Old Hunstanton Beach Live Webcam

From the very top of the former Coastguard Lookout, enjoy a unique panoramic view of Old Hunstanton Beach. Known for its immense expanse of sand at low tide, beach huts, dunes and kitesurfers.


  • Ned 17 days ago
    That’s better! Thanks very much :-)

  • Karl 19 days ago
    When is the cliff top webcam coming back as I am missing it

  • Richard 25 days ago
    Jan I cannot remember meeting you but I am 71 now did you know I have been living in Dersingham for the last 21 years

  • Jan 26 days ago
    Richard yes I remember! I thought that was you.

  • Richard 26 days ago
    Jan your late father and my. Mother where brother and sister

  • Jan 26 days ago
    Richard yes he was. I think we know each other!

  • Jean 28 days ago
    Great I am glad you have not switched off I still come to sunny hunny every day

  • Richard 28 days ago
    Jan in Marland, was your father Robert steel who lived in Dersingham

  • Jan 1 month ago
    I’m watching from Maryland. Hope we can see the fireworks. I love looking at my favourite beach through the webcams. Spent a lot of time in Hunstanton when I was growing up.

  • Wendy 1 month ago
    Hope we can see the fireworks in Sunny Hunny, I was going to travel from Buckinghamshire, but full of cold ☹️ Hope you all have a fantastic time.

  • Dawn 1 month ago
    Will you be able to see the fireworks

  • Jacky 1 month ago
    Love the Hunstanton WebCams. I am not as mobile (physically) as I would like. Seeing the sand, sea and people having fun. Thank you

  • Jean 1 month ago
    I hope you keep the web cam on I will miss not seeing sunny honey every day

  • Wendy 1 month ago
    Nice wave from the council worker out there in this weather. Well done x

  • Karl 1 month ago
    There is a lot of people on the cliff top beach and cars in the car park on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon

  • Steve 2 months ago
    Back in the 60´s I was a cub in the Hunstanton 1st. One of the lads while playing fell down these cliffs and survived with cuts and bruises. Very Lucky.

  • Lexi 2 months ago
    Love these webcams, I only live 20 minutes away from Sunny Hunny and often watch the cams before heading out there when the crowds have departed. Might visit this evening.

  • Jean 2 months ago
    I visit Hunstanton every day via the web cam we miss our walks with our dog Kia so many things to do I was sorry I had to leave after 10years .

  • Karl 3 months ago
    What a lovely view from the cliff top webcam and nice to see so many people on the beach

  • Rosie 3 months ago
    Well done to all who took part in cleaning up the cliff top it looks wonderful. It must have been backbreaking work, but lm sure many,many people will benefit and appreciate the magnificent effort, thank you all

  • Tony A 3 months ago
    Well done to those who have trimmed the hedges, removed dead growth and mowed the lawns. How lovely to see the care taken by those involved. Enjoy the Cliff Top Sea and Sands. It looks a picture.

  • Steve 3 months ago
    I saw on the local newspapers site that they are about to knock down the bus station. I hope somebody goes down and takes a few photos as in years to come they will be of interest. Plus it will show how short sighted the council were.

  • Jeannie 3 months ago
    Somebody made lovely job of clearing footpath.

  • Lorne 3 months ago
    A lot of kite surfers today, taking advantage of the strong winds, great to see

  • Brian 3 months ago
    John Crussell use to drive for paddy.

  • Brian 4 months ago
    The women taxi driver was paddy mulligan`s wife Pansy.

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Yes Paul you are correct Pansy was her name and I am sure she lived on Southend Rd

  • paul 4 months ago
    the woman taxi driver from the grade a cafe was paddy mulligans daughter and her name was pansy.

  • paul 4 months ago
    the daughter of paddys taxi was pansy mulligan.

  • Patricia 4 months ago
    Love watching the kite surfers.

  • Brian 4 months ago
    Grade a cafe was run by mrs gooch and paddy mulligan ran the taxi service and yes he drove very fast.

  • Eric 4 months ago
    thanks Steve yes you are right. ?

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Yes Eric but I think it was called the Grade A and was on the corner at the bottom of Westgate. It had a Juke box and a woman called Paddy offered a Taxi service from there.

  • Eric 4 months ago
    can anyone remember the gray day cafe. 1960 .

