providing.

  • Karl 2 years ago
    Never seen so many people on the south beach as there is today keep cool

  • Steve 2 years ago
    Yes I remember the Harlequin Bar and Jimmy Buzzy.It Stood on the site of the old Sandringham Hotel and is where the indoor market is now. Not a place I went to much.

  • Jules 2 years ago
    That was a beautiful photo Kirsty, well done.

  • Karl 2 years ago
    Lovely to see so many people on the south beach on a sunny afternoon

  • kirsty mclaughlin 2 years ago
    Webcam fans, my photo of south beach is BBC News Todays Big Picture. I took it last week on holiday with my phone, when we had those amazing sunsets after the thunderstorm.

  • Chris 2 years ago
    I live in Hunstanton but now on Holiday in Germany visiting family what a fantastic view thanks to all concerned with webcam.

  • Richard 2 years ago
    OK but the weather in Spain is very much warmer and sunny

  • Martin 2 years ago
    No desire to go abroad when somewhere like this is less than a couple of hours drive away. We’ll soon be back :)

  • Jeannie 2 years ago
    Norfolk over Spain any day.

  • Richard 2 years ago
    David Hunstanton views versus Spain you must be joking

  • david 2 years ago
    No need to go to Spain or Greece when you have views like this in sunny hunny

  • Admin 2 years ago
    Hi Mark, many thanks for your comment. We have looked and tried to get a camera that covers the boat ramp but unfortunately there is no suitable location. The webcams are there to give you a general view and we have to be careful not to focus on one particular thing/area. Admin

  • Mark 2 years ago
    I love all these webcams wonderful views. Would be even better if this one gave a view of the boat ramp

  • Admin 2 years ago
    Hi John, unfortunately the beach huts are private property and so cannot be within shot. Public webcams are only allowed to show public spaces.

  • John 2 years ago
    Can we now have the view of beach huts again nw radar has gone

  • TonyA 3 years ago
    The Radar Sensor has been removed by the contractors. The Data gathered will be examined by the environment agency, with regard the movement of the sand, waves and currents and used to make the best possible decisions for the protection of this stretch of coastline from flooding, erosion and damage.

  • Richard 3 years ago
    What has happened to the radar scanner Notice its not there today

  • Melissa 3 years ago
    Still a beautiful place no matter what the season , you cannot beat norfolk coastline … it is most definately the place i want to be to end my days , feel like its where i belong ❤❤❤

  • Mark 3 years ago
    Looks like the radar is working again

  • TonyA 3 years ago
    blue box is a radar sensor which the Environment Agency in partnership with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk are using to monitor the beach. The data collected by the system on the movement of the sand, waves and currents will be used to make the best possible decisions about protecting this stretch of coastline from flooding, erosion and damage.

  • TonyA 3 years ago
    Please note incase you wondered about the Radar Scanner not in operation. It has been reported to the powers to be. The information is being dealt with by the contractors.

  • Rosemary 3 years ago
    Sea looks angry tonight and prom getting a good wash

  • Susan 3 years ago
    Never trier of looking at these images. Thankyou webcam.

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Richard if you go back through the comments you will find an explanation from the council.

  • Richard 3 years ago
    Does anyone know what the portable radar system is for, please?

  • Karl 3 years ago
    Hardly any one on the south beach today which is very unusual on a Sunday afternoon

  • Susan 3 years ago
    Love the coverage of sun going down. Missing my favourite place.

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Love all the Sunny Hunny webcams and good to see them all cleaned and clear again, thank you.

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    South beach webcam misty Gain this morning!

  • Karl 3 years ago
    Lovely to see so many people on the south beach not seen so many people around on Saturday afternoon

  • WW 3 years ago
    Admin, Thank you for all the information, much appreciated. We are so lucky to have these web cams in Hunstanton. I can still enjoy watching the sea and lovely sunsets even on the days I can’t get there.

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi WW, the nearest car park to South Beach is Seagate West which is a grass car park. There is a short walk along paths and roads to get to South Beach and then there is ramp access onto the prom. Unfortunately the only way to get onto the beach itself just there is via large steps, unless you go at low tide and use the boat ramp itself. If you do keep a close eye on the tide otherwise you will get stuck! Hope that helps.

  • WW 3 years ago
    Hi, can anyone tell me if there is disabled parking available close to South Beach? Much appreciated. Thank You

  • Marlene 3 years ago
    I love south beach,nice place for walking the dogs.

  • BCKLWN 3 years ago
    The blue box is a radar sensor which the Environment Agency in partnership with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk are using to monitor the beach. The data collected by the system on the movement of the sand, waves and currents will be used to make the best possible decisions about protecting this stretch of coastline from flooding, erosion and damage.

  • Justjo 3 years ago
    Brilliant, just been watching a dog having a ride out with its owner.

  • Colin 3 years ago
    Looks like a temporary radar system.

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    Thank you Louise. Missed them after all!

