Hunstanton North Prom Live Webcam

Located at Hunstanton Sailing Club, the North Prom webcam allows you to watch the sailors, kitesurfers, windsurfers and kayakers ride the waves, without getting wet yourself!

Please note, the North Prom webcam is owned and maintained independently by Hunstanton Sailing Club


  • Mike 2 days ago
    Hi Barrie I used to do ham radio some years ago it was a great hobby my call sign was G4XCW and CW was my choice on 2 meters, take care and 78s Mike

  • Barrie 1 month ago
    Great place for Amateur Radio DX around the world G7UFI Baz

  • Karl 1 month ago
    Nice to see a few kites and surf boards out on the sea on the North prom this afternoon

  • Sam 2 months ago
    Hi to the person that just waved

  • Barrie 2 months ago
    Great DX spot for ham radio operators

  • Karl 3 months ago
    Nice view of the wash monster from the North prom webcam when the tide is in

  • Debra Goddard 3 months ago
    Beautiful sunset this evening

  • Karen 3 months ago
    Swimmers in the sea on a rainy grey day ….Braver than me!!!

  • jeff 3 months ago
    Isn’t looking pleasant. Looks like its going to rain :D

  • Sue 4 months ago
    Morning blue car couple, thanks for the waves on South prom

  • Sue 4 months ago
    This is my favourite webcam. The sea looks beautiful and calm this evening, wish I was there.

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    I do hope the holiday makers get at least one warm sunny day this week,this weather is really bad,

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Same message from everyone peter, you do miss it when its not working properly

  • peter 4 months ago
    message to admin, thanks for sorting out this camera

  • Rosie 4 months ago
    Good to see the blue car couple today, they are walking with someone else today, enjoy your walk ,its a pleasure to see you out and about,

  • Geoff 4 months ago
    That was me lol…probably seen me digging worms on here to! Normally fish when the bigger high tides come round in the evening and night as find it fishes better here after dark!

  • Bob 4 months ago
    Midnight… fishing?

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    Loving the sunshine and watching the people enjoying the freedom of a day at the seaside,

  • Corinne 5 months ago
    i love watching the sea, and any surfers or boats etc, is there any good disabled toilets and with handrails, in this bit please? does it use a radar-key too?thankyou

  • Lyndsey 5 months ago
    The BEST Hunstanton webcam so far! Thank you.

  • Josh 5 months ago
    Can’t wait to get a water-sports session in today

  • Tracy 5 months ago
    In reply to Donna, most likely digging for lug worm for fishing bait.

  • Donna 6 months ago
    I wonder what the man is digging for in front of the sailing club today

  • Dick 6 months ago
    Nice sunset tonight

  • Mark 6 months ago
    Hunstanton really needs to rebuild the pier then it will be so much better and if they are going to have the big wheel every year it will really bring the crowds in.

  • Ros 6 months ago
    What a great view from the sailing club, who wants to go abroad , when we ave it all here.

  • Ross 6 months ago
    watching now love it

  • john 7 months ago
    Are the boats out in the wash crabbing ?

  • Rosie 7 months ago
    Spent almost an hour and a half texting with my son who lives 3 hours away ,as we watched the sunset last night on north prom, which was so beautiful and we chatted about hunstanton, memories of times away and the wonder of the nature here on my doorstep, it was magical, thank you sailing club for this opportunity.

  • marion 7 months ago
    Such a great idea, and as I live the “other side” of Norfolk, it takes a chunk out of my time to get to Hunstanton….so this is so good to help me decide when I should visit…many thanks.

  • Stephen 7 months ago
    very good

  • Glenda 7 months ago
    Hi, I love watching everyone enjoying themselves, thank you. Just one little thing, is it at all possible to give the lens or whatever it’s called a little wipe please as I think it may be a bit dirty/misty. Thanks a lot.

  • Sam B 7 months ago
    Great to see/watch the sail boats this morning (9/5). I like that the camera moves so you get to see more of the beach/sea.