  • Steve 4 months ago
    Back in the 60`s a man called Fred Turrell lived at the boat house Cafe, his wife ran the cafe. His face was well weather beaten from living at the coast all his life. Before the Life boat was re introduced if there was an emergency he would light an oil drum to help the helicopter where to go.

  • The Bard 4 months ago
    I’ve been visiting Hunny for some 50-years, and have always missed it on returning home. This community webcam idea is a breath of fresh air, which means I can still feel part of this wonderful coastal town… If you ever decide on another webcam view… The lighthouse is very picturesque. ☺

  • The boy dick 5 months ago
    Are there any cb radio users in skegness these days I used to speak to people in skegness from hunstanton

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Can anybody remember in the 60´s the old car rally´s they held on this car park and sometimes on the car park on Seagate Rd. They would race to a timer around a track made of straw bales.

  • Helen 5 months ago
    great to see you waving mum and dad yesterday enjoy your icecream i got a ice lolly from the freezer and sat in the paddling pool and just pretended i was in sunny hunney.

  • Caz 5 months ago
    Maybe Rosie, a few times I have looked early when it’s too hot to sleep, it has been busy in the early hours.

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    I watch the sunrise there most mornings , using my tablet, it really is spectacular, maybe that’s what they are doing ,

  • Caz 5 months ago
    What goes on at 4.30am at Old Hunstanton? Cliff top car park seems to have several visitors so early in the morning.

  • ANDy 5 months ago
    Hey Dick.. I m over at Skeggy & yes we used to park up on the pullover and chat over the wash! Was a laugh cos we d flash our headlights to each other and say eyeball eyeball lol! Happy days

  • Rosie 5 months ago
    So nice to see the sunshine and to know its warm again, hope everyone enjoys themselves and stay safe.

  • Corinne 5 months ago
    is there a disabled toilet has im in a wheelchair,i cant walk as such,and what is the gift-shop/cafe like here for disabled to please? i havent bee since im been in a chair thankyou

  • Debra Goddard 5 months ago
    Morning to the Lady waving with her dog ,also to the brave swimmers in the sea at 6.30 this am , lovely to see .

  • Kay 5 months ago
    Just back from a lovely holiday here… it’s lovely to watch all camera views to keep my memories alive!!

  • Dick 5 months ago
    A few years ago I used to park on the cliff top car park and talk to people in Skegness on my CB radio, happy days! Also you did not have to pay to park on the cliff car park. Any body else used CB radios today?

  • Steve 5 months ago
    Back in the 60s I saved my pocket money and my Father took me to Cole’s shop in the high street to buy a large shrimping net. My friend had a father who was a carpenter so he had one made for him. When the tide was out and on the turn we would go and catch loads of shrimps. My Mother would cook them for us and then we went around the village selling them for one shilling a pint, which was a lot back then. Then we would be off to Flemings shop to buy bars of CDM .

  • Elizabeth 5 months ago
    Love this webcam, reminds me of many a visit to this wonderful place

  • Steve 5 months ago
    In 1963 I was 5 years old and I can remember my farther taking me down to the beach to see to sea that had frozen over. While he chatted to Percy Richardson I Walked on the sea ( close to the beach)

  • Steve 6 months ago
    For many years I was a Sales Rep and a customer of mine in Skegness told me that when this car park is full on a sunny day and the sun catches the windsreens as you look across the wash it looks like a large greenhouse. Regarding the horses on the beach back in the 1970s some top horse trainers from Newmarket would send horses down for a break and exercise to a stable in Holme. I don´t know if this is still the case but the speed they were going at the other day this could well be what still happens,

  • Adrian 6 months ago
    Wonderful to see it so busy again ! Be safe and enjoy the sunshine and freedom.

  • Patricia 6 months ago
    Seeing this site has remined me how wonderful West Norfolk is and I must visit again soon.

  • Maggie 6 months ago
    Fabulous watching the sunrise today.

  • John 6 months ago
    Too many people already know how wonderful Hunny is so please don’t tell any more as its getting a bit crowded and we want it to ourselves

  • Steve 6 months ago
    Yes Mark the years have gone by so fast. We were so lucky to have our child hood in Old Hunston having the beach and all the local people. Great memories. yes it really is a fantastic coastline.