  • Louise 3 years ago
    Race Times 14/08/21 - Support Race – 11:30 - Main Race – 12:30 - Under 12’s / Under 15’s – 13:30 - Under 8’s Event – 14:00

  • Audrey 3 years ago
    What time does the waters championships take place?

  • Nick 3 years ago
    Its a beach monitoring sensor

  • Patricia 3 years ago
    Thanks admin. Wish i was going to watch the championships. I will keep a look out on the wonderful webcam.

  • Niloc 3 years ago
    Wouldn’t the solar panel work better if it was facing south? For maximum amount of sun exposure.

  • Admin 3 years ago
    The blue box is for rounds 3 & 4 of the British Waterski Racing National Championships, taking place this weekend at Hunstanton Ski Club

  • G Fresh UK 3 years ago
    Looks like a mobile phone temporary tower, they use them when main one goes down. Maybe its just for the summer as phone reception on the front is terrible on some networks.

  • pete 3 years ago
    very interesting box. is it a part of a event i wonder.

  • Patricia 3 years ago
    oh dear, that’s going to ruin the view of some of the beach huts. Wonder what it is?

  • Niloc 3 years ago
    Is a 4B. Baffling Big Blue Box.

  • Colin 3 years ago
    It’s a Tardis!!

  • Emas 3 years ago
    I love this angle

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi Mark, as mentioned before when we first installed the camera it was pointing towards the boat ramp but unfortunately the camera angle didn’t work so we had to change it.

  • Mark 3 years ago
    I love these webcams but agree with some other comments that it should be facing the ramp. Admin is this possible?

  • Mark 3 years ago
    Hi – love all these cameras – just back from a week there so great to see whats going on rest of the season How about swinging the south beach camera around a tad so it takes in the Boat ramp with all the jet skis ?

  • Melvyn 3 years ago
    The nearest car park for south beach is Seagate Car Park.

  • Linda 3 years ago
    Loving all the Hunstanton web cams, is there parking at the south beach

  • Melvyn 3 years ago
    I spent so much time here as a child, my grandad owned beach hut A19. It was heaven for me. Where did those sixty five years go!

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Great camera now ,well done fixing the issue, all we need now are some palm trees o the beach and it could be anywhere in the world,

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Thank you for looking into this problem, lm sure you will fix it soon. These cameras are such a boost to us all and we do appreciate all the effort put into the webcams.

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi everyone, we are aware that since putting this new webcam live the video keeps freezing for a couple of seconds. Please bear with us while we investigate and fix the issue.

  • Rick 3 years ago
    Great idea but this camera rarely seems to work for long.

  • Niloc 3 years ago
    This camera keeps freezing. Very annoying.

  • Susan 3 years ago
    Looking forward to September and walking my dog on south beach again. His first time in the sea this June loved it

  • Admin 3 years ago
    Hi Gary, when we installed the camera our initial plan was to cover the boat ramp but unfortunately we couldn’t get it to work as we couldn’t get the camera in the right position.

  • Gary 3 years ago
    I think the south beach camera should be pointed and the boat ramp so you can see the boats up and down

  • Michael 3 years ago
    Great, its like looking at my childhood :D

  • pete 3 years ago
    great view

  • Jane Woodcock 3 years ago
    Brilliant! Thanks for this. X

  • Rob 3 years ago
    Another gorgeous view. Thank you!

  • Sam B 3 years ago
    Love being able to see all different aspects of hunny. Can’t wait to come up next weekend. ❤️

  • Brian 3 years ago
    Thank you, help`s keep me sane.

  • Rosie 3 years ago
    Really looking forward to seeing another aspect of hunstanton, well done to all who are presenting these web cams, there should be an award for something like this,
Hunstanton South Beach
Sunset at Hunstanton's South Beach
Power Boat Launch Ramp
Hunstanton South Beach

Hunstanton’s South Beach

Often the forgotten beach of Hunstanton, South Beach forms part of a long sandy stretch of West Norfolk’s coastline that continues all the way to Snettisham.

The wide sandy beach is usually quieter than Hunstanton’s Main Beach but still boasts a vast area of golden sand at low tide, beach huts and unlike Main Beach, is dog-friendly all year round.

The promenade makes it an easy and enjoyable 2-mile walk to neighbouring Heacham.

Dividing Hunstanton’s South Beach and Main Beach is the powerboat launch slipway used by Jet Skis, Speedboats and the Wash Monster.

Hunstanton Ski Club

As a BWSW affiliated club. whether it's jet skiing or water skiing, Hunstanton Ski Club has everything you need to enjoy the water.

Established for over 50 years, Hunstanton Ski Club has a long history in water ski racing and jet skiing and even hosted the World Championships in 2005. The club has an annual average of 75 craft split between powerboats & jet skis.

Hunstanton Ski Club boasts a large clubhouse and bar (open from March to November) providing excellent food, drink and regular entertainment. Large grounds, slipway and modern showers that are accessible to members all year round. All craft owning memberships include launching by the club's tractors.

For more information on applying for a watercraft permit to use the launching ramp in Hunstanton, please visit the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk's website

Hunstanton Ski Club
Hunstanton Ski Club