  • Diana 7 months ago
    This is great so miss the sea love being able to look all the time I will not very there again wonderfull.

  • Ann 7 months ago
    8.25 am looks like we have all stayed in bed!!

  • Helen 8 months ago
    Great to see you dad just walking the beach wish i was there .

  • Ros 8 months ago
    All the cams , just lovely. Good to see the clock has caught up. Thanks

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    A scene worth looking at and on our doorstep, how lucky are we

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    I was just wondering how often you have to replace the club flag ,it certainly takes a beating weather wise

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Thank you so much for everything,the views are superb on north prom, just take look at that sun on the sea,wow

  • Rob 8 months ago
    Lovely views of the sea. Just wish the camera moved a bit slower,

  • Admin 8 months ago
    Hi everyone, we are aware of an issue with comments being cut short when using emjois. We are looking into a fix but for now please hold back from using them. Many thanks, HW admin.

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Love this camera, it shows such a wonderful sunset weather permitting, the water sports are also great fun to watch.thank you for getting us to the seaside Virtually .

  • jayne 8 months ago
    Cant wait to take my dog to the beach

  • Shirley 8 months ago
    Wow the waves are almost like Cornwall choppy old day still roll on the 12th and we will be there

  • Caroline 8 months ago
    Oh I wish we were there! Next week….. when we are allowed back!

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Great to see the water sports, l really like the moving camera, can’t wait to visit again ,thank you for the chance to watch sunny hunny

  • Kath 8 months ago
    Hello, to the family who have just waved

  • Dawn 8 months ago
    I love this

  • Richard 8 months ago
    It’s beautiful

  • Helen 8 months ago
    hi mum and dad i so hope to sell my house in the midlands to be with you in sunny honey my dream place to live

  • Janet 9 months ago
    Thank you so much for letting us get our fix of Hunny missing it so much.

  • Dean 9 months ago
    I just love this place a good place for all the family . Iv been coming here since I was a lad now an adult my self I will raise my children here like my parents did good people & good pubs and restaurants

  • Wendy 9 months ago
    So funny sitting here at home in Northamptonshire and can see a Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue fire engine

  • Chris 9 months ago
    Great to see Hunstanton live on the web and also to catch those glorious sunsets! Looking forward to the 3rd Cam.

  • Jane 9 months ago
    A little cold and bleak looking today .. makes me wish I was there!!

  • Ros 9 months ago
    Thank you for being able to enjoy Hunstanton from a distance.

  • Louise 9 months ago
    Wish I was there!!

  • Helen 10 months ago
    Hi Dad it was great to see you yesterday waving to us keep up the walking and treat yourself to a hot doughnut

  • Linda 10 months ago
    Hi to the two people waving at us at 13.11pm.

  • Chas 10 months ago
    Thanks for this. How I miss this place.

  • Lawrence 10 months ago
    Excellent thankyou I miss the walkes along the coast but I can now cast the image to my tv and enjoy the view.
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Sunset from Hunstanton's North Prom
Hunstanton North Prom
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Feeling Adventurous? Head to Hunstanton's North Promenade

The North Prom in Hunstanton is the place to go if you're looking for something a little bit more action-packed.

Here you will find various water activities, suitable for all the family, such as Hunstanton Sailing Club, Hunstanton Watersports and Hunstanton Kayaks. North Prom is also the location for Hunstanton Parkrun every Saturday morning and the Sunset Festival in July.

Stretching from Hunstanton's famous striped cliffs to the Pier Entertainment Centre, the North Prom is also home to over 30 beachside chalets with wonderful sea views across The Wash, that are available to hire from the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk,

Hunstanton Sailing Club & Water Sports Centre

Hunstanton Sailing Club is a members-only club where you can enjoy a wide range of water sport activities including kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking. Membership also includes parking, showers, BBQ, bar and more.

Hunstanton Sailing Club & Water Sports Centre, located on North Prom
Hunstanton Sailing Club & Water Sports Centre, located on North Prom