  • mark 6 months ago
    steve, you lived in hamon close opposite the lakes/saxby’s? ;) I lived at #11 next door to the other lakes!! yeah, remember kicking ball on the car park next to LeStrange & mooching along the (our) beach in the winter when it was empty!!….playing hide & seek underneath the beach huts & scrambling up & down the dunes in raincoats lol seems like it was only last week instead of 50 odd years ago

  • mark 6 months ago
    used to live 100 yards from the old town beach for the first 17 yrs of my life & returned to west norfolk again 27 yrs ago…loved it then, still do – still one of the best beaches/coastlines in the country!

  • Debra Goddard 6 months ago
    Was lovely this morning at 6.45 to see horse riders on the beach.

  • Jen 6 months ago
    That walk is very special, did it a few time several years ago. Unfortunately I can’t walk that far now. Really love seeing Sunny Hunny. Good memories.

  • John 6 months ago
    The walk along the beach from Holme to Old Hunstanton beach is very special.

  • JANE 7 months ago
    Wonderful project. Both my husband & I were born in Old Hunstanton and Hunstanton in 1942 & 1939 and lived there until 1963 when we married. These have been lovely to view during lock-down. I do hope that a few of your viewers have donated a small amount to help with the running costs.

  • Angela 7 months ago
    This is our very favorite place to go. The beach is one of the most beautiful in the world for us. On a hot summers day you could imagine you are on a tropical beach. Our dogs LOVE this beach and we our returning today,19.05.21 after losig Fenn one of our dogs. but bringing Megg our other dog who is disabled but adores this beach.

  • Heather 7 months ago
    Love these webcams very addictive..

  • Nigel 7 months ago
    We love the Hunstanton webcams and Hunstanton. The views keep us going untill we get there again.

  • Valerie 7 months ago
    I love our Hunstanton Web Cams they are wonderful.

  • Rhys 7 months ago
    It’s so cool

  • Diana Howell vezina 7 months ago
    This is so great wish I could be there .Thanks

  • Helen 7 months ago
    great to see you mum and dad just . shame on you mum for sitting in a walm car it,s never to cold for a walk

  • Sharon 8 months ago
    This is such a delight … We get so much pleasure from seeing this wonderful view. We hope to visit, once more, very soon.

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    So glad you are back

  • Steve 8 months ago
    As a child in the 1960s my bedroom window faced this car park. From Easter to September there was a man on the gate collecting money and it was never a cheap place to park. When the weather was warm it was always full. As it will be this summer. The price has never put people off coming. If the money was not raised this way it would most likely go onto the council tax bill and in a town where most of the employment is seasonal people would not be able to pay for it. In the winter months when it was free hardly anybody used it and I played golf on it. The pitch and putt coarse was a corn field owned by Mr Pull. A man very much missed. I have lived in Spain for the last 20 years and I can assure you that most places of interest does charge for parking.

  • Admin 8 months ago
    Hi everyone, we are aware of an issue with comments being cut short when using emjois. We are looking into a fix but for now please hold back from using them. Many thanks, HW admin.

  • Wendy 8 months ago
    Robin I wrote a longer post but it has been shortened (not by me)so you only see the last bit of the message.

  • ROBIN 8 months ago
    Wendy, Is that not the Idea ?

  • Wendy 8 months ago
    Robin, If they let people park for free then you would have the car park full of cars

  • ROBIN 8 months ago
    Pity the car park is ‘pay and display’ if it was in Spain it would be free, why pay for natural beauty ?

  • Rosie 8 months ago
    Great to see the new camera here, the cliff top is a favourite place to us, thank you for the opportunity to spend time looking at sunny hunny, hope to be back soon

  • Hilary 8 months ago
    Thank you for the webcam. So lovely to see the sea and beach even if I can’t be there!

  • Caz 8 months ago
    Watching the kite surfer, must be cold out there today. Great to see some activity on the beach. Looking forward to my holiday.

  • Steve 8 months ago
    This is one of the best views in Norfolk. I spent the first 12 years of my life in Old Hunston. My house just out of view. I am 63 now and looking from Spain and I look every day as it great to see home.

  • JANE 8 months ago
    New roof looks great!

  • John 8 months ago
    Good job on the roof today boys!

  • Chris 8 months ago
    Love the Sunny Hunny webcams. Thank you

  • Lizzy B 9 months ago
    Thank you – it is wonderful to be at this spot again before we can actually visit!

  • John 9 months ago
    The walk along the beach from Holme to Old Hunstanton beach is very special.

  • Justjo 9 months ago
    What’s happening on the beach ?

  • darryn 9 months ago
    What great camera and view. love old hunstanton. request for the next camera would be up were the boats and jet skis enter the beach would be able to watch the wash monster every day .

  • Janet 9 months ago
    Miss this place sooo much thanks for the webcam.

  • Maureen 9 months ago
    Love the webcam – can´t wait to visit again Maureen – Switzerland

  • John 9 months ago
    What a lovely view.

  • Jane 9 months ago
    Can’t wait to walk here again, just an hour away, but just too far atm too come. This is where I come to decompress.

  • Maureen 9 months ago
    Brilliant, cant wait to be back. In the mean time I can get my Hunstanton fix

  • Shirley 9 months ago
    Our favourite place to walk and sit with the family and just love the cameras

  • kirsty 9 months ago
    Hunstanton is on my doorstep so am very lucky but the webcams of the whole stretch is brill lol especially to see how busy it is prior to a trip up there

  • Wendy 9 months ago
    Looks like a nice day whats the temperature today?

  • Rob 9 months ago
    We’re so lucky to have Hunstanton on our doorstep. The webcams are brilliant. Thank you!

  • Allen 9 months ago
    This is just sheer brilliance, love the view and it shows the very best side of Hunstanton (in my opinion only) and the real-time live video feed is even better 3 webcams in Sunny Hunny while Kings Lynn, a major populous town for the county of Norfolk, has 1 and it's an updated one every 30 sec for the poontons and that's it. Hunstanton is showing King's Lynn how it should be done. Well done and congrats on the new webcam, I hope they stay maintained and stay live for many years to come

  • Debbie 9 months ago
    Lovely – can’t wait till we can visit Hunstanton again.

  • Lilian 9 months ago
    Fabulous view. 3 Web cams in Hunstanton, how lucky are we?

  • Helen 9 months ago
    Hi to the guys working on the roof your doing a great job take a break for coffee

  • Martyn 9 months ago
    Looking Nice roll on unlock lockdown

  • Reece 9 months ago
    Looks absolutely amazing

  • Duncan 9 months ago
    Do we know when this will be going live?

  • james 9 months ago
    good idea lets have more,makes up for not able to go out
Coastguard Lookout above Hunstanton Cliffs
Old Hunstanton Beach
Beach Huts & Sand Dunes in Old Hunstanton
Sunset over Hunstanton Lighthouse

Cliff Top & Old Hunstanton

Starting from the Esplanade Gardens, you can explore the stunning clifftop scenery and read the story of St Edmund, Hunstanton’s most famous visitor and the very first patron saint of England. His story leads you to the ruins of St Edmund’s chapel, built in 1272 in his memory.

The stripes in Hunstanton's cliffs are caused by layers of different-coloured carrstone and chalk. Carrstone is the brown layer, and the red and white chalk is made from limestone. Limestone forms in warm tropical climates, which suggests that Hunstanton's climate was once warmer than it is today. The colour of the red chalk is due to iron staining.

Old Hunstanton Beach is home to picture-postcard rolling sand dunes and beach huts stretched along the wide sandy and dog-friendly beach. The Hunstanton Lifeboat Station at Old Hunstanton is the base for the local RNLI housing a B class lifeboat and hovercraft.

Coastguard Lookout

Originally built as a Marconi Wireless Station back in 1906, during WWII the building continued as a signal station and was visited by his Majesty King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1943.

Today, the former Coastguard Lookout is now a holiday cottage and offers guests a truly unique holiday experience in Hunstanton with unparalleled panoramic sea views.

Located next door to the old lighthouse and sitting on top of Hunstanton's famous striped cliffs, the Coastguard Lookout is less than a 5-minute walk to the beach and boasts a top floor lookout tower.

The property itself sleeps 4 people featuring a double bedroom and bunk beds. The bedrooms are all located on the first floor and come with that amazing sea view.

Hunstanton Former Coastguard Lookout
Hunstanton Former Coastguard Lookout